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What others have said about Hon. Raymond P. Moore


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 33042
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Moore is an embarrassment to the federal judiciary, at least as far as civil cases go. His opinions on summary judgment sound well reasoned until you see what the plaintiff actually argued. He does not follow the well established rules at treating facts in a light favorable to the non-moving party. His legal analysis, such as it is, is basically designed to give the defendant a free pass. The previous comments on this page are not off the mark.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 32815
Judge Moore has been an extreme disappointment as a federal jurist. Though his background is as a former federal prosecutor, civil litigator and Federal Public Defender for Colorado, he seems to have lost all sensitivity as a criminal defense lawyer (if he ever had it). He is extremely arrogant and projects that he is smarter than everybody else in the courtroom. His credentials suggested that he would make an extremely bright and fair-minded judge, but his judicial administration demonstrates otherwise. Extremely unfortunate.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 31153
It's hard to describe just how awful he is. Almost like he didn't even go to lawschool - doesn't seem to grasp even the most basic concepts (such as juries decide disputed facts, judges decide the law). Takes forever to rule on anything, slowest I've ever seen, and when he does finally rule, it's like he didn't even read the briefs, and comes up with these bizarre rulings (always in favor of power). He often makes these condescending remarks in his orders to the plaintiff or the plaintiff's lawyer, but never says anything bad to the big corporation, or their lawyer. He has lots of time consuming "practice standards", and if the plaintiff's counsel doesn't follow them to a T, he will lash out at you. But when the Defendant makes the same error, he won't even say anything. He's a tyrannt, avoid at all costs if you can. He's been a huge disappointment - a lot of people expected him to be for the people based on his background, but thus far, he's proven to be even worse than the Republican judges in this District. And that's already a low bar.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 28926
Judge Moore is pompous. He loves to ehar himself talk. He thinks he is so much smarter than he actually is and is the personification of arrogance. Neitehr the defense bar or the prosecution bar like him at all and most laugh at how arrogant he is. He walks himself into problems by constantly wanting to display his assumed superiority. What an ass!

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 25257
terrible judge for individual plaintiffs, but great for corporate defendants. Big corporations and their attorneys will be given the red carpet treatment - he will do everything possible to screw over the individual plaintiff. Every big corporation's summary judgment motion granted - he won't even read the plaintiff's brief, he'll just copy and paste the defendant's brief, and put his name on it.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 25076
In my opinion, he's quite biased in favor of corporate America. His docket moves at the speed of molasses. He loves big corporations and will do whatever he can to screw over the little guy. He's probably a decent judge for a business v business case. But if you represent the little guy against a corporation, settle if you can, as the odds of even surviving summary judgment are slim at best.