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What others have said about Hon. Diana Song Quiroga


Court Staff

Comment #: 33412
More concerned about getting done quickly than justice being served properly.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 25108
This judge presided over a free for all in a civil case involving a simpke question over a lawyers authority by a client to dismiss litigants. The case devolved into side bar remarks ad hominem attacks upon counsel and a definite prejudice in favor of the attorneys committing the malfeasance. The judge did everything but stay focused on the purpose of the hearing. She failed to keep control of the focus of the hearings, argued with the litigant and gave litigants former counsel an out.
It was obvious this had predetermined the case and that the hearing was a tongue thrashing directed towards the litigant.
Not fit to sit on the bench. She might push the paper on criminal cases but it is obvioys she is shaky and not well versed when it comes to civil cases.
Total waste of time. This judge could have concluded the hearing in 30 minutes but for letting the litigants former counsel rail on about the error being someone else's fault.
Laredo needs another magistrate judge.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 24820
over complicates things. seems to favor government. Always thinks shes right and wont listen to anyone else and what they have to say. She thinks she is district but isnt. takes triple the time to cover the same thing as other judges do in 30 minutes. repeats herself. says "yeah" to much. and always sounds likes she has to much saliva. its all very distracting in court. seems to micro-manage everything. seems nice. Gets upset if questioned. at the end she will argue until people agree with what she wants even if its not right. people agree just so that they can leave after standing for five hours straight.


Comment #: 24325
As a former federal agent, I had several opportunities to work with Ms. Song prior to her appointment. She is demanding and exacting, and as a result I became a much better agent. Ms. Song is compassionate and caring, both as a person, and as a prosecutor and now as a judge, having had the opportunity to see her in both positions. Ms. Song IS usually the smartest person in the room and knows it, but does not put it in your face. She is a devout follower of the Socratic method and, IMO, always comes to the logical conclusion of a case. It was a pleasure to see her ascend to the bench, and hopefully she will continue on in a successful career. She could easily be on the SCOTUS, and would fit right in, regardless of the fact that we politically disagree most of the time.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 24055
Class Act

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 22869
Former federal prosecutor. Her government background doesn't show through too much except for in detention/bail orders. She routinely sets higher bails than other magistrates in Laredo. Also really long plea colloquy. I know she has to cover everything, but sometimes it makes clients doubt why they were pleading in the first place. Also, she asks every defendant whether they're married, have children and what they did for a living. Not sure why any of that matters, but you should prepare your clients to answer those personal questions. Otherwise, pretty good judge and a very nice person. She's definitely smart -- the only problem is sometimes she's maybe too smart and can over-complicate things.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 22707
Great judge. My client asked for several continuances to research potential immigration consequences before pleading guilty, and she was very understanding. I was surprised -- knowing she was a former federal prosecutor -- how much kindness and respect she shows to criminal defendants. She is tough, and I've seen her sentence towards the higher end of the spectrum, but she treats the defendants like people and is generally interested in their lives and in seeing whether they can be rehabilitated. You really couldn't ask for a better judge.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 22706
One of the smartest judges on the bench. Always prepared and helps guide civil litigation to the cheapest and fairest resolution. Very hard worker. Civil motions never sit on her docket more than a week, and she often-times rules on motions within 48 hours. Model of what judges should be.