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Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. Reva G. Goetz



Comment #: CA31542
She has a flat zero with me. She was one of three judges that signed off a totally illegal proceeding that basically covered up a federal crime, excused and continued an ongoing elder abuse case that is still running its course ten years later. I am just now finding a way to get my mom out of the clutches of the public Guardians Office, and their diligent efforts to steal my moms home out from under her.She was paramount in perpetuating it all. She should be put in prison.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA31535
Rating:Not Rated
Any judge who would approve Goetz to be a mediator is likewise a crook. I plan to never use ARC again although I used to use them. Anyone who would have anything to with Goetz is poison to the judicial system.


Comment #: CA29642
This woman is a monster who has no business with any authority, A villain and disgusting cheat. She hides like the coward she is behind a black robe of shame giving all judges a bad name. She has destroyed countless lives and operates off profit not matter how she gets paid ie. property loans she profits from as payment they are paid but hides the way money changes hands. Worse this Abusive, fraud of a human retires to go to ARC Century city where all the other dishonorable vermin retire to continue their crimes and abuse. This is a perfect example of WHO never should be a judge. Disgusting if you get her name on any documents avoid her and change or you'll be sorry as many other reports confirm

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA27922
Whatever you do, don't go to this mediator. We have had her as a judge and a mediator for two different cases and she has proved to be very unfair, threatening, non-listener and temperamental. I wish I could give her 00000000 bur 1 is the lowest.


Comment #: CA16458
Extremely unprofessional. Went into a mediation with a decision to get the case settled, despite the complexity of it. Has no cultural competence - was more concerned with closure. I feel that I was forced into signing a mediation agreement that I disagreed with due to her intimidation tactics. Do not use her for any mediation.


Comment #: CA12461
Disgusting judge who lacks any form of integrity or ethics. A witch who go a black robe of shame with which she plays god. You can find her with the rest of the dishonest garbage which retires early and nothing is done at ARC in Century City where they continue to abuse and lie in the private sector


Comment #: CA10081
Glad to see she's off the bench. As a judge, she had a nasty combination of being dumb and mean. She doesn't care about the law at all, much less the impact of her reckless decisions on children. She was a travesty as a judge, and I hope no one is hiring her as a mediator.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA8677
A truly awful Judge, lacking intellect and lacking a sophisticated understanding of the law. She often "shoots from the hip" and makes snap decisions that are contrary to law and that cannot be squared with the facts of the case. She also fails to read briefs, resulting in her general inability to grasp the crux of matters before her. She also becomes extremly defense when you try to challenge her reasoning. No, this is not a case of "sour grapes" because I have discussed her performance with a number of other lawyers and they confirm that she is a Judge to avoid.

I also believe she may have a bias against Persian or Middle Eastern litigants because I'd see her scowl when she had to try to pronounce those types of names.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA7707
Literally the worst judge I've ever appeared before. She ignores the law, ignores the facts, and is insulting and demeaning to whichever side she doesn't like. She's vindictive and anti-father, and has no business sitting on the bench, or for that matter holding a law license.


Comment #: CA5258
Judge Reva Goetz participated in fraud upon the court when trust funds were misappropriated by attorneys for the trustees and left a beneficiary defrauded of over $1 million. She did nothing to stop the attorneys from decimating the trust and then coerced the beneficiary to drop an appeal of her unlawful rulings. She ignored a disabled beneficiary's pleas for basic needs, countenanced dishonest attorneys' fraud upon the court, and did nothing when confronted with the trustees violation of court orders to make a two distributions. She failed to hear Petition to remove the trustees for years and failed to hear the trust's account for 4 1/2 years. She failed to order a Special Needs Trust funded as required by the administrative trust until all of the money went missing at the hands of the trustees. She made findings the trustees wasted the trust but then allowed it to continue for years until millions of dollars went missing. This judge is so corrupt, the voters should vote her out. ALso, here demeaner is so bad, attorneys do not want their cases in front of her. No honest attorney would.