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Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. Deborah L. Christian


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA12762
Judge Deborah Christian is probably one of the worst, if not the worst judge ever, on every level. She is biased, incompetent, lazy, and lets her courtroom staff run her (seemingly so they will like her), and clearly disfavors the underdog, and favors the party that seems to more politically powerful. She has no interest or clue about when and how the law should be applied. She bends over backwards to violate the law for the party she favors (i.e. she disfavors tenants and favors landlords). She has many other complaints on sites like gavelbangers, and the one positive review seems to be written by her. We once had a jury trial in front of her and she did everything possible to bias the jury against our side/the underdog, despite the law and facts being on our side. She allowed irrelevant evidence favorable to the other side, and tried to keep out all our relevant evidence out that was disfavorable to the other side. don't know how she's still on the bench. It seems more recently b/c so many people were complaining about her bias, that started ruling again the party she viewed as more politically powerful, again while ignoring the facts and the law. If you get Judge Christian you should preemptively strike her under CCP 170.6, which states either side can strike any judge once during a case without explanation.


Comment #: CA10578
Rating:Not Rated
Does she bother to do anything more than see who is the wealthy landlord and who is the honest tenant in a rent controlled apartment?

She seems to be on a mission to evict every RSO tenant without regard to facts or law. I can see why she is rated as one of the 10 worst judges in the entire State.


Comment #: CA9769
Rating:Not Rated
I did not know judges could refuse to read the documents. This judge refused to read an exhibit because one of the attorneys "told me what it is."

The other attorney said, "Please look at what the exhibit says," and she refused. Her position was that if the document was not what the attorney said it was, then that could be brought out at trial. I thought judges had to at least read the exhibits and not just accept what one attorney says.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA9000
The reviews are not surprising. The Peter Principle in action. Was first in front of her as a commissioner in Inglewood on their civil panel back in the 90s. Didn't read the summary judgment and got it all backwards, to the dismay of both parties. Leopards don't change their spots. To this day she still doesn't read anything you give her. On the UD panel, she is blindly biased toward landlords. So if it's an important matter and you represent a tenant, you have to just order a court reporter to the hearing and take her up on appeal. I did so successfully, as have others.


Comment #: CA7704
very uneducated and biased to all tenants and pro se litigants. i won my case when i filed a 170.6 to have her dismissed from my case. advice to all tenants -file a 170.6 and dismiss this judge while you can.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA7670
Judge Christian is no legal scholar. She recently ruled against the plaintiff in a MSJ in which defendant filed no opposition. She inserted her own suppositions instead of relaying on the declarations in support of the motion. Horrible, horrible judge.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA7190
Horrible judge. Currently does UDs in Dept 94 of Los Angeles Superior Court. Doesn't know or understand the law at all. Doesn't read the motions nor understand them. She is very rude to Defendants (Tenants) and very Pro Plaintiff (Landlords). I suggest ALL Tenants file a 170.6 Peremptory Challenge on her. And Do NOT Stipulate to Commissioner Harrison who again is Pro Plaintiff (Landlords). Neither cares much about the law or what is just. Better to NOT Stipulate & then 170.6 Judge Christian so that neither can hear your case. If enough tenants do this Judge Christian & Commissioner Harrison will not have any cases to hear and will be forced to come OFF the bench. It's time we had Judges & Commissioners in Los Angeles who are fair and actually know & read the law. When I attempted to serve a 170.6 peremptory challenge on Judge Christian, she tried to deny it until I had to remind her of the code section and case law which she didn't even read. When I did get a new judge, he was much more fair and knowledgeable, actually taking the time to read my motions and pleadings.


Comment #: CA3329
I felt Judge Christian acted in a manner unbecoming to her elected position of Judge. I was in her courtroom in Pasadena many times during a trial re the death of my son in law. She was tardy. She giggled. She made comments in regards to having her hair done and was very rude. As member of our family of the deceased and severly hearing impaired, I was prohibited from sitting in the area closest to the jury box. I was sitting in that area so I could HEAR! My family was treated as if we had the plague, yet the defendants family could do no wrong. In my opinion, regardless of her education and elected position, she should show more respect for her position and for the families of victims.