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Superior Court
Fresno County
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What others have said about Hon. Francine Zepeda



Comment #: CA9798
She is a horrible Family law Judge she is very sexiest and its her way or no way. She doesn't listen to the female in the party. she believes that everyone should have 50/50 no matter what the situation. Worst family law Judge.


Comment #: CA9754
She is a pro-daddy judge. My kids dad failed two drug tests, lost an attorney due to that, didn't show for court appearances and she gave him more time than he had. Its been on going for 5 years.


Comment #: CA9740
Terrible terrible terrible judge!
Her decision making is disgusting. If anything were to happen to these children because of her negetful choices will she be held responsible?! She is completely careless, she does not read the cases and she makes assumption and decides without a care in the world about the real situation and don't you dare try and correct her because then you will for sure lose the case. She is terrible and who ever decided she should be a family law judge was dropped on their head and beaten with a stupid stick. Also like to add I was a witnesses to her belittling and being out right awful to these women, VICTIMS of domestic violenc. the way she spoke to them she might as well just have asked them wwhat they did wrong to get smacked around.


Comment #: CA9730
This woman doesn't understand the law. She doesn't acquaint herself with the cases she judges and makes dangerous decisions based on her ignorance of the facts. I understand judging in family court is a difficult job, but this judge is flat out weird and should not be a judge at all. It's as if she judges in opposition to the facts. Her treatment of victims of domestic violence is abhorrent as she berates, belittles, and degrades women who are clearly in a bad situation. She is absolutely frightening to observe in the courtroom, and even more horrifying to deal with one-on-one. She should never have been given this position (or elected?) as she is cruel, unfair, and dare I say it, stupid. No one who behaves the way this judge behaves should be in a position of authority over the lives of others.


Comment #: CA8647
Rating:Not Rated
Horrible judge. She's very unfair. Regardless if there's evidence in front of her that proves the other party real intention, she refuses to consider all evidence if she's made up her mind. Also, she completely tuned me out and started talking to other court personnel when I was presenting my evidence to her. I find that very rude and disrespectful. It is very unfortunate when a judge behaves this way because it is people's lives that people like her deal with. My ex was very uncooperative as far as co-parenting and communicating was concerned while I was the parent that was trying. I provided all evidence (emails, text messages etc) proving so; however, instead of ordering my ex to co-parent, she continues to force the both of us to take unnecessary classes. It's unfair and frustrating.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA8039
This women is a HORRIBLE JUDGE and should be FIRED, SENTENCED & SERVE TIME herself for her irresponsible behavior, screwing with peoples lives & families. She should be dismissing cases that have no context (non violent texts messages as harassment?) REALLY? That warrants loss of custody? Not being prepared for trial or case AT ALL!!!! Lying on the stand was not only tolerated, but encouraged!!! FIRE HER FIRE HER, assign an honorable judge and help REAL FAMILIES! Families that need to court tine and a fair judge!! Judge Zepele did even read the opposing parties declaration on TWO SEPARATE TRIAL DATES!!!! Then proceeded to complain how overbooked she was, she set a trial date, sided with opposite (ex husband) although there was NO EVEIDENCE NONE NOTHING HERESAY ON A 47 yr old man vs his ex 5'4' ex wife!!! No evidence at ALL; revoked 50/50 custody & ANY communication from a stay at home mom of over 6 years based on non-violent texts from ex husband, when mother was only trying to co-parent & commuincate ex; NEVER EVER police problem, police called or reason for police to be called in parents communication; this judge was SO BUSY SIDE CHATTING about the weather in the court room changing, texting on her cell phone and JUST NOT PAYING ATTENTION OR LISTENING!It is beyond me how she was even APPOINTED in the 1st place???? She issued a 1 yr domestic violence restraining order on mother; father isnt paying alimony, child support and cheated support bonus over $10,000; is choosing not to pay support bills, AND SHE STILL issued a 1 yr restraining order on mother, NEVER RULED OR EVEN SUGGESTED COUNSELING for SOCIOPATH FATHER, it went on for 3 days and she complained the ENTIRE time HOW OVERBOKKED AND BUSY she was TO DO HER JOB, HOW READING DECLARATIONS WAS "CREATING MORE WORK FOR HER" I could go on and on and on; this judge was a NIGHTMARE, literally I still have nightmares, she is a DISGRACE TO THE JUSTICE SYSTEM AND NEEDS TO BE FIRED AND NEVER ALLOWED IN A COURT ROOM/BENCH AGAIN! Typical Fresno SO TYPICAL!!! SHAMEFUL SHAMEFUL SHAMEFUL!!!! UGH DISGUST JUST DISGUST!!!! unbelievable....cant belive she has her job STILLLLLL


Comment #: CA6800
Rating:Not Rated
Did not let respondents witnesses give testimony. Said cases were taking to long and there was no time to allow it. She then stated that unless the witnesses were police officers it would not change her perspective on the matter. You could see in her face after 5 min that she was on the side of the young girl, who had done more abuse to the young male by her own testimony. Sad that life for these people are in her hands. What a let down to freedom. Just what Gov Brown wanted. Lifes stuck in the system of there control.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA6396
This judge is totally biased and incompetent. I think it's amazing how she is totally related to one of the other parties, and sides with them and thinks no one else sees it WOW you should be ashamed of yourself! Make more step families! How honorable is that ? I once saw her laughing about the shoes a man wore in court. And he did not have a one thing wrong in his case yet did not get his visitation with his child. In fact she cut him off and sided with mom in under 10min what a judge ! Oh that lil girl has daddy issues and is pregnant now ! No biggie right !?