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Superior Court
San Diego County
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What others have said about Hon. Pamela M. Parker



Comment #: CA10005
After over two years in a custody trial in her courtroom, I can say I am very familiar with this judge. I have been dealing with a narcissist ex for 6 years in court, and this is the first judge who rightly and completely exacted justice for the children in my case. With laser beam precision, she saw through all of my ex's lies and behavior and ruled as the judges in family court are supposed to do, in the best interest of the children! It isn't about a parent "winning", it's about the kids. I have never witnessed a judge in family court so deeply committed to their job, and so thoughtful in their ruling. I consider it a great loss that she will be leaving Vista court in January.


Comment #: CA9978
This Judge has really let down and disappointed me and my young children. I presented CPS records of all of my children stating that their father hits them, a letter and medical files stating that my daughter is afraid of her father and that she needs anti anxiety medication. I also provided my daughters direct statements of escalated abuse in a forensic interview. My daughter can't even sleep in her own bed, she's too afraid. This judge stated that she doesn't believe that my children are being abused by their father. HOW MANY TIMES DOES A CHILD HAVE TO BE HURT BEFORE SHE CONSIDERS IT TO BE ABUSE!? She seemed to be unhappy with ME for bringing this case to court. My narcissist ex charmed and fooled her and his case was dismissed. My ex looked at me and smirked after she gave her judgement. How can one protect their children and stop the cycle of abuse when a judge allows it to happen? I'm disgusted.


Comment #: CA9759
I CONCUR! This Judge knows little about Family Law/ Court. Has to look everything up - but she was Appellate & Environmental Lawyer in family court? To be Harvard law she made procedural mistake SEVERAL times in my case and has gotten upset to the point she has made decisions and comments that fall under the Definition of Misconduct. She is getting out of Family Court but she is doing SERIOUS damage while she is there, its SAD for the children while do we need to be the proving grounds for Judges like this. Don't sit and take it, go thru the process of Recusing her so it can bring this issues to more light. Obvious if you have a lawyer that is going in front of multiple times a week they will be hesitate to do so because it may effect them and other cases but don't her damage your family any more than needed. The party in your case is already an adversary you don't need the Judge to be also.


Comment #: CA7945
This judge does not know anything about family law. She is willing to risk placing a child back in the home of a criminal who hits and abuses a child. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS SERIOUS. She is not taking this matter seriously.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA7230
She has a definitive pro-female bias


Comment #: CA7018
During our Divorce case / Trial, I told and showed proof to Judge Parker, that, my Ex LIED about anything and everything that came out of his mouth. Judge Parker allowed my Ex to play her as a Fool, not only should my ex, be Ashamed of himself, of how he Lied over and over, he wasted the Judicial systems time and resources, but Judge Parker, should be embarrassed, that my ex, made her look like the biggest Fool ever. My ex, and his sister, were waiting in the court room lobby, boasting about how easy, that was, to get over on Judge Parker.


Comment #: CA6155
I really liked Judge Parker. She seemed fair and willing to give the litigants time to present their side. She also has a very keen BS meter and often used it to admonish people who were getting out of control in the courtroom. I love how she would put my husband's ex-wife in her place when the ex-wife would get histrionic and start telling lies that anyone could see through. I went to observe her before she heard my husband's case, and I was very very impressed with how she showed compassion and insight into people's situations, and really tried to bring about the most fair and compassionate result. She is a much better judge than Judge Huguenor, who was, quite frankly, a disaster, as she was incompetent, old and tired and obviously didn't care about the best interests of the children or the parties. She would just rubber stamp whatever the female litigant would demand, without any discernment, anything to get the people out of the courtroom. My husband is still trying to recover from the damage that Judge Huguenor brought not only to his relationships with his children, but also to his finances. He will NEVER get back the years that Judge Huguenor, through her incompetence and laziness, took away from him and his children. Judge Parker is a breath of fresh air by comparison; bright, compassionate, truly committed to bringing about the best and most fair result. I am sorry to see her go.


Comment #: CA5626
New Judge. Doesn't seem to know what she is doing. Easily falls prey to Narcissist's charm at the peril of innocent parties. Needs to be better educated or go back to the PTA.