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Superior Court
San Diego County
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What others have said about Hon. David L. Berry



Comment #: CA9884
Judge Berry is at the standing for front of family law. He calls bullshit like he sees it. He is not oblivious to the community of father's being taken advantage of. Yes with certain litigations his hands are tied at moment but in this new era I will hope to see a presumed 50/50 in custody as the foundation of the child best interest and a push towards mother's financially supporting themselves as well the children instead of banking on cs\ss. Moving forward towards tax rotation. And a complete fairness a crossed the board. He is a judge that is not to be played stupid and will let you know flat out. He is not a follower to the masses but is a leader in family law reform.


Comment #: CA9686
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Berry should not be a Judge. He is discriminating against woman, don't care about kids, never opened our case and keep pushing our divorce for over 3 years!!!! He is incompetent and unpleasant. He hates women, it may ends up that you will pay spousal support to you ex, even if you a working single mother.
He has to go. Court should be fair to everyone, doesn't matter what sex or nationality you are. He has to go!!!!

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA9528
Judge Berry is incompetent, biased, unpleasant, and worst of all knows nothing about family law. He makes an already overburdened and underfunded system worse for litigants and counsel alike.

Civil Litigation - Govt.

Comment #: CA9025
Poor temperament. Bullies and treats litigants and attorneys poorly across the board. Bullying parties results in attorneys and litigants alike being fearful of fully pressing matters resulting in judgments not based on the facts, but on what gets into the record before Barry decides to be condescending and abusive.


Comment #: CA8890
This judge is definitely biased against women.If you are wealthy you can make him an offer he can't refuse. He doesn't know family law, so your chances of winning on appeal are good. He is pompous, arrogant and rude because he knows he doesn't have a clue about anything family. Why the presiding judge stuck him here is beyond me. Take some classes Berry, 3 years and you still don't know what to do. If you are assigned this judge and you are a woman, file a peremptory challenge IMMEDIATELY.


Comment #: CA8822
This is MY DIVORCE JUDGE & he is biased against me, a woman. He signed a bogus restraining order against me, based on LIES told to the court by my addict estranged spouse. The judge has no knowledge of Family LAW, which is actually DIVORCE & Child Custody LAW. He messes around with papers, does not know where to sign what, & has clue what is going on in the courtroom. He constantly calls me by my soon to be ex's last name, assuming that ALL WOMEN change their name when WE get married. I do not know why I got stuck with this JUDGE. It is NOT FAIR that one man wields so much POWER over MY life. My lawyer told me he used to be a prosecutor, so the JUDGE knows about criminals, not about divorce. This is what MY TAX DOLLARS PAY FOR. A lousy JUDGE.


Comment #: CA8643
Partial to father's rights despite having proof of disregard for previous court orders that were being ignored by the defendant. (Contempt) Total disregard for recommendation from mediator assigned to the case who did the actual research and interviewing of parties involved. A friend also had this judge assigned to their case and the judge gave full custody to a drug addict father who is now in jail for several years. Does he like a competent judge who looks at facts? Not quite. Not only is the judge the problem, it's the entire system. In the court system, children do not have rights, especially when you are discussing psychological trauma. If there are no signs of physical battery, the court doesn't care. So what do they do? They give incompetent parents custody so the state doesn't get sued by deadbeats and also so they don't waste anymore time on a case than they feel they need to. Who gets screwed over? The children. As another comment stated regarding this judge, he is part of the problem and not the solution.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA7843
Judge Berry is part of the problem and not the solution.


Comment #: CA7842
This feedback is for the Hon. David Berry in Dept. 45 of San Diego Superior Court Family Division. I have the unpleasant experience to deal with Judge Berry for over 20 months. This judge is prejudice, and bias against minority men. He did not read evidence presented to him, instead, he kept stalling and dragging the case until finally the case had to go to trial by default. His inability to be neutral makes it impossible to have a fair chance in his court room to present evidence. He shows an unprecedented preference to lawyers in his court room and a very obvious dislike to those who don't have a lawyer. He rules based on preserving his already damaged reputation vs. facts. Shame on Judge Berry


Comment #: CA7283
Judge Berry is by far the best family law judge in San Diego. He has an extremely patient temperament, educates litigants and attorneys in the law and their rights, and commands respect and decorum. Unlike other judges, he follows meticulous procedure and actually reads case files and pleadings. He cares about children and teens and it shows. He understands children and does not have a negative view of them. He cares about judicial economy but his hands are tied in some cases. He has no tolerance for incompetent or unethical attorneys that violate rules of the court. He is an extremely intelligent academic and takes domestic violence seriously.


Comment #: CA6781
This feedback is for the Hon. David Berry in Dept 45 of San Diego Superior Court Family Division. Judge Berry replaced Judge Rosenstein in Dept 45 effective January 2014, and my attorneys and I have been in his Courtroom on at least 15 separate occasions during this short time. Why so many times? Because he's very new to Family Law, indecisive, and gets lost in the emotional testimony every single time versus paying attention to the facts. Sadly, if you have a borderline litigant who tosses a lot of superfluous details at him, he can turn into a negative advocate and stall the case rather than follow the solutions that the professionals are recommending. He's a wildcard and you should avoid him if you can.