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Superior Court
Maricopa County
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What others have said about Hon. Howard Sukenic


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: AZ1887
Howard is pretty much scum of the earth.

100% agree with everyone.


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: AZ1851


Comment #: AZ1758
One of the best that I dealt with in a decade and a half trapped in "family" court in Maricopa County. Even-tempered, no screaming and arrogance from the bench. Went by the rules. Too bad all the "family" court judges couldn't have a similar temperament. My daughter and I would have been much better off if they all behaved like Judge Sukenic.


Comment #: AZ1697
Rating:Not Rated
Worst Judge ever!! I wish there was a "0" rating because he deserves it.

He gave visitation to a registered Sex Offender that lied the entire court hearing and this Judge never even wanted to hear or see evidence that proved this sexual predators lies! Now innocent children are in the hands of a predator. This Judge came into the 3 hour hearing knowing exactly what he was going to do and wasted everyone's time. He even had to calm the defendant down and correct his disrespectful behavior a few times during the hearing and he still thought it was OK to give him unsupervised visitation when he wasn't using his actual visitation he already had in place.

This Judge doesn't care about evidence and I have a feeling he might be very proDad no matter what the Dad's behavior is with the small children.

He needs to be voted off the bench ASAP!!


Comment #: AZ1663
The judge that issues no judgements. Just lets cases drag on with no resolution. Does not care what the investigator he requires, that is costly on top of it has to say. What is the point of hiring someone to investigate if you you don't care what they find? Also, totally unwilling to be of any assistance when the other parent does not follow the court ordered custody schedule. Tells everyone to meet at the police station, where you are then told that should not be a drop off point. Does not enforce his own orders. Does not factor in prior domestic violence. Honestly doesn't seem to care about much. Totally useless.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: AZ1555
To bad "0" wasn't an option. This guy either paid for his position or the qualifications have gotten so low they settle with guy's like this. He should take note's from his colleague's. There are some fair judges out there I can testify to that and completely un-biased. Howard is not one of them. Don't let one bad apple ruin your faith in the justice system. Don't give up hope and fight for what is right. Speak up, so when election time comes our voices of the people can be heard. We want fairness and equality. No matter what GENDER you are. Howard needs to learn that. The same judge that he is he may one day get a taste of his own medicine. what if one of his kids were going through a custody battle for Howards grandkids. With out political interference I don't think Mr. Howard would be to fawn dealing with a man like himself.

HONORABLE = people and actions that are honest, fair, and worthy of respect. An honorable person is someone who believes in truth and doing the right thing.

The one quality we all expect.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: AZ1553
Rating:Not Rated
Wow, I agree with these people.. Sorry guys best of luck with everything.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: AZ1548
I agree with the comment posted below. If you are someone who does not believe in our justice system, and our "honorable" judges, paid off of tax dollars, this un-honorable judge will confirm your beliefs on the justice system. He serves more as a dis-service and robs you of a fair trial/hearing. He will not consider you unless you pay into the justice system, other wise "we" the people are wasting his time on our own tax dollars he is paid off of. So hiring a lawyer is a must with this judge. Any exhibits displayed need to be simplified to an elementary level because he does not want to do any homework or research. This judge is very biased and simply goes off of old notes most likely from the prior judge that may have handled your case. You will need a lawyer to face this judge to keep him in line or from him taking away your rights and making a good moral decision for you. He will also make you feel like you are a waste of time unless you have a lawyer present. In the mean time your wallet get's hit hard to have an attorney to represent you, just to dumb down any exhibits to present. The judge should be making the best decision for your child, right? Some stranger who knows nothing about you, don't want to know anything about you, can care less about any custody or parenting time you have and the relationship you have with your kids. It will show in his tone, demeanor, sarcasm and condescending attitude. Trust me, take my word please. Because it's not his life. If I were to get the audio recording of my hearing I could point out the lies where the "Petitioner" was telling a bold face lie with a contradicting story. But Howard failed to recognize that. But Howard can't puzzle all the pieces together to catch those lies. Ladies and Gentlemen take my word. I am completely un-biased not because I didn't like the way he handled my case. But also he will make you feel you are a nuisance and wasting his time. My advice is get a lawyer, otherwise Howard will not care what you have to say. This is the type of judge that will make you think he is in this position simply for the compensation and political reasons. Not because he has integrity and holds the justice system in the highest regards.

Side note* look out for questions that will clearly say he did not even review your case. He will ask you questions that you would think he would have some knowledge about if he is handling your case

Although my case worked out in my favor I had to deal with this person and fork out tons of money. Almost forcibly otherwise my case has no value. This is why this comment is un-biased.

He may judge down here. But we all face judgement day in the lord's court someday.


a sincere female


Comment #: AZ1537
Did not look into my case at all. I've been through 4 judges due to my ex wife filing motion after motion. All I ask is for him to be fair, which he definitely has not been. Told me I should not have put my ex in "this position" regarding debts owed. Interesting this is, she took my son out of our home and left me. She filed for divorce and is the one who made the decision. But somehow it is my fault. It doesn't help that my ex has tried to get me arrested on 4 separate occassions all of which habe failed. Howard is the one to bend to her if anyone does. Unfortunate but with people as judges instead of laws and policies the system will always be flawed. The worst part is he was trying to "help" her. He wouldn't answer a single question I had but answered all of hers. He even told her what she could do regarding our case.