Hon. Michael Gordon See Rating Details
Superior Court Judge
Superior Court
Maricopa County
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Attorney Average Rating:   1.4 - 2 rating(s)
Non-Attorney Average Rating:   5.0 - 7 rating(s)
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Involvement in Settlement Discussions (1=Not at all Involved,10=Very Involved)
General Inclination (1=Pro-defendant, 10=Pro-plaintiff)

What others have said about Hon. Michael Gordon



Comment #: AZ752
We were unable to have an attorney represent us in court - We were the Defendant's. Judge Gordon was more than patient with us in trial and was more than fair. He was to the point, but, not condescending at all. He made us feel comforable, especially, as we were representing ourselves in front of a jury, without an attorney. The Honorable Michael Gordon is by far, one of the best and most fair judges that we have seen. As long you are not in the wrong and your lying about anything, the truth will definately come out in his court room and he'll make sure everyone gets a fair shake. Its good to see our justice system does have good judges of his calibur. The Bodnar's

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: AZ564
Really? He went to law school? Three lawyers with claims at odds with one another walked out of his courtroom agreeing that he has no ability to understand or reason on basic legal issues.


Comment #: AZ419
Hon. Michael Gordon;
Is a very fair man,as for the petty bickering between parents; he does not acknowledge. The children, are and will always be; his first prioroity in his court.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: AZ218
Unfair toward Fathers. Rules by mother allegations, NOT FACTS PROVIDED. (must have been raised by mother only, because shows resentment towards Fathers)


Comment #: AZ181
I feel Judge Gorden is respectfull, listens and is fair. His staff on the other hand is dis respectfull - rude and unorganized. His own Clerk had her cell phone on in his court - his clerk refused to give the Judsge a courtessy binder of the days hearing from the peetitioner and is just rude. The jusdge also never recieved the Petitioners Pre-Trial statement and exhibits in hand Prior to the trial date. It was a good thing Judge Gorden accepted the courtesy binder


Comment #: AZ170
This judge does favors mothers and will not let the fathers talk and the mother can make accusations without evidence and he believes anything they say. When my lawyer presented evidence that the mother was lying, Judge Gordon says she wasn't lying or hiding money intentional. He is unfair and does not care about tearing families apart. He allows the mother to present evidence even if she does not meet the deadline, when cousel objects, he allows it. The judge needs to be kicked off the bench he makes moves to make appeals easy. He is totally unfair and has no control over anybody but the fathers, he seems to hate fathers. I wonder if he is a father?


Comment #: AZ168
I've been involved in divorce-related litigation in front of Judge Gordon for over two years now. He is terribly disorganized and regularly loses track of important trends in the case (while remembering snippets and details that are largely irrelevant). He lost track of the time being used, and on several occasions was unaware that there were people in the gallery heckling me while testifying.

At the end of the day, he clearly forms an unprofessional opinion early and has an agenda that will not be derailed by the facts presented or the weight of evidence before him. He acts very kindly and his behavior (aside from the general level of disorganization) is professional, but he does a really poor job as an actual judge.


Comment #: AZ163
Rating:Not Rated
I know 2 people that have stood before Judge Michael Gordon. Both have lost visitation rights with their children.

Seems he favors the mothers and dislikes when the fathers say anything that would bring to light that Judge Gordon doesn't know all the facts of the case.

These men are good fathers that want desperately to be in their childrens' lives. That is more common that Judge Gordon thinks. THEY ARE PAYING THEIR CHILD SUPPORT! They deserve a chance to be fathers.

Can't wait until he is up for re-election... he doesn't have my vote.


Comment #: AZ150
Very Fair, Patient and unwilling to let the court room get out of control.


Comment #: AZ109
Judge Gordon has no control over his courtroom. During my hearing, two different groups of unrelated people entered the room and began having conversations in the rear benches. Then, three clerks also started a conversation DURING our hearing. Judge Gordon did nothing to quiet these disruptions that made it almost impossible to hear what was taking place in our hearing.

The clerks in Judge Gordon's court clearly have no respect for him. At two points during this same short hearing, Judge Gordon snapped at his clerks because he couldn't find his materials, and they snapped back at him. During most of the hearing they were either totally ignoring him or rolling their eyes when he spoke.

I have heard through court sources that Judge Gordon's nickname is "Soft on crime", and after my hearing, I can say it's well deserved. He did not seem to care in the least that my ex had ceased paying child support again, even though his arrearages are in the thousands of dollars. He allowed my ex to bad mouth another commissioner and me for past judgements against him, while doing nothing to hold him accountable or help my children.

Lastly, and most disturbingly, he seemed to have no idea whatsoever why we were there, and was trying to read through the pages and pages of motions while we sat there during a ten minute hearing. He had clearly not read through any of it prior to entering the room, and he was skimming it, making verbal gaffes about why we were there, because he wasn't reading it thoroughly.