Hon. Dale S. Fischer (C.D.Cal.)
She is not an honorable judge she does not have judge qualifications see www.ripoffreport.com report no 1113072 her cases should be reviewed by other judges she has been using drugs and giving wrong decision
Other - (5/25/2020 6:47:10 AM)
Hon. Leonard P. Stark (D.Del.)
A Yes Man to American Government interests. He either does not care about or does not know about the law, or moral correctness.
Other - (5/25/2020 6:30:01 AM)
Hon. Becky R. Thorson (D.Minn.)
Judge Thorson needs to put aside her obsession with status and focus on doing her job evenhandedly and without ego.
Civil Litigation - Private - (5/21/2020 12:06:42 PM)
Hon. Juan R. Sanchez (E.D.Pa.)
Let's be grateful that this lying bum will never go any further. Chief Judge. Maybe he'll have less time to perpetrate fraud on citizens who aren't weal-to-do.
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (5/21/2020 12:05:32 AM)
Hon. Fred Biery (W.D.Tex.)
Judge Biery bias shows despite his latest poetic verse in SA-20-CA -438 granting injunctive relief to Texas DEM part for mail in voting Like a mad man ranting and raving of left/right politics this DISASTER of a ruling to be surely over turned in days by 5th circuit. A truly BIASED judge who deserves ridicule. https://electionlawblog.org/wp-content/uploads/injunction.pdf
Prosecutor - (5/20/2020 8:03:15 AM)
Hon. John M. Gallagher (E.D.Pa.)
I am very surprised to see that Judge Jon's Gallagher rating was cleaned up. He is no doubt the Judge that takes care of county crooked cops, protecting them and career criminals on their payroll and other powerful unethical county employees, which is not too difficult to do since the Santa Cruz County Superior Court is completely corrupted from top to bottom. Their tandem along with Judge Paul Marigonda built up an untouchabel above the law power that manipulate law enforcement and DAO and no attorney will think about to bring any case for real justice for victim in front of those two judges that easily involve the rest of the Judges to follow them. The Judge Gallagher has no fear to help any corrupted attorney covering up for career criminals and gangsters when he was assigned to criminal cases and Restraining Orders cases and continued encourage criminals to make up small claims court cases after he helped them to deny my claims for vandalism, theft and identity theft. Lately, he was assigned to traffic cases along with such important cases as a conservatorships in the county building basement out of court house. I filed the Peremptory Challenge against him for violating and covering up all preliminary procedures for Public Guardian conservatorship case and he denied my Peremptory Challenge that was addressed to Presiding Judge, but never got to addressed. He denied my previous disqualifications in my injury case and professionally arroganetely humiliated and insulted me to harm and destroy me. He was refusing any my valid request as a victim and now I filed for his disqualification again since he tries to form a team of his supporters do not allow me to become my daughter's conservator since 2014. My daughter was kidnapped by county and all her rights were brutally violated using her teenager's mentality to enslave her and county corrupted employees continue trying to murder both of us slowly but surely. He changed our destinies to please and satisfy appetite of county Public Guardians, Mental Health Department and law enforcement for easy money falling for them from the sky for not performing their duty. Totally and deeply corrupted Santa Cruz county.
Litigant - (5/17/2020 5:01:17 PM)
Hon. Ann Marie Donnelly (E.D.N.Y.)
Let’s start with the facts: 1) she testified at Senate Confirmation hearing that she has “NO CIVIL” litigation experience 2) She is Chuck Schumer’s puppet, or rather, family friend who was almost appointed on the bench with NO JUDICIAL EXPERIENCE in 2008 or so 3) Chuck Schumer had GOV Patterson appoint her to several state courts to pad her resume 4) She was a prosecutor- her father was a corrupt mayor and she is extremely political and her husband is super rich Now as a Federal Judge , she is EXTREMELY HOSTILE to civil rights plaintiffs especially if you are non white or male(her court staff is only women) . She is intellectually lazy , never reads motion papers, makes arbitrary rulings, openly refuses to follow black letter law and makes no apologies for it , openly threatened on the record to retaliate if I petitioned for Writ of Mandamus, I got her up on appeal now and she is 99% guaranteed to be overturned like many of her cases. From Day 1, Prepare your record for appeal, object to all of her rulings, she will summarily attempt to dismiss civil rights cases as she hates them especially if she thinks the case has merit, I got her on record lying under oath on the bench, Forget that she is arrogant, judicially abusive, and vindictive, The problem with her is that she is a Manchurian Politcal Judge whose family is financed by corporations and she is no judicial independence. Great thing about her : (this is what I love the most) She is so sloppy, careless and incompetent, that YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO WIN ON APPEAL BECAUSE OF HER PREJUDICIAL LEGAL ERRORS (When she starts screaming, which she loves to do , her thick midwestern accent is jarring and abrasive) she’s such a horrible judge that you actually should want her to be your Judge. The other major issue - she will completely abandon your case and transfer her Article III Judicial making decisions to the Magistrate- she has no knowledge of or real control over your case. She will rubber stamp everything Magistrate says. And her rulings are so poorly written that you can’t tell if it was her or her law clerk. Mention the word “appeal” at your hearing and watch her going into a maniacal rage. Scariest part: if she’s against you, she is so vindictive that she will start making false accusations against your client and even though your client is the victim of rape or discrimination, she will treat your client as a violent criminal. Bottom Line : she’s so biased and prosecutes from bench and makes such prejudicial comments and threats. That she guarantees you will win on appeal. All of her hostility and vindictiveness will actually work in your favor. Make it work for you!
Civil Litigation - Private - (5/16/2020 12:02:10 AM)
Hon. Katharine H. Parker (S.D.N.Y.)
I wonder if this judge ever self reflects to see how one-sided her decisions are. Why take a role as a judge if you have a biased viewpoint? Keep your job as a litigator and defend the corporations as you've done throughout your entire career. Don't bring that to the bench.
Civil Litigation - Private - (5/14/2020 7:49:33 PM)
Hon. Emmet G. Sullivan (D.D.C.)
James 4:17 So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin. I can't believe our District Judge is so bias on General Flynn. It's a disgrace that it carries over to a ruling in this case. There should be consequences for your actions. I hope charges are going to be made against you. If, you are not going to uphold the law you should resign before becoming a Disgrace to our Country's Judicial System.
Other - (5/14/2020 12:03:32 PM)
Hon. Peggy Kuo (E.D.N.Y.)
Can be fair and logical but is surprisingly disrespectful and/or insulting to counsel, attacks integrity of counsel without provocation. Not what I would expect in a federal court judge and quite disappointing. I have been a lawyer for three decades in everything from small claims court to federal appeals court and I have never witnessed such unprofessional and nasty behavior towards counsel. Apologizing before saying something accusatory and insulting does not make it acceptable.
Civil Litigation - Private - (5/13/2020 6:59:52 PM)