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Superior Court
Orange County
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What others have said about Hon. Donald F. Gaffney



Comment #: CA12530
Rating:Not Rated
Donald F. Gaffney is a Racist Black Judge Who Hates White People, especially white women. Gaffney's racism and being mentally disturbed is understandable given his background.

Hailing From a Brutal Black New York Ghetto, Donald F. Gaffney was savagely abused and beaten by his family as a child, including, among Gaffney's many beatings and abuse, suffering having his nose broken by his father at 9.

Gaffney grew up a very disturbed human being, and remains so. A child and adolescent criminal, Gaffney's family thought he would be dead or in prison by age 20.

Instead due affirmative action he was allowed to go to school, and even to Harvard Law despite abysmal test scores. Gaffney's Lawyer Aptitude Test Scores were abysmal, showed no aptitude for law -- no ability to analytically reason.

Affirmative Action also got Gaffney every job he's had for more than a minute after he got out of school, all Government Jobs where Affirmative Action Got him the work, just like it got him into school. Donald F. Gaffney should be removed from office and for once in his life accept responsibility for his racism, criminality and shortcomings, rather than hiding behind affirmative action.


Comment #: CA12059
He’s biased against female litigants, often ruling in the favor of the males in marital cases. However, aside from that, his impatience and condescending demeanor make for a fantastic day in court.


Comment #: CA11833
If I could only give him a 0 rating, that would be more appropriate! I mean what judge has to ask council for what the law is? Or make statements like, " um, well I think there's a law against that, I'm pretty sure." Then motions to and asks council yet again, " don't you think so? I would think that there would be some law prohibiting one from doing such, right? " Then goes ahead and makes life altering decisions for most of all litigants being seen before him, based off of just guess work! I mean come on already people, wake up and smell the crap that's cooking and that your being fed & eating too! Unless your content with a judge who obviously doesn't read everything let alone anything that comes across his desk while falling asleep as testimonies are being given or rather getting his sick & twisted jollies off by emotionally terrorizing WOMAN/MOTHERS or better yet his favorite WHITE WOMAN/DESTRAUGHT MOTHERS! Which makes no sense when you realize that his daddy broke his nose when he was just a boy while being abusive just in general, and his mother being the one to take he and his siblings away from said abuse and putting him in a safer more stable environment, which led him to achieve what he has today! Hmmm?...yup..i don't get it neither!


Comment #: CA11246
Judge seems to be fair. He listens to both sides. However he has no tolerance for lies, bs made up accusations, and especially no tolerance for ppl who completely disregard his rulings and any motions he sets in place. Of he makes an order he expects you to comply. Sounds resonable to me. Apparently these ppl complaining are not following orders, laws, judgements and so forth. Pretty sure that's how their kids are removed. Not to mention their posts are at 2am and such. Hmm, under the influence of something???? Another reason a child would be removed. For their own well-being. These mom compliant parents should seek drug counseling. Or maybe that was the order they ignored. Overall he's a fair judge. Maybe not polite, but fair. Stop blaming the judge and take responsibility for your own actions. Be a role model to these kids


Comment #: CA11005
Terrible. Has the attitude of someone who was bullied his whole life. Now he bullies women and makes illegal orders to take their kids away and hand them to the real abusers.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA10551
Very very rude judge. If you are assigned this just please request to change it or he will make your life hell. Especially when it comes to women he will humiliate you and laugh over you and very disrespectful and he will not let you present any kind of evidence or he will not let you speak. I'm glad that he is finally under Federal radar. I wish I would have read the comments and reviews before I presenting my case to him.


Comment #: CA9724
Judge Gaffney is a no nonsense and very fair judge who sees through the games and lies and puts the children first.


Comment #: CA9544
Tyrannical and abusive towards innocent parents and their children. Also loves to address constitutuonal rights as he walks all over yours. Would highly recommend transfering to this judge for anyone who abuses women and children and wants them to suffer more abuse while you sit back and smile.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA5806
Three Words: File 170.6 papers.