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What others have said about Hon. Todd W. Robinson


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 35077
Agree with the first comment. This Judge is terrible! He even refused to allow evidence to be filed proving that fraud was perpetrated ON HIS OWN COURT, that would have proven fraud by several large corporate litigants.

The legal and judicial system in this country is now worse than those a third world countries.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 34452
US prosecutor recently turned judge so already had no sense of honesty or morality. Picks the side with the money and pre-determines the case. No amount of logic, law, evidence matters. It's simply ignored unless it supports his team. No respect for constitutional rights or his oath of office. Absolutely shameful that judges already corrupt their first week on the bench. Avoid this BAD judge at any cost unless you're the side with the money or another US prosecutor.