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Superior Court
San Joaquin County
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What others have said about Hon. Robin Appel


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA4577
Her behavior is unstable. She seems very biased, and has a very personal relationship with Shelly Troop. She is a horrific mediator. The court has given a wicked snake power over children's lives. You can practically hear her hiss as she slanders parents that she doesn't like. I have seen Judge Appel and Shelly Troop out together. She even went to the hospital when Shelly's husband had a heart attack! This court system is corrupt. As soon as I find a new job I am leaving and never looking back.


Comment #: CA4500
I agree with the comment that said: "I have been disappointed with the Hon. Robin Appel for covering up false documentation..." She backdated a substitution of judge for commissioner in my friend's case. It was signed nine months later than the court officials claimed. This can be proven by my friend's attorney, who signed it too. But as for the date on which it was alleged by the judge and commissioner to have been signed, it is not possible that it was done on that day. The attorney for my friend was not yet hired by that date, but she also signed the form.r This proves that the form was not signed by the litigants on the date that the judge and commissioner claimed. It was not signed until six months later than the judge and commissioner claim. The form said it would be "dated in advance in all cases," not backdated, like it was. Additionally, the Family Law Commissioner Cheryl A. McCann failed to file her oath of office for over twenty months following her appointment. When a litigant requests a copy, they are required to furnish it immediately, but in this case, they did not and could not. When one was produced roughly five days later, the clerk was informed that the Secretary of State of California had supplied a letter stating that a diligent search had been performed and that no such oath had been found on file for that commissioner. That letter was supplied roughly nineteen months following her actually sitting on the bench for the first time. That commissioner was holding office illegally, and was trespassing upon the court by holding office as occupied, where she should not have been in office due to the law of the Constitution of the State of California, which says she has (or had) only ten days to file her said oath of office at the time of her acceptance of appointment. Since she did not, she committed a misdemeanor, and failed to abide by all laws. Also, these judges basically perjured themselves by claiming that the form was created and signed on a date when this was not actually done, in an obvious attempt to cover their own butts. They should be removed by the Supreme Court as far as I can see. This is a sick display of judicial impropriety!


Comment #: CA3900
She does not look at the whole picture. She also makes judgments based on her own personal feelings and opinions, not the facts. Her rulings are not fair by any means!


Comment #: CA3671
This judge is the worst there is and the fact that she favors deadbeat dads sickens me. I have been b4 her about 5 times in 6yrs. My girls dad has never worked he grows marijuana and has even had my girl watering for him, judge just said dont do that! His dog bit my girl in her face 2 times and to this day he doent keep the dog locked up. There's know enforcement for anything or consequences for his actions.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA3326
This Judge is Dirty! She is not even, not fair nor is her demeanor acceptable by any means. She needs to get her nose out of the air, and be the woman she once had been, REAL! I mean come on your highness i mean your honor, you sit on the thrown just the same as everyone else. you are not better than me her or anyone. You are stuck up and over rated by each of these stars you have on this post! Yelling at litigants as you exit the court, rolling eyes, you should be ashamed of your self and you need some continuing education or better to be reprimanded! You don't protect the way you did prior to getting all that flack about siding with the moms, now its all about the dad! Don't go for majority opinion go with the legal and fit rights and do what above all else, is IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF THESE KIDS! Because your not doing it these days!


Comment #: CA3316
Rating:Not Rated
I have been disappointed with Hon. Robin to cover false documentation ...

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA2983
And this judge DOES NOT FAVOR THE WOMEN ANYMORE. Since her criticism for favoring the mother, she now ALWAYS GOES AND LIENS TOWARDS THE FATHER! She is RUDE when she rolls her eyes and places her tong in her mouth and bites , then says your baby is staying with his abusive father, despite if the doctor said hes abused or not! This broad is the worst EVER! Nor was I awarded the Due Process Right to exasperate further than 11/2 of a thought. that is = to 1.5 sentences in rebut of his attorney as i am pro per! shes a snob! AND BEST FRIENDS WITH MICHELLE (SHELLY TROOP) Allured/Troop, the BIAS MALE FAVORING MEDIATOR who holds a grudge and fails to recuse. This county is has been and always will be about the MEN! ITS DISGUSTING!


Comment #: CA2982
This Judge REFUSED to transfer Custody even though I had a Physician Report detailing CHILD ABUSE for a diagnosis. She just smiled and said "Yes I have Seen it.....Do you have anything else?" Then yelled at me upon exiting the Bench! Shes a witch to me!

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA489
She may have an inclination towards the female party, but she has a judicial demeanor. She gives everyone a fair say. Her rulings aren't too far from center. Perceives procedure and "overly" legal arguments to be obstructive. But, it isn't like you have a lot of choices in SJ County.


Comment #: CA459
Judge Appel rules heavily in favor of the female if all other factors are equal. Peace Officers in the County are even critical of her performance. There are times when she has been kind, considerate, and even generous -- however, it has also been witnessed that she can be like a bumblebee and sting you but good! Tends to be moody.