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What others have said about Hon. Henry Pitman


Court Staff

Comment #: 23919
Pitman is a scamster, he waives fraudulent government submissions through, makes a foll of himself and hides under the bench when they come for him. A serial liar.


Comment #: 23856
Rating:Not Rated
This jurist demonstrates a clear, baseless bias in favor the the defense in a civil employment discrimination action, to the extent of actually attempting to take advantage of his perception of a pro se litigant's purported dearth of knowledge of the law by fallaciously depicting aspects of a routine legal agreement as allegedly "impossible." Started out fair and reasonably impartial, but was obviously wrongly swayed by the defense in ex parte communications with same Caused one to recall a line from John Clifford Mortimer's Rumpole character (regarding a British judge who was displaying such an unrelenting bias in favor of the prosecution that Rumpole mused, "I was tempted to ask the old darling if he cared to go into the witness box and testify for the prosecution"). There are other criticisms which may be fairly launched against this jurist, but suffice it to say that he represented yet another bitter disappointment in the allegedly august legal system. (That quote that I am paraphrasing here concerning, "They call them the halls of justice because the only place you get justice is in the halls" is highly applicable here as well.) Court support staff are often, in many instances, afflicted with a severe lack of integrity.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 21620
Judge Pitman spent over five hours trying to help my client reach a settlement. He patiently explained the situation to my client.


Comment #: 12779
Rating:Not Rated
He's apparently swayed by external politics that have no place in the courthouse. He will be exposed.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 10290
Very smart and pleasant magistrate. Legal rulings are detailed and well-reasoned. Helpful but not heavy-handed in settlement discussions. Takes the ethical rules for lawyers very seriously.


Comment #: 10234
Rating:Not Rated
In my civil matter Judge Pitman was on the side of the defendent. Future plaintiff's beware; don't let Judge Pitman handle your case.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 9520
I observed Judge Pitman's arraignment of several criminal defendants and I was very impressed with his even handedness and willingness to give the defendants a fair unbiased hearing.

Even a twice convicted drug felony drug dealer, he seemed willing to grant bail to, as soon as the defendant gets 3 people to sign on the bond.

He also corrected the prosecution by stating that; "The defendant is allegedly in violation of immigration law, since he is contesting the charge."

He said the main issues related to granting bail are : flight risk and danger to the community. It didn't make a difference if the defendant is a criminal or not, that is not the purpose of the arraignment and bail hearing. He said if the person is not a flight or danger risk then he should be granted bail.

What an excellent and fair judge who believes that a defendant is truly entitled to due process rights.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 3202
He is very businesslike and really understands the civil process. The worst I can say about him is he makes odd faces while he is trying to decide an issue, as though he were in pain. But his instincts seem just right. I'd take him in any case.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 3059
Virtually useless in pushing settlement, after making the parties listen to a lot of blah blah blah. Gratuitously nasty in his rulings and seems to be biased against plaintiffs in civil matters.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 2263
This judge is arrogant and mean spirited. He prides himself that he does not listen to arguments of counsel. The Civil Rules are something he adheres to only when convenient, in his opinion.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 2107
Fair, evenhanded, serious, doesn't kill you on scheduling or bury you with pretrial burdens. Low-key but very perceptive. A very good choice i
for a civil trial.