Hon. Tamila E. Ipema See Rating Details
Superior Court
San Diego County
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What others have said about Hon. Tamila E. Ipema



Comment #: CA11749
I will have to agree with everyone else's opinion about this judge. She is 100% BIAS. She ruled on a request for TRO hearing in which she "Denied without Prejudice" meaning the claims/allegations of that case can not be refiled against the defendant. However, two months later a new TRO request was filed, with the same claims/allegations and she changed her ruling. Her hearings are not recorded nor is there a reporter present, hence why she makes her own court rules. I had evidence, incidents documented, police reports filed and she refused to see any of it and only relied on the opposing partie's witness who, as I explained to her, evidently has a conflict of interest with me.


Comment #: CA11678
Very biased, awarded a fraudulent elder abuse restraining order against me without allowing me to speak. She told me to grow up. I tried to present credible evidence my mother was lying, she refused to listen. This has had devastating effects on my daughter's life, my life and
ability to make a living. She made a critical decision in less than 15 minutes and is responsible for severe emotional distress I suffer. Mediation should have been granted. My mother stated she raised 6 healthy children - 4 of her own and 2 of my father's siblings. The eldest of my father's siblings molested my brother and myself. I have suffered greatly from being abused and ostracized by my mother. My brother keeps track of license playes. My youngest sister is a teacher and married a registered sex offender who pled guilty to 9 counts of lewd and lascivious acts on a minor under 14. He was facing 30 counts. I struggle with a mood disorder triggered by my mothers scapegoating me. This judge believed my mothers lies and told me I had to get over it.

This type of serious case required much more than 15 minutes with a judgment for petitioner.

This judge needs to be penalized


Comment #: CA11576
Be cautious!
Never attend her court room without a professional reporter and attorney. She is not a competent Judge and has "High Potential" to even commit "Subornation of Perjury" to close the case. I am from Iranian decent. This Judge is also from Iranian Decent. I am familiar with her "Personality Deficiencies" as an Iranian Immigrant.
When she was in Iran, she graduated from a very low level University which was called "Damavand University" close to Tehran. After years of living in the U.S., she is still fighting to overcome her personality deficiencies of feeling LOW and DOWN.She needs"ADMIRATION" and approvals from the Society.
Prior of being a Judge, she had to take care of her Personality Deficiencies. She does not care if you get hurt in her courtrooms. What is important to her is to Overcome her personality deficiencies in the Court room and fulfill her own desire by all means.


Comment #: CA10812
As the Plaintiff of a case:
1) I watched her run her court with no court reporter (effectively leaving all parties with no recourse against her minute order and findings); and,

2) I watched her issue an unproven and non-existent criminal conviction against an innocent person, in her civil court; and,

3) I watched her "Lochnerize" from the bench, similar to the infamous Lochner Case; and,

4) A simple internet search of Judge Tamila Ipema uncovers several similar allegations; and,

5) Hopefully, when it comes time for her re-election, someone reads what I've written here and carries it with them in their run against her for judge; and,

6) My attorney in the case, George Ramos Jr. was a horrible attorney because he led her down that pathway for the entire hearing; and she was foolish enough to follow him.


Comment #: CA10584
She is bias agianst pro se litigants with no regard for the law. I suggest hiring a court reporter for her hearings because if you challenge something she said she syas "there's no record of that". She claimed on the rocord her court makes no mistakes, yet that very set of minutes for that hearing was full of mistakes.(hence the need for a court reporter)She feels no need to authenticate evidence claimed to exist even when it's legally put at issue and shown to contradict. She encourages perjury to be committed by plaintiffs. If she doesn't like you, she'll rule on motions before you can respond to the motion in legally allowed time frame. She actually ruled on a motion against me on the very same day it was filed.. before I was even served with the motion! Then despite the court record showing that to be the case, she denied she did it.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA8120
I am an journalist. She allowed me to come to the bench on hearsay then abandoned the case to "judicial review". She is too stupid and emotional to be a judge. Hearsay is hearsay and is never admissible. This case is in the appeals court. D068339
Protect the rich whites at any cost even to the constitution.


Comment #: CA7449
I have personally witnessed this judge violating the law on numerous occasions. Some of the highlights include making up her own "facts" and adding them to the record, not allowing pro per litigants to state their case or appear as their own legal counsel, calling pro per litigants "argumentative and difficult", refusing to allow written contracts as evidence, misreporting the proceedings in her minutes, etc. In the interest of the public justice, she should be removed from the bench.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA6489
Wonderful Judge.


Comment #: CA4688
Rating:Not Rated
She is the worst kind of judge. She is willing to make a bad decision on purpose, and did not disclose a huge conflict of interest. I am forced to file an appeal against her decision, because she allowed irrelevant evidence against my objection. She allowed the opposing party to submit an article that I wrote, called "Is LASC a Racketeering Organization," even though she worked as a researcher at LASC in the field of family law before moving to San Diego.