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Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. Carl H Moor



Comment #: CA32332
Rating:Not Rated
"We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts; not to overthrow the Constitution, but overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."~ Abraham Lincoln


Comment #: CA32297
Rating:Not Rated
@ 32295

Self Serving Cowards. Shame on Moor. Shame on Baker and Kim. Domestic abuse victims must never be silenced and justice must be served. Now there will also be very likely be additional victims.

Sun spokesperson: "The Sun has stood up and campaigned for the victims of domestic abuse for over twenty years. Domestic abuse victims must never be silenced and we thank the Judge for his careful consideration and thank Amber Heard for her courage in giving evidence to the court."


Comment #: CA32200
Rating:Not Rated
Blaming the victim/survivor is disgusting - blame the perpetrator.

--I would argue, that authoring a sexist, misogynistic, female gender animus, victim blaming, non-evidentiary 'Opinion"; while demeaning, degrading, discrediting, a documented, female victim/survivor, of horrific IPV, is disgusting....while Division 5, ass. justices Carl Moor, Lamar Baker and Dorothy Kim. did not hesitate from doing, just this.

--In my opinion, (opinion of legislators) forcing a documented victim/survivor of IPV, to finance her own abuse and finance her documented abuser, is despicable and disgusting;... while Division 5, ass. justices Carl Moor, Lamar Baker and Dorothy Kim did not hesitate, from doing, just this;......while denying the documented victim of IPV, of her rights, civil liberties, right a fair, dignified hearing, outcome and justice.

- Blame the perpetrator and his malfeasant, connected, cheating lawyers'--not the victim; ....blame the compromised judges- who they are in bed with (blame the compromised, conflicted family law crony lawyers' & these compromised judges, are in bed with.)

---Blame the connected lawyers', of the perp. (not the victim--and victim they continued, to abuse)

-- Blame the connected lawyers' of the perp., whose myriad of violations of rules, perjured statements, material falsities, contradicted substantial evidence, even contradicted a previous opinion , authored by Division,5 -relating to same case....while Carl Moor, Lamar Baker and D. Kim, just seemed to play along, While then astonishingly, forcing the documented victim, to finance her abuse ..

--Division 5,ass. justices. Carl Moor, Lamar Baker, D Kim, astonishingly, forced the documented victim, to finance her abuse and her abuser and forcing her to pay her perjuring, abusive perps' fees, in appearance's of classic retaliation, misogyny, female gender animus, cronyism, nepotism, conflicts of interest, quid pro quo relationships w/ Moor's former family law cronies.

---Carl Moor and Division 5, pulling a Ken Paxton move--in textbook, retaliatory tactics and misogyny.

--Texas AG, Ken Paxton, fireda top aide, who accused him of Bribery and Abuse of Office....Deputy AG, Lacey Mase, was one of the 7 staffers, who accused him of committing several crimes, including bribery and abuse of office, while writing to the state agency’s director, of human resources, seeking an investigation into Paxton “in his official capacity as the current Attorney General of Texas.” ...

....Don't even get me started 'Judge' Jeffrey Perilloux, et al.

...Wrongdoers, also seem to hate those; those they have abused and victimized, who call out their wrongdoings.

...As long as attorneys' can run and cry to judges, that they are in bed with, to cheat and get the pre-determined result, that they want-- (as long as a judge can run to another judge colleague--with a wink and nod)-- to get the pre-determined,, result they want (to help an an attorneys -attorneys')--that the judge is in bed with- there will be a multitude, of more miscarriages of justice, in the courtrooms (including, in Court of Appeal -Division 5) --

...As long as judges, unethically help the attorneys', that they are in bed with, to cheat and get the pre-determined result, that they want (as long as inferior courts -- have appellate court cronies, cover for them-wrongdoings) there will be a continued recidivism, of domestic abuse and violence, failure to hold abusers' and those who abuse positions, accountable; failure for victims' to obtain due process and justice--w/ great harm to state and public interests.


Comment #: CA32163
Rating:Not Rated
I made numerous attempts to settle, in good faith. Moor and Division 5 should be looking at the lawyers'-and my ex. --who acted in very bad faith, submitted a monumental record, full of material falsities/ contradictions/perjured statements (which even contradicted substantial evidence--even diametrically contradicting a previous Opinion of Division 50.

--They also need to reflect--why they would embolden a lawyer (who runs to a judge -they the lawyer is in bed with ( a judge who should not be discussing the case) --and cries when they don't like previous outcome--so they do everything to thwart process and and smear opposing side)-while violating ethics, rules--among other things. They caused me concrete harm, in this glaring miscarriage of justice- They emboldened my ex. and his arrogant, entitled, slimy lawyers- and a some other equally compromised, conflicted, judges.

-- Carl Moor and Division 5 associates' (Lamar Baker, D. Kim)--, also need to look at themselves, in the mirror. They also need to review the oaths that they took and their job descriptions.


Comment #: CA12556
This judges totally incompetent and spineless. His rush to judgment with all the evidence in hindsight totally ignored it and did not have the balls to undermine the mediator decision. Be told me put my kids in danger when he himself heard the testimony of my kid's mom marrying a violent individual and he still Had the balls to say it was in good faith. Why don't you have your kids go live with a violent individual.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA11940
The best judge I have ever appeared in front of.


Comment #: CA10592
Hon. Carl H Moor needs to be removed from the bench! He allowed automatic restraining orders to be broken. Because he was "overwhelmed" and there was too many numbers for him to wrap his head around, he cost me $289k in my divorce settlement. My ex and his parents put over $400k in liens on the community property, after separation, he did nithing about it.


Comment #: CA10509
Horrible Judge....Denied me from presenting facts of law when it was visibly present in my case. Their was Contempt, Forgery, Fraud, Perjury, Conspiracy. Judge Moor denied a valid 170.6 motion. Denied a motion filed by ex wife to quash a restraining order. This Judge should be in jail for his Fraud Upon The Court....