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Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. Michael J. Convey



Comment #: CA40579
An attorney told me about this site, and I'm concerned to see that so many other people had similar experiences as me. Judge Convey should be removed, he ruins people's faith in the legal system with his rulings that are not only not based on the evidence, but much of what he says is made up and the transcripts show that what he says was said, was never said. I hope that people will stand up to this horrible bully and I truly commend everyone for keeping their comments so tame despite the horrific conduct of this pathetic excuse for a judge.


Comment #: CA39800
This miniature man has the most advanced Napoleon complex I have ever witness. A complete buffoon and total disgrace to the bench. He sits there and preaches as if he is a just and equitable magistrate, but knowingly has zero interest in fairness or due process, he fails to deliver justice and in the vast majority of litigants who are unfortunate enough to end up in his dept 77 are doomed. And, if you happen to not be wielding a Y chromosome watch out! This idiot will ruin your life, just so he can feel like a man for a few seconds until he deflates and returns to the pathetic inadequate shadow of a man. The worst possible judge ever.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA38800
I have never seen such bias and disregard to evidence as in Judge Convey's court. An absolute disgrace to our family law system with blatant violations to his judicial canons and has a complete disregard to the best interests of children. How this judicial officer is allowed to sit his dishonorable rump on an honorable bench is a complete mystery to me and many others.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA37159
Judge Convey should be removed from the bench. How can he sit there and repeat over and over about the “totality of the circumstances” then in the same foul breathe go on to outright refuse to look at evidence that he himself admitted?! That’s not the totality of circumstances is it? His ego and paranoia are running him like a puppet. His rulings are decided long before the trial ever starts. There is no justice in his court. Better off flipping a coin rather than leaving it in the hand of this repugnant monster.


Comment #: CA35529
Rating:Not Rated
A true dishonor to sit on a bench. Does not care for any codes and/or evidence. Makes his decisions based on rank and gender (favors women). If you get assigned to him, RUN and ask for another judge.


Comment #: CA35271
Judge Michael J. Convey is a very knowledgeable and fair in family law but now Van Nuys Courthouse department H has COMMISSIONER MARILYN MORDESKY who previously worked at Edmund D. Elderman children’s court where corrupt judges work alongside DCFS to remove children from innocent parents. Commissioner Marilyn Mordesky will REMOVE YOUR CHILDREN FROM YOUR CUSTODY for no reason except hearsay and place children with other toxic parent with criminal rap sheet/intoxication/drug addictions! Commissioner Marilyn Mordesky must be removed immediately from Van Nuys Courthouse before she ruins more children and families through family law.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA32360
A true dishonor to the honorable robe he wears. Very bias towards important people the he says this court recognizes and will fabricate things that did not happen in an attempt to cover his misconduct. If you have the misfortune of being assigned this judge, use your right to 170.6 challenge and recuse him, especially if your an honest person.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA32120
Judge Convey Changed The Title of Case Type
Ia Divorce Case to a DV Case Type Title
This Case Type Title has caused me personal and social damage.
This Case Type needs to be removed to reflect it was a Divorce Case.
Asked in person in March 2017 and Judge Convey said he would remove the DV title and replace it with a Divorce Case Title. Never did!


Comment #: CA31196
Lots of his findings were not supported by the transcript.
He will ask you questions when your on the stand.
He will try to manipulate your answers to help support his finding.
Stay away from this guy, ask for a different judge.
He is no good.
Especially if you're a guy.

Court Staff

Comment #: CA23831
Rating:Not Rated
Extremely biased towards big corporations.


Comment #: CA11513
Does not care about law or facts. Value only opinions of "important people". He is completely Ok to leave the child with convicted (by the criminal court for battery against own children)) criminal). Easily susceptible to the influence from the people of power. Have extrajudicial contacts with parties and attorneys of his choice. Cover for the relative - criminal in Arizona. Very indecisive so he prolongs cases for years.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA9638
Does what he thinks is fair instead of following California Family Code. In particular ignored FamilyCode 4063-(2.b). Ex submitted bills from 5 to 7 years prior for $17,000+ that included duplicates and did not include proof of payment. Judge Convey made a ruling that they were to be accepted even though there was not proof of payment and the submission was much after 30 days.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA5726
Horrible judge who simply doesn't deserve the title. If he doesn't like you he rules against you period. Calls children liars and doesn't have a problem with them being physically abused with and emotionally abused. He should be taken put of family law because he breaks families apart with NO REGARD FOR THE CHILDREN and what's TRULY IN THEIR BEST INTEREST! He needs to be stripped of his judicial title!