Hon. John G. Koeltl (S.D.N.Y.)
in bed with rich company. knew that employer was crooked and then crawled in bed with them. you will answer to God for doing that to me. I know for a fact what you did.
Civil Litigation - Private - (9/20/2020 6:45:12 AM)
Hon. Sarah Netburn (S.D.N.Y.)
This is a very good, thoughtful Magistrate Judge. She reads everything, addresses every issue directly, and displays an excellent grasp of the relevant legal principles in the matter. I have not had a lot of civil litigation in SDNY, but I would be quite pleased to have Magistrate Judge Netburn on every case I have there going forward. A good candidate for District Judge.
Civil Litigation - Private - (9/19/2020 11:23:56 AM)
Hon. Timothy C. Batten, Sr. (N.D.Ga.)
In over a decade trying cases in Federal courts all around the country, primarily in Georgia, Judge Batten has repeatedly proven himself to be extremely pro-company. Nor does he recuse himself when a conflict is present (such as trying a case with a former law partner representing a party). It's unfortunate, he just doesn't seem to care about "the people" at all.
Civil Litigation - Private - (9/18/2020 10:03:01 AM)
Hon. Staci Michelle Yandle (S.D.Ill.)
extremely plaintiff oriented. Ignores the law. often reversed.
Civil Litigation - Private - (9/17/2020 8:43:35 AM)
Hon. Sandra J. Feuerstein (E.D.N.Y.)
Just awful. How on earth did she become a federal judge?
Civil Litigation - Private - (9/16/2020 7:34:31 PM)
Hon. James van Meerveld (E.D.La.)
Not sure if the comments below are from someone with a specific agenda, but she is fantastic. She handled one particularly complex and contentious case and was incredibly patient, and worked a lot of hours to put together a fair settlement, and handled a ton of discovery disputes along the way promptly and fairly.
Civil Litigation - Private - (9/16/2020 4:14:25 PM)
Hon. Sheryl H. Lipman (W.D.Tenn.)
6th circuit again vacated her soft sentence for child poro 12 months home conf vs guidelines of 10 YEARS INSANE ruling and calling 6th circuit judges dopes. Lipman is not that smart. Another stooge on the TN court exposed. Because Schrank’s sentence remains substantively unreasonable, we vacate it and remand for resentencing. And given the district judge’s conduct, we order that the case be reassigned on remand. https://www.opn.ca6.uscourts.gov/opinions.pdf/20a0306p-06.pdf
Prosecutor - (9/16/2020 9:44:03 AM)
Hon. Anthony W. Ishii (E.D.Cal.)
Judge Ishii has excellent demeanor in the court room. He more than allows each party to argue its position, sometimes even too much. He is thoughtful, and an independent thinker, who will raise pertinent legal issues neither party has thought of. He is as even handed as they come. If you're assigned to him, be confident he is a thoughtful judge.
Civil Litigation - Private - (9/14/2020 12:40:00 PM)
Hon. Rosemary S. Pooler (C.C.A)
A walking zombie a la Nanny Pelosi. At least Nancy’s hair is always done. Had oral argument with her , was only judge who asked a question and question she asked had nothing to do with issues. Decent temperament but was clueless on why we were appealing. She needs to be put out to pasture. That pesky thing Called the constitution unfortunately has a few small things we can’t abolish - founding fathers didn’t know humans would be living this long. Judge Pooler doesn’t seem competent.
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (9/11/2020 2:57:12 PM)
Hon. David L. Russell (W.D.Okla.)
favors pro-government . makes comments that are not apparated , unfair judge he needs to be replace or read his oath
Other - (9/11/2020 12:46:11 AM)