Hon. Bruce G. Iwasaki See Rating Details
Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. Bruce G. Iwasaki



Comment #: CA11489
This man is the worst family judge in all of LA county. He does not read material, he does not listen, he does not care about children. If you have a case I would immediately remove myself from his case. It's appalling he is able to be a judge. I am terrified for families that go into his courtroom. This man should not be in family law! He favors abusers and will put children at risk consistently.


Comment #: CA10036
Allowed a psychotic man on drugs to wait 8 months to take a drug test, the man shaved his head bald then grew back fresh hair to be drug tested. they did the hair test. He knew child abuse had been going on the entire time and ignored it even after he knew the child repeatedly tried to commit suicide to get away from the father. He let the other parent go bankrupt then released the child back to her custody but due to all the abuse the child is a cutter who knows nobody cares to help. Not Judge Iwasaki, not the police, not teachers. to this day the father stalks and harasses the child and BRUCE could care less. Where were you Bruce when that child begged for your help and you looked the other way. How many others will you let down the pretend you care by making organizations to help children which you use as tax shelters?

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA9750
I found him to be condescending, mocking, and overall rude. I was appalled at the way he carried himself.


Comment #: CA7904
Rating:Not Rated
This guy is a disgrace to the judicial system. He should be removed from the bench. My ex is a family law litigator who represented himself in pro per and I had an attorney represent me. My ex abused me and our son emotionally and humiliated us since he filed for the divorce back in May. He has taken me back to court 15 times, making this very expensive for me because no one stopped him. Making matters worse, gotten my support orders reduced drastically because he owned his own practice. This judge was our trial judge, and I am very happy to say that there is absolutely no judicial system in this state. Iwasaki also discriminated against me because I am a woman. He has damaged my son financially and literally left me and my son homeless! Shame on this guy and I hope that he does get removed from the bench. Lastly, my ex was ordered not to pay any attorney fees, while I was a non working parent taking care of our son, was ordered the make insane reimbursements, and modified my support orders even more, while my ex got everything he wanted. Iwasaki favors the liars and crooks! I will be writing s book about this messed up judicial system so I can expose "unfair" judges like him. Don't get married in this town not divorced in this court system...I now call Stanleymosk courthouse a "death trap"

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA7635
Judge Iwasaki is disrespectful to attorneys and parties alike. He lacks civility as a judicial bench officer.


Comment #: CA7550
This is terrible judge. He is irritable and disrespectful to attorneys and litigants (when he wants to be). He abuses his discretion in the areas where discretion is left to the judge. He even interprets the law to his discretion in areas where judge discretion is inappropriate. He does not interpret the law properly and is abusive in his orders especially to the paying spouse.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA7505
Judge is very liberal with admissibility of evidence. Will challenge the attorney's case at critical moments. Overall, an excellent judge


Comment #: CA7291
He is not fair in family law matters and reflects a true bias for the men and against the women as he awards their egregious behavior. He is not a fair judge!


Comment #: CA5215
Obviously biased, self-absorbed, self centered. Lacks judicial probity in every regard.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA5066
We had a fairly difficult case before Judge Iwasaki. It concerned a concept called the terminable interest rule, which is right up there with the rule against perpetuities in terms of brain-twisters.

Having worked in civil law and motion for over 10 years, I can honestly say this case would've easily gone over the heads 30% of the judges in LASC. To make matters worse, the opposing party was the City of LA. Some judges go out of their way to make things easy for the City, but not Judge Iwasaki. His mastery of the difficult material in a relatively short time frame was impressive. He clearly understood the cases and their application to the facts.

One word of caution: Hon. Judge Iwasaki may seem soft spoken, but he does not suffer fools lightly, or those who are ill prepared. You should spend the extra time to prepare for an appearance in his courtroom.