Hon. Otis Sterling, III See Rating Details
Superior Court
Riverside County
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What others have said about Hon. Otis Sterling, III



Comment #: CA13313
Timothy Ewanyhsyn is an alleged friend of Otis Sterling. Otis Sterling has harassed a single mother by phoning a police department and has ordered them not to file police reports documenting violations of a restraining order. Timothy Ewanyshyn acts on behalf o Judge Stelring inc ourt and they both harass and stalk a single mother protected by a restraining order. Timothy Ewanyshyn without a degree in Psychology defamed a single mother with the insane statement that she has dissociative syndrome to evade his commitment for drug addiction and abuse. He is completely out of control and is desperately attempting to appear normal when his entire drug addiction life is displayed on Prism which is public knowledge. His defamation is worth billions in damages due to the emotional distress and the insane criminal stalking that he perpetuates on a global scale against a person that he has stalked for over nine years. His obsession is pout of control and his psychotic conduct. He has caused a substantial loss of income based upon his intimidation and obscene conduct and is highly dangerouis


Comment #: CA13250
Rating:Not Rated
Jeannette Sterling Otis Sterling's wife harasses and stalks and eleven year old child whom Judge Sterling failed to protect. She floods this child with her abusive contact and harassment and stalking violating CA penal code section 646.9. She has an insane vendetta against this child's mother and attacks and harasses this mother on a daily basis, based upon her vindictive stalking and harassment violating CA penal code section 646.9. She feels entitled to abuse as a stay at home mother, when most of her children are already teenagers and makes harassing and degrading comments against a single mother. She abuses the single mother as her husband had an emotional breakdown three years ago and is emotionally unstable


Comment #: CA13242
Rating:Not Rated
I am concerned about the safety of a person who is disseminated by Judge Sterling on an electronic stalking device. The content that he disseminates consists of sexually degrading images and obscene sexual harassment directed at a person who can be identified as a single mother. He disseminates images from her home, her location and children, obviously revealing that he is harassing and stalking her. I am more than concerned about her safety and the conduct of Judge Sterling.


Comment #: CA12814
Rating:Not Rated
I suffer everyday from the damage judge Wells caused me and my daughter.he allowed my ex to over take me, placed my child with her dad to watch he and his new girlfriend that he moved I to our home 3 days after I had to leave.out of the 20 year relationship the judge did not award me any of the items requested from the cohabitating relationship. And gave 100% custody to her dad and I got visitations only. My abuser has custody and a domestic violence restraining order on me now I'm really living in hell.


Comment #: CA6568
Judge Sterling is improving. Compared to his first appearance where he had virtually no knowledge of family law there has been an improvement in his handling of cases.
There is still some confusion as to certain matters that can be traced back to the utter irrational handling of cases by Judge Dale Wells who literally had the ability to loose it at every proceeding for those litigants selected for that privilege. Judge Wells has left a legacy of insane decisions that have destroyed children and parents due to his failure to apply any law, procedural due process requirements and to act as a rational human being. Whether the court will actually address Judge Wells' heinous decisions remains to be seen. Failure to apply the law is no comfort to those parents and children dealing with the pervasive after effects of irrational decisions who have no choice BUT to use a court of law.
Children have a short window of time to enjoy a childhood. It should not be stained, marked and destroyed by vicious court proceedings designed solely to retaliate against a parent and the failure to apply the law.


Comment #: CA5993
In all the years I have observed Judges, this one is the most inexperienced and tempermental judge I have seen. Spent a day in his courtroom and observed his irrational and arbitrary thought process, made decisions based on ex-parte, non-proven statements. His inexperience is apparent and his arbitrary decision making is clearly not an asset to California's family courts.Judge Sterling fails to honor the tradition of the court to keep the family intact and abuses his authority at will.


Comment #: CA5827
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Sterling is not a family law judge and should not hear family law cases. His temperament is inclined to criminal cases which reflects his background as a prosecutor.

He is unable to address any circumstances in a family law matter according to the best interest of the child standard and the prevailing law.

He has an inclination and bias to protect any father using his own subjective experiences as a father rather than applying the legal standard of the law required in any family law proceedings. Abuse against children and where children are involved in the abuse against the other parent is not considered relevant especially if the other parent is a mother.

Judge Sterling has replaced Judge Wells in family law matters and refuses to address or overturn any Judge Wells' order. The expectation of litigants that with a new judge that the court will actually address the law rather than allowing archaic bias and prejudice of the previous judge on the case to prevail is misplaced. It's never going to happen.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA5015
He served as both a Public Defender and District Attorney, bulk of career as DA. That said, I found him to be very fair to the defense and appreciate that he will listen to and consider defense arguments/motions whereas others say they will but don't. One of my favorites (as a calendar judge) in Riverside County! He has since been moved to family law and has not yet presided over a criminal trial.