Hon. Bernie C. LaForteza See Rating Details
Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. Bernie C. LaForteza



Comment #: CA37598
LaForteza was impartial and excessively arrogant during my trial.
He didn’t listen to my argument, was confrontational and arrogant. He didn’t look at my exhibits and continued saying he didn’t have documents when his court assistant handed him the packet, which he eventually acknowledged in the end. He allowed defendant to use exhibits not originally accepted before trial and told me I couldn’t. He wings it, doesn’t look over the case evidence before trial, just decides from litigants personalities. Arnold made a major error, he will not win re-election of any kind.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA37557
The Judge moved from the criminal law courts into the arena of landlord tenant litigation, civil jury trial procedures and a cast of landlord only and tenant only counsel diametrically opposed to one another, and he was very careful to know what he did not know so as not to be swayed by counsel, other than doing his own separate research. He was fair and clear at each turn. Then someone moved him out of central.


Comment #: CA37556
He should not use Honorable. There’s no honor in exercising your personal bias over the law. He allowed the defendant to bring in new evidence during the trial and told me I could not. He stopped me from giving my opinion, yet he allowed the defendant to give hers regarding previous case outcomes. He established the defendant defense case without the defendant saying a word. Defendant was caught in several lies, because of his personal bias he allowed her to lie to the court like she lied in a complaint.
He would be better as a mediator, at least then he has to consider both sides and leave his personal feelings at home.


Comment #: CA36565
Rating:Not Rated
FOLLOW UP: Comment #: CA35511. Well, he gave 3 different orders claiming 3 different amounts to be paid (no chance) for attorney fees that Tyrant Theresa Traber originally granted. He denied a statement of decision request because of course, he knows next to nothing because he didn't rule on the matter, maybe his clerk did but honestly it was written like a 1st-year law student at best.


Comment #: CA35553
I just watched this judge STRIKE 1700 pages on an ex-parte (when Ex Parte applications are not heard on Fridays) filed by Justin Bubion because Bubion filed 643 documents of discovery he regretted filing, and instead of sealing while "I take this under advisement" he changed his mind on the record because his clerk who actually whispered to him during the proceedings did not know how to seal or want to take the time to seal.

It's hard not to believe that there are corrupt people at LASC when unprecedented rulings like this occur.

He is officially added to LARECALLS.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA35511
Rating:Not Rated
Now in Department U in Van Nuys. Had a hearing, he issued a tentative but to be completely honest, I don't think he read what the clerk wrote for him. I wasn't sure if he was listening or ignoring my argument. He said very little, never interrupted but also never answered appropriate questions when the opportunity arose. I am intrigued in his final ruling to better determine his appreciation for the law. To be determined....


Comment #: CA24713
My lawyer was late once, I was on time every time Bernie told me to make sure lawyer was on time. How can I control another man. I’m not a judge. Lied to me part of my plea having my maintaining a grow room Bernie said after a year he would expunge it. Well go figure I come back and he denied me said “ I hadn’t learned my lesson”. I’ve lost out on several jobs because of it. Thank you you are a horrible judge who has zero empathy. GOD BLESS, you need it

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA13621
If criminal court was complex, then unlawful detainer court is complicated in law and procedure, requiring a Mt. Everest learning curve, yet this judicial officer handles UDs with grace, scholarship and keen insight as to the players who arrive on his field.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA10289
He Will never go against what the DA recommends. Unfortunately, the calendar DA in that courtroom is extremely punitive. Therefore, expect to prepare your cases for trial because you won't get anything out of either one of them.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA5887
Rating:Not Rated
Judge La Forteza is slow on calendar matters and it can feel like he is too friendly and informal with staff and the assigned D.A. It can be like waiting in the post office for the government workers to separate from kibitzing, and focus on getting the work done expediently, mostly due to the D.A. being perpetually unprepared having never read their file, and the judge appearing not to mind one bit. If the defense was repeatedly unprepared, I doubt it would go without reprimand. But then, the D.A. is in there all day every day so it becomes a little too familiar like a co-worker in the court room. He also defers to the D.A. too much instead of leading with his own strength.