Hon. Julie E. Carnes (C.C.A)
One of the dumbest and laziest judges in the country, who only got the job due to her daddy, also a judge in this court. Once urged parties to refrain from filing quiet title cases in the district court when she was there as she was too brainless to handle them.
Civil Litigation - Govt. - (11/27/2020 9:44:10 AM)
Hon. Richard A. Lazzara (M.D.Fla.)
An arrogant, inflexibe person whose greatest service was leaving the bench in favor of more qualified judges. He once vacated and dismissed one of my cases when I was a day late in moving for final default judgment. Good riddance.
Civil Litigation - Private - (11/27/2020 9:41:41 AM)
Hon. Donald M. Middlebrooks (S.D.Fla.)
Old and lazy - punts on civil cases whenever possible, such as based upon alleged parallell state court litigation on abstention grounds. He actually had a call with a state court judge in one of my cases, never reflected in the docket or disclosed to the parties - we only learned of it from the state court judge This is still another federal judge who demands strict compliance with his schedule but sits on files for months just to punt on them. He is inclined to enforce settlements just to avoid trying cases.
Civil Litigation - Private - (11/27/2020 9:38:49 AM)
Hon. Pierre N. Leval (C.C.A)
One of the three stooges-Larry, Moe, or Curley-take your pick. A political hack appointed by the president, another blatant incompetent.
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (11/26/2020 9:06:37 PM)
Hon. Jose A. Cabranes (C.C.A)
One of the three stooges-Larry, Moe, or Curley-take your pick. A political hack appointed by the president, another blatant incompetent.
Civil Litigation - Private - (11/26/2020 9:04:51 PM)
Hon. Dana M. Sabraw (S.D.Cal.)
HUSBAND OF THE d.a. SUMMER sTEPHAN AND PROTECTS HER OFFICE FROM HIS SIDE. A REAL CHEAT AND FRAUD. PAID OUR EX MAYOR WILSON $1000.00 TO BECOME MUNICIPAl court judge and then a few years later paid and contacted pete again to become superior court judge. both hew and his wife are fraud.disgusting crooked judge with npo intergrity at all. want to be a judge? just call a friend and give a bribe.
Court Staff - (11/26/2020 12:52:00 PM)
Hon. P. Kevin Castel (S.D.N.Y.)
I personally have sat in on multiple cases with Judge Castel as the judge on the bench and he is one of the worst pro government judges that I’ve seen out of the multiple federal and state judges I’ve dealt with wether in trial or just for a hearing. His mind is made up long before you walk into the court room and he is not hesitant to show how bias he is in particular cases especially criminal cases. If you go before this judge and are innocent you better hope to be found innocent on all charges or Judge Castel will throw the book guidelines at you full force going way above the the normal sentencing guidelines to make up as if you were found guilty on the worse of charges. And if your acquitted on certain charges, He does not care his bias mindset is that if he thinks you’re guilty he does not care what the jury’s final conclusion is he will make sure to have the last say in every case and if he doesn’t like the situation or what the outcome was 10 out of 10 times he always goes pro government. If your representing your client before this judge you better hope for the best out come of finding your client 100% innocent of all charges or he will take his anger and bias mindset out on your client and excuse my language but will screw your client over the best that he can to ruin there life even if that client truly is innocent he does not care. He’s big on taking whatever the government says your accused of and believing it without any true or justified evidence to support there claims. It’s very sad to see someone with such respected power, abuse it in the manner that he does going against many of your constitutional rights. And the worst part is there’s almost nothing you can do about it to fight his final verdict because many of these federal court judges and circuits do not want to step on each others toe’s to go against one another’s decisions even if they know what took place was very wrong and they would never let it happen in there own court room.
Court Staff - (11/25/2020 10:49:59 AM)
Hon. David O. Carter (C.D.Cal.)
Obnoxious when it comes to Rule 26 scheduling conferences, and making new orders and changes at the last minute and demanding the parties, counsel and representatives with authority to settle show up on the lawn outside the courthouse, knowing it is an extreme hardship to make this request with less than 24 hours notice. This is not justice, it is judicial savagery at its worst. And what is is worse, is that the Presiding Judge in the Court does nothing about it. 0 stars.
Civil Litigation - Private - (11/25/2020 2:11:03 AM)
Hon. Dana M. Sabraw (S.D.Cal.)
pay a bribe become a judge. sabraw paid 41000.00 to Pete Wilson to be appointed municipal court judge. After being a municipal court Judge for a few years he went to Pete Wilson again and paid him again a bribe to become superior court judge. thats called paper trial to Federal Court by crook. He now lends the prestige of his office to his wife Summer Staphans to help her endorser and friends and to protect the DA's office. he is a fraud.
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (11/24/2020 11:33:00 AM)
Hon. John H. McBryde (N.D.Tex.)
This man here has visible mental problems. Is oversentencing and bullying tactics go way beyond Federal guidelines outlined in procedure. He is badly in need of psychiatric treatment.He bullies and threatens and jails defense attorneys if they dont do what he says.
Civil Litigation - Private - (11/22/2020 1:43:29 PM)