Hon. Eric A. Aarseth See Rating Details
Anchorage County
Third Judicial District
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What others have said about Hon. Eric A. Aarseth



Comment #: AK40
Rating:Not Rated
The first time I appeared in front of Aarseth was in settlement because I had no money to litigate. The second time was for a motion about my ex indirectly directly threatening to kill me. He ordered me in the most dangerous situation and I thought he's going to get some woman killed some day. The third time time I challenged my ex quitting a high paying job for one that makes less than half. Not only did judge Aarseth rule against the underemployed child support laws, but he set me up and acted as though I was the aggressor who should be punished. He's biased and every victimized woman's enemy. I'd like to see him charged with treason. He deserves punishment for his crimes; he does not enforce the laws.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: AK27
Hattes women and judges very unfairly in child custody cases. He is a absolute nightmare to deal with. To anyone who gets this judge as a women you are screwed.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: AK26
extremely bias and prejudice towards my divorce and dealing with a fair child custody.


Comment #: AK18
Although this judge rules somewhat fairly from the bench, getting him to do his job other than on the bench is next to impossible. There are numerous outstanding motions awaiting ruling. One outstanding motion he ruled from on the bench, asked attorney to submit proposed order and here we are three months later and still no signed order. He has kept children with a rapist, even after one child attempted to kill himself in his home and now has an anoxic brain injury. Judge Aarseth said had another parent treated the other parent as this parent has in this case, he would award sole custody to the other parent. But for a 14 year old child (who is the victim of parental alienation) stating he wanted to continue to reside in the abusive parent's home, the children would have been given to the current non-custodial parent, the parent whose home the youngest child did not attempt to kill himself in. Judge Aarseth has found that same parent in contempt of court numerous times for refusing to follow court orders yet he still allows the ongoing abuse of both the children and the other parent to continue due to his refusal to award custody of the children to the non-abusive parent.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: AK11
Aarseth refuses to allow me to have full custody of my child even with evidence of domestic violence and a DUI on her father's side. Even when the supreme court said he was incorrect and vacated and remanded the custody order, he changed nothing. He clearly has something against women. And it was very evident he wasn't listening during the trial and re-victimized the victims and then turned us victims into the aggressors. He would not allow all of my witnesses to testify. He does not belong in a court room nor should he be the person responsible of where a child should go. he clearly does not have the child's best interest at heart nor does he follow Alaska law AS 25.24.150 which was amended by adding a rebuttable presumption that a parent who has a history of perpetrating domestic violence against the other parent, a child, or a domestic living partner may not be awarded sole legal custody, sole physical custody, joint legal custody, or joint physical custody of a child. A parent has a "history of perpetrating domestic violence" if the court finds that, during one incident of domestic violence, the parent caused serious physical injury or the court finds that the parent has engaged in more than one incident of domestic violence. We provided proof of domestic violence and Aarseth said we didn't prove beyond a shadow of a doubt who the aggressor was. And in family court, it doesn't matter who the aggressor was. He also said since my child was not in the home at the time of the incident it was a totally moot point but put her in the home permanently where this violence happens. Aarseth has no business being on the bench nor deciding the fate of any child or any human being.


Comment #: AK9
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Aarseth has no ability whatsoever as a trial judge. He has no idea what is going on in his courtroom. He is rude, and he does not like women.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: AK8
Judge Aarseth is the worst judge ever. He treats women with no respect. My case started in 2005, and finally ended in 2009. During my first trial, I was allowed to submit all of my evidence and was found "not guilty." The State of Alaska took me to trial a second time. Judge Aarseth would not allow any of my evidence, or allow me to speak. He acted like he was the Great and Powerful Oz, behind the curtain! There is no justice in his courtroom!


Comment #: AK7
Judge Aarseth is not a good judge. He dislikes women. He has no respect for women. He always rules for the big guy. He ignores evidence. He cannot add. He should be removed from civil cases.


Comment #: AK2
Judge Aarseth was in charge of my modification of custody case. This case was strung out from Oct. '09 til Feb '12. In this time frame my ex-husband had left our two children in the car while him and his girlfriend went into a bar and drank from 11pm til 2am, them proceeded to drive them from Anchorage to Pitman Rd. in Wasilla completely inebriated. He also was over $6,000 behind in child support, and with a long history of domestic violence, he physically assaulted our daughter. With testimony, police reports, and evidence, Judge Aarseth denied me a hearing and closed the case. Where is the justice? I thought that was why we went to court. If we can't rely on our judicial system, then who are we supposed to rely on?