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Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. Marc D. Gross



Comment #: CA9748
I wish he could see the chaos and harm he has caused my children by making me a visitor in their lives. These are real families that he is destroying.


Comment #: CA9611
Honestly thought he seemed OK. However he asked me to refile my case emphasizing change of circumstances on a move away case and then flat out denied my request for modification causing me thousands of dollars in legal fees. Just say no in the first place. Unnecessary legal fees directly effects the children by creating a lower quality of life.


Comment #: CA8922
I saw something incredible happen the last couple of times we were there waiting to be called. He's getting it right and looking out for the kids in a couple of cases. Not letting the aggressive blocking angry parent get away with their bs. Maybe he took a class or is reading these comments. This case involved kids who were very much alienated and parroting the aggressor parent refusing to see the other parent. The judge called the aggressor parent out and said you are 100% responsible for getting those kids to visitation, just like you can to school. Any more of this and you will lose custody! Keep going this way sir, you can gain back some positive critiques.


Comment #: CA8819
Judge Gross sets a record for judicial impotence and chronic blindness toward parental alienation. He refuses to understand this very serious form of child abuse. He sides with the money. It all comes down to money, and if your ex has more, you will loose your children. It will happen without evidence, and it will take him less than 5 minutes.


Comment #: CA8195
Rating:Not Rated
What sets Judge Gross apart from other ill equipped and deficient judges is that you will only receive the amount of justice that you can afford in his courtroom. His need to rush through hearings and his refusal to understand parental alienation has obliterated his ability to put the children first. He is lockstep with the loudest and most expensive attorney in the room. He allows witnesses to testify without any advance warning to the opposing party, he includes sealed and confidential reports in his orders. He relies on the testimony of children even though it is proven beyond a doubt that they were coached by the father. He is a disgrace to the judicial system. He rules on allegations rather than evidence. He allows his favorite attorneys to try cases in his courtroom by day, and wines and dines with them at night. This man should be disbarred. He is destroying the lives of innocent children, and he could care less.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA7797
Awful. The apple DOES fall far from the tree with this guy. Easily manipulated by the loudest rudest attorney in the room, not a fan of actual evidence, doesn't read a damn thing. Puts things off, over and over. Prefers to delegate to other judges or so call experts. His clerk is one of the worst. Minute orders always wrong, refuses to correct and she is nasty all of the time. Heard her gossiping about someone's case where they needed an interpreter, calling them "illiterate mexicans." Gross is overwhelmed and in no position to help families especially in complex cases or case involving parental alienation or domestic abuse. He's falls prey to hearsay and grandstanding. He favors the aggressor and has no patience for in pro pers. He is the worst at emergency hearings. He changed custody based on a false allegation by the father and grandmother when neither I nor my client were notified to be present. And when I brought contrary evidence to the bench the next month at the RFO hearing, he was too bull headed to change the order, calling it "status quo." On to appeals we go!


Comment #: CA7756
He needs a family law refresher course. Dude the evidence speaks for itself. Let the kids see BOTH parents EQUALLY. Don't rely on the loudest fool in the room. Or the parent with the most money to spend on attorneys just to get thru your day quicker. You personally are ruining people's lives, wake up man!

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA6656
A sweet man (not evil mother or father hater like some downtown), but severely incompetent in any kind of conflicted family law matters, forget about high conflict, you may lose custody of your child just like that. Really should not be in family law, but from his own long line of lawyers and judges, he's trying to fit in and do good by them. Gross never reads paperwork, relies on attorneys to tell him what to do, which is a nightmare for pro per litigants. He gets super overwhelms, often the minute orders are all wrong, chaos in his courtroom. Does not understand domestic abuse, is persuaded by the loudest litigant. Doesn't enforce prior orders, not persuaded at all by the law, just whomever he's sided with, no matter what. Orders he does make are super lame and cause litigants coming back over and over. He's kept children and parents apart for 6 months, refusing to look at evidence and just creating more costly and emotional problems for the kids, siding with the biggest asshole. Has changed custody on emergency hearings based on lies not evidence, and will not go back and change his orders despite piles of evidence, despite the family code that spells out custody may not be changed without evidence. Beware if you have a high conflict or wealthy ex spouse who can afford to fight, you will lose due to this dummy on the bench.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA5332
The judge refused to take any actual evidence into consideration and ruled based on his "gut". This is not the way the judicial system should work.