Hon. Peter G. Sheridan (D.N.J.)
What a poor excuse for a judge. During my sons trial while his attorney was presenting his case, this judge was yawning, shuffling papers & just about falling asleep. From the sentence he gave my son it was so obvious he never read all the evidence. My son fought for his country, did 2 tours in Iraq, & this judge had no respect for him and what he went through.
Other - (10/20/2019 8:15:40 PM)
Hon. Jonathan E. Hawley (C.D.Ill.)
Fair, even, keeps to a good schedule, reads the briefs, allows argument. I have no complaints. Far superior to the judges in that District.
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (10/20/2019 12:45:33 AM)
Hon. Charles P. Kocoras (N.D.Ill.)
Holy Christ this guy is afraid of his own shadow. Go to his courtroom and all he does is continue everything for two weeks, then in two weeks he continues for two weeks, eventually the case dies or settles without a judge. No effort, does not read the briefs, cannot reach a coherent decision, cannot think he way out of a paper bag. As easily distracted as a 4th grader on Red Bulls, he has no concept of justice and only jokes with big law firms and hates everyone else. It would be a huge advancement to just flip a coin rather than to let him decide a case.
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (10/20/2019 12:30:23 AM)
Hon. Sara L. Darrow (C.D.Ill.)
Dumb as a box of rocks, unable to comprehend context, and snide as hell while having accomplished nothing in life. Lets the magistrate do everything then comes in to show her imbecility. No grasp of poor people or unjust contracts, no ability to look beyond the contract to concepts of adhesion or unconscionability. Nasty, snide, dumb as hell. She belongs in a **ithole like Rock Island, actually please send her to East St. Louis or somewhere terrible in you care about justice.
Civil Litigation - Private - (10/20/2019 12:27:39 AM)
Hon. Jon Phipps McCalla (W.D.Tenn.)
I guess he has some sort of history, but in my Plaintiff employment case he was reasoned, well prepared and thoughtful.
Civil Litigation - Private - (10/19/2019 3:37:25 PM)
Hon. Nathaniel M. Cousins (N.D.Cal.)
A seemingly very bias judge, operates as if without any accountability. He is a good example of how a judge shouldn’t be.
Civil Litigation - Private - (10/18/2019 9:29:39 PM)
Hon. Gene E.K. Pratter (E.D.Pa.)
Outstanding judge, especially in complex cases.
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (10/17/2019 7:22:38 PM)
Hon. Gary S. Feinerman (N.D.Ill.)
Extraordinarily intelligent and extraordinarily thoughtful jurist. A star of the bench.
Civil Litigation - Private - (10/17/2019 7:21:03 PM)
Hon. Colleen McMahon (S.D.N.Y.)
Based on a decision I received from her, she is a black-child-rape facilitator. She does not follow the rule of law and based on her treatment of my complaint concerning the rape of my children, she is an emotional savage. My name is Cheryl D. Uzamere, and you can tell her what I said.
Litigant - (10/17/2019 4:50:04 PM)
Hon. Nathaniel M. Cousins (N.D.Cal.)
This Judge sides with defendants in civil litigation especially if plaintiff counsel is not wasp or a small firm. He will outwardly ignore facts if it is in his interest when he makes his predetermined decisions. He will unfairly set deadline dates that work against the plaintiff. If you are a civil litigate keep your case away from his bias bench. I personally took the time to sit in on 14 cases with him presiding.
Civil Litigation - Private - (10/17/2019 11:09:44 AM)