Hon. Tara M. Flanagan See Rating Details
Superior Court
Alameda County
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Involvement in Settlement Discussions (1=Not at all Involved,10=Very Involved)
General Inclination (1=Pro-defendant, 10=Pro-plaintiff)

What others have said about Hon. Tara M. Flanagan



Comment #: CA7162
If I could give this judge a "0" rating I would. She is terrible. She's handled my divorce/ child custody case for a year. She seen me and my Ex husband over 10 times & everytime we went she was very rude and disrespectful she never let u talk and even tho I've always been the primary sole care taker & provider for my two girls she sided with my husband with very little evidence even after he was abbusive towards myself and my kids & using my kids as a shield to get to me & put me in the hospital when I was pregnant and I filed a restraining order on him she denied my order. But my Ex husband filed a restraining order on me because he says his tires got Slashed with BTW (I did not touch) and he had very little evidence and she granted his restraining order for three years and requested that I take the 52-week battery intervention class. And was pursuing to take my kids and let them go live with my EX husband even tho he abuses my kids. All because he told her his tires were slashed. thank God they got her off of the family law bench before she was able to make that decision. BE AWEAR!!! Get this lady off the the Bench PERMANENTLY before she ruins more family's & childrens life's. She do not mean well. Her mind isn't in the right place and her heart isn't pure!!! She gets ZERO stars!!!


Comment #: CA7096
She is rude and arrogant towards men of color or men in general. She does not read the facts and dismiss any concerns that are brought up, she allowed a pedophile to move back into the home of a little girl that was be watched getting undressed by this pedophile (Hohorst)


Comment #: CA6837
Rating:Not Rated
Flanagan heard my family law case regarding a shared custody arrangement between my ex wife and me. Judge Flanagan heard us on 3 occasions and found that my ex wife was mentally unstable and ordered a psych evaluation while hivinb me full legal and physical custody of my sons.
At the final hearing Flanagan presided over for us, my ex wife hired an attorney to speak for her after the psych evaluation and Flanagan put every suggestion the attorney made into an order with no discussion. Flanagan battered me with questions and interrupted me every time I tried to answer her questions. I felt bullied and confused by her during the hearing. She ordered that my sons go back to their mother 50% of the time simply because the attorney asked for it. It seemed as though they already knew each other and had figured the outcome before the hearing even happened. Now my sons are back in the care of someone who was determined to have Borderline Personality Disorder, emotional instability, and impulse control problems by the psychictric evaluator that Flanagan herself ordered my ex wife to see. I refuse to use the word honorable in the same sentence with this judge's name.


Comment #: CA6663
I found Judge Flanigan to be VERY even handed and fair. I am in fact, completely mystified by the critical reviews listed here on this site? I think Homophobia may be the reason behind the negative reviews as she is an out "Lesbian" judge and some people think that is synonymous with man-hater ... which is not the case.
she is fair and It is obvious she keeps the children's best interest in mind at all times.


Comment #: CA6278
From the first time appearing in front of her. She clearly hates men, and especially men of color. She told me to shut up, would not listen to factual evidence, clearly does not read the filing before the case. Has a drill sergeant mentality, and has gone as far as to tell one female defendant "It doesn't take two days to have a baby or be in labor". She has placed a 13yr girl back in the home of a pedophilia, and won't allow the father any contact for a year. This father has done everything to keep his daughter safe, but due to Flanagans bias of men. She doesn't have any regards to the safety of the children.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA6275
Chronically late starting. Drill sergeant mentality. Delusions of grandeur on the bench, forcing everyone to stand, calls opposing counsel "learned counsel." Although she starts late,she still has not read the pleadings. Attacks anyone who disagrees with her uninformed pronouncements.


Comment #: CA5400
Strong judicial bias. Easily agitated and will not listen to argument, no matter how important, once provoked. Will rule arbitrarily without regard to reports from court recommended counselors. Often shortsighted in rulings made to punish those who anger her.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA5050
As an attorney, I was appalled when I appeared before this judge. In my close to 20 years of practicing law, this is by far the worst judge I have ever appeared in front of. She does not read pleadings, does not allow parties to speak, clearly hates men and in general treated many people in the courtroom with zero respect.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA4563
I appeared before her for the first time last week, and my impression of her was not good. While I was trying to clarify a visitation scheduling problem that my client had, she as much as told me to "shut up." She acts like she's a drill sergeant and the courtroom is her boot camp. She has zero judicial temperament and zero flexibility. Unless I see some change in her judicial demeanor going forward, I will 170.6 her every time in the future. There's no excuse for a judge to be so rude to litigants and counsel. (Google her to find out more of her background. It's interesting.)

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA3936
Very opinionated without knowledge of the case; interprets disagreement as a personal attack. Disrespectful towards counsel. Inflexible in scheduling, unwilling to accomodate attorney unavailability.