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Superior Court
Sonoma County
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Non-Attorney Average Rating:   3.0 - 4 rating(s)
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What others have said about Hon. Nancy Case Shaffer



Comment #: CA15492
She has no regard for professionalism...or Justice or a persons right to be treated with respect. She allowed name calling by a lawyer disrespecting a greiving mother...disgusting display


Comment #: CA12721
Rating:Not Rated
Blatant disregard for upholding Justice and Attorney Ethics.She allowed name calling on the stand and by Attorney Jeffery Allen .she allowed a expungd record to be disscuased .witness intimidation and denied due process by Not hearing the critical testimony of the witness.Said that there wasnt Presedence set for this type of case yet I foynd several ca case law.she disgraces the Bench and Sonoma CountyCommunity with her arrogant attitude and lact of Ethics


Comment #: CA11315
On May 19, 2017 Judge Shaffer prevented me, who is a victim and witness, from reporting to her a crime. In light of Penal Code 136.1(b), I will see what I can do about it.


Comment #: CA10911
I have been before Judge Shaffer in several matters in different areas of law and have found her to follow the law, she does not take sides, and I respect her opinion. I have spoken with several attorneys who say she is fair, honest and follows the law.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA10349
Nancy Case Shaffer is entirely incompetent. She makes baseless rulings and routinely is appealed to the Court of Appeals. She is disorganized and has no clue what she is doing. There are 544 signatures on a petition to remove her from office. Whatever you do, remove her from your case pursuant to 170.6.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA10025
This judge is really in over her head. She clearly doesn't understand civil procedure and is "wishy washy" when it comes to decision making. She lacks the legal background or experience to oversee civil matters and understand how to apply proper procedure or case decisions. It is unfortunate that she is allowed to sit on the bench in Sonoma County.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA9735
This Judge is easily influenced by swift and tricky attorney tactics. Once she is swayed to one party or the other, she becomes completely biased and consistently rules against the party she disfavors, allowing her favored party to then say whatever they want in trial, even if it's against court order. She makes her bias quite known and evident when she declines the demand of the disfavored party that the favored party file a MANDATORY undertaking. She might as well said "the favored party doesn't need to file an undertaking because they're going to win." She should be disbarred.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA9577
The best civil judge on the Sonoma County civil bench--very smart, very knowledgeable, very hard-working, very capable, knows and follows the law, rules on objections, does what a judge is supposed to do


Comment #: CA8552
Rating:Not Rated
This by far is the worst judge I have ever seen on the bench. She is completely unaware what is going on in her courtroom or the real world. I appeared a private asked for fee waiver to get a private petition signed which she could have ok'd without me coming to court. But she made me appear for what she thought was a fee waiver had no clue told me to bring all financial docs take time off go to court calls me up to tell me to much equity in house I had to ask after bringing my documents did she know of an equity store where I could get her the fees. She had no idea what's so ever I really needed petition sign to have me put back on deed after husband passes away. After telling me to pay fee in payments was ready to move on. I said excuse me what about petition the reason I'm here had no clue had to look a clerk for answer really, then observed a hearing in which a woman pro per defending herself and told the attorney that she would let a lot witnesses get up and say horrible things a the mom one could speak for them all she did the opposite she was so preoccupied with what ever her next case that she didn't here a word or observe what was going on in her court room. She then made her ruling on majority rules not the law even said majority rules said since no law on mater she would just go by majority rules so much law to go by she was so unbelievable how do you in a court of law rule by majority rules the majority of the people watching went with the side of the court with the most people she should be removed from the bench I was stunned to see a judge rule like we were playing a school game a it was majority rules law I have never no hope to see such a unprepared uninterested judge in my 61 years this woman should lose her license to even practice law Majority rules my ass judge Schaeffer wtf

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA7391
Hands down the best judge on the Sonoma County bench--she does it all extremely well.


Comment #: CA6747
She is supposed to be scholarly but yet mixes up employee and independent contractor status

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA4077
She is a legal scholar who follows the law. She rules on objections. She has guts. She is very smart. She "gets it."