Hon. Harry Jay Ford III See Rating Details
Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. Harry Jay Ford III


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA32808
As a trial lawyer, I am often in front of a jury and know the rules of evidence. This is Jay Ford in Santa Monica, I never remember seeing "Harry" on the bench. We had a bench trial (client had a lawyer before me.) He continually interrupted me during questioning on direct and was clearly leaning toward the plaintiff. It was clear his mind was made up well before the bench trial. Normally, I would not waive jury, but my client's former lawyer did so I was stuck with him. He was patronizing, arrogant, made improper objections and seemed to not understand that if certain testimony was not in evidence I could not argue it during closing. Very rude and unprofessional. Definitely a 170.6 if ever in from of him again. P.S. When the TSC was on calendar, I literally had to ask him to do the TSC, and it was not productive at all. He seemed very inexperienced or perhaps, just disinterested.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA32230
Rating:Not Rated
He is not very smart. A tyrant in the court room. LAZY

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA27876
Like the last comment, I was also in court through the entire calendar, and this judge is fair, thoughtful, respectful of all of the litigants, and had obviously read all of the papers. He follows the law, but at the same time is open reason and interpretation of the law to the facts of each particular case. I am confident that my clients will receive a fair hearing of their claims. A relief to get this judge!

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA23305
I was in court for an ex parte and watched the entire motion calendar first. After over 40 years of practice, I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly too many times. The bad reviews of this judge are idiotic and inaccurate. He is as close to an old school judge as you can get. Quick, practical, well reasoned, and tries to be fair. I recommend you take this judge.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA7557
This judge does not bother to read the law or apply anything practical. Despite refusing to allow people to exaust all their motions or procedural outcomes he would rather be King rather than follow procedure. He does whatever the UD coountry club of the Courthouse tells them since many are appearance attorneys in front of him day in and day out for fear they would paper him through a 170.6. AVOID AT ALL COSTS, file a local form from the Courthouse and bounce that self absorbed excuse of a judge. I hope people recall him like many did that other judge in Central Judge Pffeifer. This man should stay away from the bench, as any deviation from any of his order or preferences will cause you to lose your case on that alone. AVOID AT ALL COST!!


Comment #: CA7408
Ruled summarily without care for the law or facts. Stubborn, demeaning, patronizing and arrogant. Had to take his ruling up and got him reversed. He fought all the way when the law was clearly against him. In my opinion, very dangerous. Seemed to be very close to the partner of the large landlord law firm that seems to virtually live in his courtroom.

Civil Litigation - Govt.

Comment #: CA7118
Did not recuse himself until day 2 in a hearing involving a plaintiff with whom he had a long association. Claimed he did not know but the plaintiff was listed as a witness and sat in the court room. It may not have been the first time since the plaintiff has been to that court many times.
The judge has an arrogance about him and seems disdainful to the average person. I assume he is a political patronage appointee. Luckily on day two he recused and sent us to a much better judge with listening skills.


Comment #: CA5728
Ford will say one thing one day and the next day he will say the exact opposite- Paid off? I believe 100% absolutely without a single shred of any doubt... He doesn't read, he doesn't know the LAW - just watch him for a minute - he'll ask an attorney what the law might be and after they provide either a slanted, or outright false answer, Ford will debate the answer with himself. I have never seen him actually check any case law, or even an actual law for that matter. He'll asks questions at a summary judgement hearing - stating "the question is" and then he'll grant the motion. This is one Judge who should NOT be in a robe - he is a disgrace to the entire legal community and his actions are downright criminal

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA5480
He asked a biased opposing counsel re what the law was, and counsel told him only a portion; the defendant ended up violating; a protective order could have stopped the defendant cold. this judge is more of an idiot than judge Hahn, but a nice guy like judge hahn

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA5063
In a case where the law was crystal clear (as in, NO facts OR law supporting the opposing party), Ford ruled for that party anyway. His ruling will undoubtedly be reversed on appeal, but that is, of course, a lot of extra work and time. Meanwhile, in denying the motion he said that his ruling was "without prejudice to the defendant filing an action against the plaintiff," as though he really believed that he could have denied the motion AND barred my client from seeking further relief in a separate action?

The man is an idiot, and a dangerous one because he wears a robe.