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Superior Court
San Mateo County
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What others have said about Hon. Richard H. DuBois



Comment #: CA32887
Malicious prosecution during the plandemic lock down includes Domestic Violence restraining order filed by the DA with false statements. The other party doesn't understand the process and only able to write with broken English but the statement was so great like legal professional.
THe TRO granted as credible information and hearing set within 3 weeks but the police CLETS record made as permanent that will last 3 years. On hearing date, the judge did not know if respond was filed and so ready to order to make permanent. When I reminded that respond was filed, took the documents into the back to read for 5 minutes and said "The DVRO is not related to the criminal prosecution" . The prosecution is filed with falsified documents and the court acting with abuse that many judges knew about it.
The judge did not allow me to question the petitioner and interrupted all the time. The attorney from the organization contracted with the county referred to the criminal protection order got agreement from the judge.
This San Mateo County is a criminal organization operating with threat of violence become clear day after day. The judge kept saying "You made two phone calls. That violated the court order" that I told the judge to prosecute me with contempt if there is any crime to prove if the criminal prosecution is legitimate. Their contract with the CORA is to generate revenue for the organization by granting all DVRO requests that I made declaration on record that the court shall postpone every proceeding unless the proceedings in the open court with ability to deliver fair and impartial justice.
The judge do not have dignity is proved that the accusation of bias and prejudice for the ignorance and secret proceeding behind closed doors, he continued without defendant to issue the orders.
The judges are so used to the submission and praise by the lawyers that I never heard any "Objection". Everyone turned their head to look at me like an alien on the first arraignment and the commissioner issued CPO without consent. I just said "I do not consent to this court and you do not have the authority to issue any order".
The judge Bois seem to be a good person with dignity when the attorneys are dealing in court but if someone shows up without paying the boys club to submit to them, their true color shows up to be the worse evils.
People need to stay out of this county and avoid these judges. They don't care about right or wrong since there is no dignity to maintain.9Gxb

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA31822
Judge DuBois refused to read important document and refused to admit his mistakes. If he is too old to justify the cases, he should retire.


Comment #: CA31572
He must be removed from the bench, I was defrauded by Attorney [Redacted] a witbhim involved, he repeatedly kept harming me in a divorce. Created with another attorney a domestic violence gun TRO then tried to cover it up. Big cover up case for years, evil runs this County. No one is an authority in the State or County, State Bar organized crime. s still fighting back from 2004


Comment #: CA17369
He was my family court judge. I'll make this short because I don't want to think back to that time. He was unprepared - didn't know the case at all. He favored the opposing counsel, refused to hold my ex in contempt after disobeying the his orders on 3 separate occasions, allowed my ex to do the majority of the forensic accounting in the case., just to name a few. Oh, you wouldn't believe. Oh, this was 15 years ago. I still feel robbed.


Comment #: CA14625
Judge DuBois was in communication on first name basis with the opponents attorney, and some of the communication took place w/o my lawyer being on copy - I am not a legal expert, but I understand that this is not appropriate. I am also not certain that a judge should take cases where he has a 'golf playing relationship' with one of the involved lawyers - again, I am not an expert, but it does not seem right. He used one for one the write up from the opponents attorney with all of the mistakes ($$ and dates) that person had made and was unwilling to correct them once this was brought to his attention. He held me responsible to the wrong standard of proof and - once I started to appeal formally, the other side was suddenly very agreeable.
Other than that, he was great ...???


Comment #: CA13691
DuBois was the puppet of opposing counsel, and when I appealed his biased ruling, he made sure I suffered.

In what universe does a FL judge appoint a FL attorney (from the same swamp) as a visitation supervisor in a domestic violence case on which he is ruling?

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA6775
One of the worst family law judges in San Mateo County - most litigants were dismayed that he was made a judge since had so many complaints as a commissioner

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA5202
This is the judge you may wish to be before. He will listen to all reasonable arguments with patience and understanding. He gives litigants their "day in court" to the fullest extent possible. One of the best judges on the San Mateo County bench.