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Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. B. Scott Silverman


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA18856
Rating:Not Rated
Someone keeps removing bad reviews reflecting how much this judge should be fired. Silverman really does help husbands, specially those who have stolen money from community property and were smart/lucky enough to find a criminal defense attorney who knows/works with Silverman. It's a cash cow!!! All criminal defense attorneys representing guilty husband have to do is AVOID every other judge with ANY excuse in order to end up on 2nd floor of Stanley Mosk courthouse with Scott Silverman as the "mediation" judge. Of course, you know how the mediation will go :) so simple, yet so effective.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA15163
I can’t imagine how this “judge” manages to stay in Family Court @ LASC. This is my main courthouse and people may complain about the games or politics, but my experience has been that from the top down, people are showing up to do their jobs and most are doing it well. Peer oversight seems in place and the PJ rotations have led to a more cohesive, consistent local court than I’ve seen in years. (Look at, for instance, San Diego Co.’s messed up Family Court.)

So how does the great, Honorable B. Scott Silverman survive in such an environment? He can cite maybe the top 2 case opinions to justify a decision he makes, but you’re SOL if you’ve brought him anything recent that supercedes his entrenched notions; he doesn’t appear to care enough to listen while he grunts, moans, makes faces and gesticulates while you’re talking!

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA13953
The Hon. B. Scott Silverman has been moved from courthouse to courthouse and courtroom to courtroom for a reason--none of which will help if you have an appearance before him. Before a hearing, he appears befuddled and overly dependent on his clerk and staff. During the hearing, he appears uninformed and disinterested...worse, he controls everything around him with non-verbal commands such as sighs, paper-shuffling and unmasked facial expressions. I even felt sorry for my opponent's client! (Seriously, how often does that happen) After a hearing, it's been difficult to get an accurate order because of the lack of clarity in the f & o...waste of time and money. Word of advice: try to convince the other side to settle your issue before you go into this courtroom--nobody wins here unless you work for a firm for billable hours.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA11883
The written opinions by this Judge can be misleading. He can cite your familiar run-the-mill cases to hand down basic decisions, but anything beyond his familiarity that might involve any attention to detail doesn't seem worth his time. Silverman holds many non-appearance scheduled "hearings" that pump out meaningless, and often too-poorly-wriiten-to-enforce orders in an attempt to justify his seat, but this is as ineffective as arguing a case before him. BIGGEST PRACTICE TIP WITH THIS JUDGE what the Honorable Silverman DOESN'T say is JUST AS IMPORTANT AS WHAT HE DOES SAY so make sure as counsel, YOU GET IT ON THE RECORD BY CALLING HIM OUT ON EVERY grunt, eye-roll, sigh and gesture because you'll need it for YOUR APPEAL of this judge's LEGALLY UNFOUNDED DECISIONS!


Comment #: CA11083
Judge Silverman is not fit to be a judge. He shows no regard for the written law. He is biased against women in general, but especially unmarried mothers. He harms the children by not following the support guidelines, so they live in poverty, while their wealthy fathers live the highlife. He shouldn't even be able to sleep at night. The good news is, he should be on his way out, because he just was reprimanded by the appeals court, after they turned over one of his rulings. I'm sure this will lead to many more appeals of his cases. He is a disgrace to the legal system.


Comment #: CA10653
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Scott Silverman should be removed from the bench. He doesn't read any of pleadings in front of him. Since he doesn't read the pleading he loses his patience mainly with the women.
The Los Angeles Superior court should feel ashamed of having Silverman representing the judicial system.


Comment #: CA8449
Rating:Not Rated
This judge is superficial and appears to have a deep bias against women in general. He does not seem to have the ability to make rulings independently - instead relies on the orders of Judges from YEARS ago - Judges who have been removed from Family Law due to the bias and prejudice, as found and ruled on by the Commission on Judicial Performance.

Why not just decide the cases on the NEW facts, and not simply regurgitate what a Severely Admonished Judicial Officer found 8 years ago?

As I said... is not capable to making his own decisions it seems.

Pathetic excuse of a Judicial Officer.


Comment #: CA8396
Rating:Not Rated
The WORST so-called judge. Judge Scott Silverman is a male chauvenist pig and hates all women. He constantly rules against women in child custody hearings and breaks law and policy. He cares nothing about the best interests of the child. His rulings are arbitrary and disdainful against women, He neither fair nor just, He is hateful, rude, unreasonable, uncooperative, horrible. Not very smart, either.


Comment #: CA4583
Rating:Not Rated
This judge doesn't get anything done.