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San Diego County
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What others have said about Hon. Lisa Schall



Comment #: CA5023
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Schall is one of the worst judges ever to sit in Southern California... *THE* WORST! Nobody has mentioned here how many times she has been reversed. I think she was reversed recently some three times in just a few months.

And totally echo what somebody said upthread about Schall lying in her orders. She will do or say anything to look as smug and haughty as is possible. Lisa C. Schall, thy name is Peremptory Challenge. If you try to do a 170.3, she can and often will make a factual finding in her order that you never served her and strike your statement of disqualification, so make sure you bounce her good and quick.

And, please oh please, may she lose this election in June so that so many wrongs might be righted. This woman should not be left in power to ruin the lives of any more people or children.



Comment #: CA4998
Rating:Not Rated
Yes, I hope that we can vote her out. To me, it's unfortunate that so many judges come to the bench with a prosecutor's bias. But anyone would be better than Judge Lisa Schall, formerly Lisa Guy-Schall.

(There were many more negative comments about her, but apparently, after her divorce, she went back to using Lisa Schall, instead of Lisa Guy-Schall?)

Thanks for your comments! I hope to write a letter to the editor of our local weekly, as well, next month. In my opinion, Judge Lisa Schall should be kicked out of office, and yes, she has many more complaints to the Judicial Council than the three admonishments that they have published, including one moving violation. (She was driving the wrong way on a one way street in Escondido!)

Judge Lisa Schall is pro-plaintiff when the plaintiff is part of any governmental hierarchy/public agency. She is terribly prejudiced against in pro per (pro se) defendants. If you are assigned to her, ask for a different judge at your very first opportunity.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA4943
This is a problem judge -- one of several that I've appeared before. Not the worst judge, but very near to it. Three admonishments, dozens of complaints unpublished, and still intemperate. Every judge has good days and bad days, friends and enemies, but Judge Schall has earned far, far more than her share of disdain.

There's a chance to vote her out of office that many are taking note of -- on June 13, 2014, the primary elections are the main event for judges. Judge Schall has earned a challenger -- Carla Keehn from the U.S. Attorney's Office. She is a prosecutor, and seems very, very smart. This should be an easy choice, but getting an incumbent out of office is tough. Please, San Diego, vote on June 13 and send Judge Schall, and many other irresponsible judges on the bench, a message: that we care about the fairness and proper functioning of our courts. Vote Judge Schall out!


Comment #: CA4920
She is one of the worst judges in San Diego County.


Comment #: CA4302
Rating:Not Rated
This judge is not honorable in our opinion. She is one of the worst judges on the bench. She should have been removed after three well-deserved admonishments. She is no longer in the North County Division of the San Diego Superior Court, thankfully. Many more people have submitted complaints about Judge Lisa Schall. Her order of recusal in our case prejudiced the next judge against us, Judge Jacqueline Stern, who is also dreadful. Judge Schall made false statements in her order. We never got a trial or a fair hearing on our case, or the unilateral statements made in Judge Schall's order of recusal. Judge Schall came to my deposition and was yelling at me in an intimidating manner. I was not notified that she would be present. She refused to allow my husband to be in the room with me when I was deposed, even through I was a party in the case. When I took a single flash photo of her sitting immediately next to where I was to sit, at the conference table, at Encinitas City Hall, Judge Schall had deputy Sheriff Ken Jones place me in a choke hold, taking my camera. When my husband arrived, and was "behind the glass wall" in the adjoining Carnation Room, Judge Schall suddenly ordered him to leave, screaming "You get out." He had said nothing, merely had stood up and shook his head. I didn't know he had come back. He was trying to alert local papers that the judge on our case was to be present for my deposition at City Hall. The City Attorney's partner, Randall Morrison, who was conducting the deposition, stated after the deposition started that any press would be disallowed. Judge Lisa Schall was friends with Christy Guerin, our Encinitas Mayor at the time. She never disclosed that to us, and was terrible at all ex parte hearings, not allowing us to present our evidence.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA4236
This is an excellent trial judge who likes her job and has a terrific staff. She presided over a civil bench trial which we had recently. She took a full day to study the pleadings files and come up to speed on the case. During trial she listened acutely (better than the attorneys sometimes), showed a solid working knowledge of the Evidence Code (better than the attorneys sometimes), and demonstrated fairness at all times. We had a statement of decision the day after the trial ended. I cannot account for some of the negative things said about this judge in the past. We would try a case with her again anytime. She expects strict compliance with courtroom protocol and is sometimes impatient, but these things are far outweighed by the quality of her work and her fairness and intelligence. We need more judges like her.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA3926
One of the all-time worst judges on the bench. She takes out her anger on litigants and lawyers. She is unpleasant and punitive in her approach and demeanor, a petty tyrant.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA1142
Judge Schall is a horrendously incompetent judge. I've litigated and seen many other matters litigated before her. She is very vindictive, heavy-handed, and pro-Petitioner (she's a divorce court judge in which most Petitioners are women). She's been the subject of three CJP public admonishments, several public controversies, and does not belong on the bench. Bounce her.