Hon. Ralph C. Hofer See Rating Details
Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. Ralph C. Hofer



Comment #: CA6226
I am a mother. He took all of my custody from me bc I moved out of state for a job and school. I filed all the proper paperwork and I have never been deemed an unfit parrent. This is just a tip of the iceberg. He violated my right to due process and issued an order against a family member which also violated his right to due process. Can't wait until his reelection in 2017. Not to mention he is being reviewed by the judicial counsel and a major media outlet. If you have a problem with this judge submit your judicial complaints. Or, if you are a female litigant, before he hears your case, file a 170.6 form. You'll thank me ;)

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA5178
This judge strikes me as very arbitrary and unwilling to listen to pertinent evidence. I have seen him four times now in pretrial matters in a child custody battle in my relative's divorce and I do not believe him to be fair or sound in judgements.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA5177
I AGREE with the other comments. This judge looks down at the bench, while lawyers talk (no eye contact at all) and by his questions and statements indicate that he is not listening carefully. He seems to possible be a closet misogynist who does not really respect women litigants or lawyers, but that is just my observed opinion. Watch out for this judge. He has disregarded the child's well being frequently by not addressing pertinent evidence in a relative's divorce ex-parte hearings. I hope in some way, he will get out of family law. How about a little mercy and compassion for people who are going through hard times in their emotional lives?


Comment #: CA4804
I had only minimal contact with this judge, and only administrative-type legal tasks were done for me. But I have to say that Judge Hofer was pleasant, professional, and efficient.


Comment #: CA4467
I wish there were a zero for this judge rating. I hate even giving Judge Hofer a one. He gave increased visitation to my deadbeat ex who: 1) owes us >$100,000 in child support (and should be in jail for this); 2) has been arrested for being under the influence of drugs; 3) was domestically violent with me (and this was caught on video!); 4) abducted our child over the holidays across a state line (and Judge Hofer had to give me emergency physical/legal custody to go and have the deadbeat arrested); 5) was ordered supervised visitation by Judge Hofer, and the deadbeat hired a monitor who had a criminal violent felony and drug charges history; and etc., etc., etc. By the way, these 5 instances occurred in the short 10 months before Judge Hofer awarded this deadbeat increased visitation! We had a restraining order hearing, not even a visitation hearing, when Judge Hofer gave the increased visitation to the deadbeat without even hearing or asking how the supervised visitation went. The deadbeat had only had 6 visits supervised in a 4 month period! When my attorney asked the basis for Judge Hofer's decision on visitation, Judge Hofer replied, "If you want to discuss visitation further, set another court date," and left the courtroom. Since I paid my attorney $5,000 for her 1-day appearance, we haven't gone back. What a sad man that Judge Hofer is! Let's put his children in the deadbeat's custody for a weekend!

Court Staff

Comment #: CA4465
I agree with the other comments. Judge Hofer makes rash decisions without analyzing evidence. I saw him terminate support for an unemployed spouse because the other side asked for it while at a hearing for another matter. Counsel pleaded to allow her to return with the hundred applications her client had submitted to find work before removing her support, and Judge Hofer said "no." He frequently allows everything to be considered at a hearing, yet is too afraid to change prior decisions, even if evidence shows it is by far the right thing to do. The worst part is that he appoints and defers to Minors' Counsels, forgetting that they are just attorneys who are educated, trained, and accustomed to taking sides, and do not understand the needs of a child enduring the complexity of a high-conflict divorce. You do not go to a business attorney for a divorce, and yet our court system puts unprepared attorneys like Judge Hofer on the Family Court bench. It's a difficult situation for all.


Comment #: CA4194
I filed a request for order and application for arrearages. Judge Hofer was my judge. I represented myself in court. Judge Hofer did not consider any evidence that I presented in court. I had bank statements clearly showing arrearages that were due. He ruled against me. He did not protect the rights of my child.


Comment #: CA3997
This judge makes rash decisions without waiting for evidence to be presented. It seems to be an attempt to get the parties out of his courtroom. These decisions occur at the end of the hearing, when there is no time left to argue the point. He portrays the image that he is actually listening to your case, but the evidence seems to be a complete waste of time. His decisions are not based on exhibits or evidence presented in the courtroom. I wish there was a better process to complain about judges or replace them. They are not always right and just. It makes our legal system such a joke! He is new to family law and it is evident in the courtroom. Perhaps he should have a mentor pop in once in a while to observe his decision-making process.