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Superior Court
Santa Barbara County
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What others have said about Hon. Thomas P. Anderle


Civil Litigation - Govt.

Comment #: CA38770
Judge Anderle used to be an excellent jurist, but has become so addled as to be inaccurate, inconsistent and incapable of any real analysis. He rules like a dictator, without regard for the law or the facts. His rulings stray so far from the rule of law it is difficult to believe his court attorneys have actually passed the bar exam. Even when he rules in my client's favor, I know the ruling is subject to appeal, and now after more than two years we are headed to trial in a case which will surely be appealed by whichever side loses. It is truly a travesty.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA38518
I had a complex case before him. We consistently were getting hometowned by defense counsel. His rulings demonstrably conflicted with the CCP and the CRC. He sends out lengthy CMOs and CMCs just walk through those. Finally, I pointed out all the different ways his order didn't comply with the CCP in very obvious ways. He ended up getting flustered and stating, on the record, the CCP does not apply to him. He may have been a good judge at one point, but he clearly has diminished capacity and should retire. His courtroom is where justice goes to die.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA35720
Judge Anderle makes up his mind on first impressions and no facts change that through out the course of the trial. He even ignored fraud and coercive illegal behavior. He is a horribly unfair and unfit judge.


Comment #: CA27101
Rating:Not Rated
I agree with everything the person posting on 12/9/2019 had to say. This Judge has his research attorneys write up the tentative ruling and will never change it. If you have a case in front of this judge, all you have to do is read the tentative ruling the day before on the SBC Superior Court website and you'll know exactly how your case is going to go. You pay for an attorney to show up to argue your case for nothing. All the attorneys laugh about it after court, it's a joke.


Comment #: CA26155
This judge makes up his mind prior to hearing ones case and reviewing any hard evidence. He is also not current with real estate law but uses his position and power to impose his own personal feelings on the subject instead of reviewing facts. He is not fair nor impartial and we really felt an injustice occurred in his court. SB courts need to bring in some fresh blood. This judge is long over due to retire.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA10012
Probably an interesting person but totally biased. Sees his mission as strengthening the government and law enforcement. Gives zero credibility to anyone who doesn't work for the government, and actually is harsh and inhumane. His legal analysis is neolithic.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA6964
Easily THE MOST thorough Judge in all of Santa Barbara County. He is a RARE jem, old school Judge who actually has the courage to look everyone who comes before him in his courtroom in the eyes and actually rules from the bench. He doesn't take the "easy" way out by taking things under submission and send his ruling out at a later date so as to not upset anyone. He is strong in his rulings and stands firmly behind each and every one of them, but sometimes to his detriment.

Judge Anderle appreciates well-written, well-briefed pleadings and he READS EVERY WORD of what you file. That said, you better make sure that if you want him to hear or consider something it needs to be in your pleadings because he has his mind made up prior to the hearing, and bases his decision simply on the pleadings. He'll let you argue your case at the hearing and he will hear you out with dignity and respect, but when he has issued a "tentative" there is NOTHING you can say to get him to change his mind.


Comment #: CA5390
Rating:Not Rated
I wish I'd known of this resource before having a case before this judge. My experience duplicates the unfavorable comments already posted. Because of this judge, I was required to incur additional and unnecessary expense for no good reason other than his whim. He is either clueless as to the purpose served by certain processes or doesn't care and thus chooses to make things needlessly difficult. Avoid his court if you can!

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA4831
This judge seems to be really flexible and entertaining at the same time. The one case I have had before him, he apologized numerous times that I was last on the calendar and thanked me for my patience. He even kind of went easier on me because of this, and said that he would be patient with us because we were patient with him. While that may be somewhat trivial, it was nice to be treated with dignity and respect by a judge.

The case that I have had in front of him has been pretty messed up, as one of the parties hasn't followed his orders and the other party has failed to come to court at all. Despite being peeved about the situation, the judge has handled it by treating the situation with the seriousness that it deserves without losing his temper or treating us like children (as some judges seem to prefer to do).

Also, while waiting to be heard, I saw a pro se litigant in his courtroom go off on the opposing counsel. He did a great job of defusing the situation and following the rules of court, while at the same time allowing the pro se litigant a fair opportunity to be heard on the matters relevant to the hearing.

Overall, he is probably one of the better judges that I have appeared in front of. Know your stuff before you appear in his courtroom, because he pays attention to detail and will ask you direct questions that you have to answer, but he won't throw a temper tantrum if the situation is not ideal.


Comment #: CA4828
Rating:Not Rated
In an attempt to collect child support that is years overdue, I hired an attorney, and the letter of the law was followed, which required filing a notice of delinquency and having it personally served. The notice provided that should the respondent fail to respond, a writ of execution would issue. The respondent defaulted, but this judge would not issue the writ, saying that he wanted a hearing. This required more time and money, and completely nullified the purpose of the notice of delinquency. It seems that this judge favors deadbeat dads, and that the clogged courts and extreme legal expenses are non-issues for him.


Comment #: CA26
He appears to be even-tempered but his rulings show otherwise, as well as his actions if you dare to question him. He does not follow the law if he does not like you and does not read the pleadings so as to give some modicum of fairness. He is punitive and into power and control in the worst way. He cares nothing of the harm his angry temper can cause to others.