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What others have said about Hon. Lewis T. Babcock


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 22127
extremely biased judge. Always rules in favor of big corporations and against individual plaintiffs. Reagan appointed him to protect "big business" and 30 years later, he is a faithful lackey to corporate America. If you represent plaintiffs against big corporations, and you draw this judge - don't even bother serving the complaint, as you will be thrown out of court on summary judgment. He's openly hostile to the 7th Amendment, and thinks all civil cases should be decided in the defendant's favor on summary judgment.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 19106
Great judge and I feel that way even though I think he made some mistakes in a major patent case I had before him. Now that he is on senior status he has the ability to pick the cases he wants to try. He recently decided to pass on a patent case of mine that was assigned to him. I was disappointed he did that but I believe he did that out of frustration with the Federal Circuit appellate court. I don't blame him. Many of the decisions coming out of the federal circuit recently are ridiculous.

Civil Litigation - Govt.

Comment #: 9172
He is knowledgeable and far more courteous than most of the federal judges in this judicial district. He has presided over two trials in which I was counsel. I have no trepidation about having a third before Judge Babcock

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 8271
Even-handed and thoughtful.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 7729
Generally smart and even-handed.

Court Staff

Comment #: 6764
Most recently Judge Babcock sanctioned a pro-se litigant for filing a motion under FRCP 60, which he then denied upon reciept of the defendant's reply...without comment. I reviewed the docket in that case, and Judge Babcock has denied a half a dozen motions in a row upon reciept of the defendant's reply in the case with virtually no comment or factual finding of any significance attached to any of the said denials. (No rebuttal was even allowed by the pro-se litigant prior to any of the denials.) In fact I found that Judge Babcock even denied the pro-se litigant his statutory costs after the litigant won his patent infringement case at trial (a rare victory for any pro-se litigant, especially in the 10th Circuit). A disgrace to the judicial process, and to the rest of us that work within it. This is the United States, "with liberty and justice for all," except the pro-se litigants and anyone else (including staff) that upsets his version of reality.

Court Staff

Comment #: 6457
I would have to agree that his temper and his ability to apologize are equally disgraceful. In his review of a recent case, he denied a litigant all statutory costs and prejudgment interest due, with absolutely no reason given, after the litigant endured 10 years of patent litigation (and prevailed at trial pro se). Judge Babcock is a disgrace to the legal profession and the Tenth Circuit. Pro se or not, the law by statute required an award, or a valid reason for denial. Neither took place.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 6449
His primary interest seems to be clearing his desk rather than actually applying the merits to the law.


Comment #: 4792
Rating:Not Rated
Fails to review even his own docket for calendar errors. Fails to verify case law cited. A lazy individual to say the least.

Court Staff

Comment #: 4341
Treats court staff and the magistrates for that matter like they are a different species. Completely incapable of saying thank you, or of apologizing when he is wrong. Loses temper when inappropriate.


Comment #: 4286
A good, solid judge

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 1874
Rating:Not Rated
Has great control of his docket, and is an effective Chief Judge. When he gets mad, look out! Also has difficulty making his mind up, but his decisions are typically fair in the end.