Hon. Ronald S.W. Lew (C.D.Cal.)
This senior district judge needs to retire, stay home and let a new judge take this important job that requires honesty. life tenure is old thinking and congress must change the law. this judge commits fraud, bribery, and fixes a case and does not care about the law and is one of the worst and is senile
Civil Litigation - Private - (3/5/2021 1:52:28 PM)
Hon. Deborah L. Barnes (E.D.Cal.)
One of the worst magistrates I have ever encountered: biased (friendly to defense counsel representing sheriff's department; hostile to civil litigators challenging excessive force); ignorant of basic principles of protective orders.
Civil Litigation - Private - (3/5/2021 12:39:10 PM)
Hon. Melinda Harmon (S.D.Tex.)
One day, the Big Guy Upstairs will judge this thug in a black robe and the sentence will be hot and harsh.
Civil Litigation - Private - (3/3/2021 7:39:51 PM)
Hon. William Alsup (N.D.Cal.)
There is a systemic loophole which enabled the dueling of evidence tampering between the defense attorneys and this judge. Ashcroft v. Iqbal, 129 S.Ct. 1937 (2009) requires the “plausibility” pleading standard. And Rule 52(a) sets forth the district court’s duty for the “findings of fact”, and the appellate court cannot disturb the findings of fact - unless “clearly erroneous”. However, a falsified Rule 12(b)(6) defense can make the pleading “implausible” under Rule 8(a), thus defeat a Rule 9(b) pleading for fraud. Rule 52(a)(3) excludes Rule 12 and 56, but NOT Rule 23 for class action. This judge eliminated the pleaded evidence and relied on the “clearly erroneous” standard to keep the 9th circuit away from supervision. Lawyers who care about the judicial integrity may search the St John’s Law review: “Exculpatory Hedge Clauses in Investment Advisory Contracts: Developments since Heitman Capital”. It is based on this precedent-setting case. It brings reality to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Dukes, 564 U.S. 338 on a falsified defense. This judge conceded to his misconduct after the defense lawyer confessed to fraud in the hearing 10 years later, but refused appellate supervision. Due Process does not confer the authority (discretion) on the dueling of evidence tampering that inflicted “res judicata” (claim exclusion) in other courts and blocked other two branches of the Government to enforce the law.
Litigant - (3/3/2021 4:06:02 PM)
Hon. Michael R. Wilner (C.D.Cal.)
Made a snap judgment of denial of a 35 page pleading in an hour. Did not read the Complaint, save for a superficial skim.
Litigant - (3/3/2021 11:10:41 AM)
Hon. Philip R. Martinez (W.D.Tex.)
He acts like a two year throwing immature temper tantrums. The U.S. Attorney's Office will even tell Plaintiffs they have to take whatever offer they are given because Martinez is known for corruption and will engage in case fixing for them. He hates veterans and belittles them. Tough guy hiding behind his robe.
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (3/1/2021 9:17:35 AM)
Hon. Christina A. Snyder (C.D.Cal.)
Judge Snyder misinterpretation of law cost my client his case. Ten years later there was standing on a different matter to go in front of her with the same defendant, with the same matter. She admitted her mistake, then ruled against the client on the basis of res judicata. Shameful. Shame on her.
Civil Litigation - Private - (3/1/2021 12:47:16 AM)
Hon. Chelsey M. Vascura (S.D.Ohio)
Refuses to follow the law. Is attempting to get me to serve defendnats who waived service. She is very corrupt and is extorting money from a disabled person
Civil Litigation - Private - (2/26/2021 6:07:02 PM)
Hon. Suzanne B. Conlon (N.D.Ill.)
She is the most nasty and lacking in appropriate judicial demeanor of any federal judge I have ever seen. She destroyed our very valid case against a large health care product producer who had made an unsafe product and she clearly favored the defendants, despite evidence of discovery violations and hiding evidence.
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (2/26/2021 3:43:16 PM)
Hon. Lewis T. Babcock (D.Colo.)
More focused on clearing his desk rather than right and wrong. Favors the rich & powerful over the law. He dismissed a clear cut case in favor of the defendants. Corrupt, plain and simple.
Other - (2/26/2021 10:39:33 AM)