Hon. Kirk H. Nakamura See Rating Details
Superior Court
Orange County
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Attorney Average Rating:   3.8 - 7 rating(s)
Non-Attorney Average Rating:   1.0 - 2 rating(s)
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* Industriousness (1=Not at all industrious,10=Highly industrious)
* Ability to Handle Complex Litigation (1=Awful,10=Excellent)
* Punctuality (1=Chronically Late,10=Always on Time)
* General Ability to Handle Pre-Trial Matters (1=Not all Able, 10=Extremely Able)
* General Ability as a Trial Judge (1=Not all Able, 10=Extremely Able)
Flexibility In Scheduling (1=Completely Inflexible,10=Very Flexible)

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* Evenhandedness in Criminal Litigation (1=Demonstrates Bias,10=Entirely Evenhanded)
General Inclination Regarding Bail (1=Pro-Defense,10=Pro-Government)
Involvement in Plea Discussions (1=Not at all Involved, 10=Very Involved)
General Inclination in Criminal Cases Pretrial Stage (1=Pro-prosecution,10=Pro-defense)
General Inclination in Criminal Cases Trial Stage (1=Pro-prosecution,10=Pro-defense)
General Inclination in Criminal Cases Sentencing Stage (1=Pro-prosecution,10=Pro-defense)

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* Evenhandedness in Civil Litigation (1=Not at all Evenhanded,10=Entirely Evenhanded)
Involvement in Settlement Discussions (1=Not at all Involved,10=Very Involved)
General Inclination (1=Pro-defendant, 10=Pro-plaintiff)

What others have said about Hon. Kirk H. Nakamura



Comment #: CA8560
Very biased and unfair judge. He does not understand or check the authorities.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA7046
Nakamura has bias against plaintiff and feeds at the trough of defense counsel. He has a terrible disposition, napoleon complex and can be rude and demeaning. He made the worst decision on an MSJ that I have seen in 30 years of practice (which was reversed on appeal).

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA6779
I strongly disagree with the 8.1 rating posted below. Not only Nakamura willing to dispose of cases on MSJ's but he will do so when the ruling makes no sense as long as you are an insurance defense attorney. $40K later I was able to get his MSJ ruling against plaintiff reversed. The ruling was so bad could not be the result of anything but corruption. Definitely think about papering Nakamura.


Comment #: CA6257
1) Non-performance of judicial functions
2) On-bench abuse of authority in performance of judicial duties
3) Bias/appearance of bias toward a particular class
In a small claims appeal the defendant presented irrefutable government certified documents proving that there was no valid plaintiff for the case, that the man (Lak Won Baik, aka Tony Baik) standing before the court as the plaintiff was representing a corporate entity that doesn't exist under the law, and was committing perjury. It was the first of multiple irrefutable judicial causes to dismiss the case. She presented the causes verbally and in writing with supporting documents. The Honorable Kirk Nakamura stated that we were in the small claims arena, and that the normal rules didn’t apply. He overlooked fraud upon the court, and numerous bench guide 34 rules, (which were presented to the court), then awarded almost twice the requested amount to the non-existing plaintiff. The California rules and codes, which were overlooked by the Judge are as follows: 1. CCP Section 116.430(a) 2. California Rules of Court Rule 3.2100 3. CCP Section 116.430 (b) 4. CRC 3.2100 The following misdemeanor code violations were brought to the judge’s attention at the hearing. Some were noted in the defendant’s brief: Violations of CORPORATIONS CODE SECTION 16953; Violation of BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONS CODE 22350.(a), 22351., 22356.5., 17910.5., 17500. At the hearing Mr. Baik made an erroneous accusation that the defendant had told him to return to his own country. The case was taken under submission and the litigants received notice by mail. After the judgment the defendant received an email from Mr. Baik stating that he wins all his cases and will continue to win them because he has friends in the courts. Said email contained threats of extortion and coercion. Since the Honorable Kirk Nakamura and Mr. Baik appear to be of the same race, of which the defendant is not, there is an appearance that the judge's decision was biased toward a particular class.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA4974
He is mellow and easygoing as far as judges go, but he has no backbone. He will do everything to avoid making a tough call. If you have a problem with the other attorney, he will not intercede. This is true even when there is clear evidence of egregious conduct. My impression was that he tries to avoid confrontation, which is kind of a problem for a judge.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA4825
He is very even-keeled, and somewhat flexible. He can be refreshing if you are used to grating "Type A" egomaniacal judges because he is very calm, and seems to take the job of judge as that of being a neutral mediator between the parties. I disagree with the reviewer who said that he is "dumb" -- he seems to be very scholarly in my opinion, and his rulings are usually pretty expected (if you know his style). He definitely seems to play it safe a lot with his rulings, however. Don't expect to win a demurrer or MSJ if you are the moving party, unless it is overwhelmingly obvious that you are right or the other side is frivolous. As to oral argument, I definitely agree with the other review that he always hides behind his tentatives, and that he treats oral argument like it's a chore.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA4700
This judge never departs from his tentative rulings, which appear to be drafted by a clerk. He hides behind his tentatives so that he doesn't have to keep up with oral arguments.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA4631
The judge is dumb and thinks that he is the jury and executioner. If you expect to encounter an important motion in your case, stay away from this judge, especially if you are a plaintiff's attorney.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA3549
Incompetent. Passive/aggressive