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Superior Court
Orange County
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What others have said about Hon. Sherri L. Honer



Comment #: CA9566
Unbelievable! This judge not only does not know law, she does not have common sense. I not only have to pay for all of our child's expenses, I have to pay for my ex's travel cost for visitation. I have to take care of the child the whole time and pay all the expenses and go to work even more to pay for my exhusband's travel cost! I am just wondering who certified her as a JUDGE!


Comment #: CA9565
I have seen three judges during my divorce case. Sherri Honer is horrible. She cannot make a decision, in other words, she cannot rule!
For child support calculation we went to the court 11 times! My attorney fees was higher than the amount of child support that I would receive in 10 years! She is biased with women. She will punish you if you are a successful woman. She did not let me speak and with ex-husband was so patient and spent hours listening to him.


Comment #: CA8998
My experience in OC family court is appalling. I have been in the system 8 years. I have litigated before many judges in the OC family court panel.Judge Honer is one of the worst because she does not follow the law. It is not a lot to ask for a judge to be knowledgeable about the law and the procedures of the court. She fails miserably. Even the simplest of court procedural processes such as issuing minute orders (check out acknowledged minute order irregularities in OC)are purposefully held so she can proceed with illegal hearings when she has no jurisdiction because an appeal was filed, which she fails to acknowledge. This is just one example. Our families deserve better. She is up for reelection this fall....


Comment #: CA8390
This Judge replaced our old Judge and I am thankful. Our old judge simply followed the formula of mom gets the kids and dad gets to write checks and maybe get to visit every other weekend whereas Honorable Sheri Honer seems to at least attempt to consider the facts while being sympathetic to the mother. We do not have a final judgement yet, so we will see when the Findings and Orders come out if I am reading her correctly.

In the hearings she runs the courtroom well and keeps things on track. Thankful Belz is gone.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA8226
This judge is clueless about even the most basic concepts of law. A judge like her is why American families are in peril. Her ruling was down right unconstitutional and violating basic human rights. She is arrogant and does not grasp family law and has a complete disregard how her rulings affect families. and individuals.


Comment #: CA7725
Judge Honer does should not be a family court judge. She does not listen to the mothers and I have watched her for several hours berate women and be sympathetic towards the fathers. She is only concerned with how much money she can make the court system, she does not listen to both parties and certainly does NOT care about the children. The only hope any family can have in having a fair unbiased judge, would be to have someone other than Judge Honer. She is too prideful and arrogant to be of any good to anyone, especially children. I hope that she moves out of family law and if she doesn't I hope she moves out of California. We already have enough wack jobs.


Comment #: CA7669
I overheard attorneys talking about something she said in the halls. One of them said "I'm concerned. She doesn't even know..." talking about some type of paperwork. I'm not an attorney and don't know legalese. But another attorney in the conversation said "Yeah, that's Law School 101."

She's incompetent.


Comment #: CA7668
I agree with what one of the prior litigants said here. This judge's loyalty is to whatever association probably threw some type of judicial party for her and her fellows. Her loyalty is NOT with the innocent children she is affecting. She is a wolf in sheep's clothing. While she hides behind her pretty smile, she patronizes you, disrespects you and does not rule on LAW. I have never given her any reason to have such little respect for me. I'm a competent parent and it was pulling teeth just to let her hear my position. It didn't matter though. In the end, she made her biased ruling based off of what she feels, NOT based off of Family Code sections.

She is replacing our prior judge and she makes him look like the best judge in the world. I'll never forget our old judge saying on the record "I can't rule off of emotion. I can only rule off of law." That judge didn't always rule in my favor, but at least he was fair and would hear both sides. Wish he would come back!


Comment #: CA7578
This Judge either pretends to not know Family Law or doesn't? After seeing in plain site some of her apprehensible rulings as she moves through her cases it is clearly the fact that she caters to experienced and highly networked lawyers that are known to help Judges during election time so it depends on which lawyer can do more for her and the child or children are another causality. She does not have the moral ground to do what is right. It is the as everyone. states "Kids for Cash"and "Follow the Money."She won't have any respect in my book or with anyone I know with the life altering decisions she made that has left my child traumatized for life. I hope she got paid well for that one! Don't know how these people sleep at night.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA6730
Rating:Not Rated
Great Judge. Great Temperment. Great Legal Knowledge. Very Fair.