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Superior Court
El Dorado County
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What others have said about Hon. Vicki Ashworth



Comment #: CA23558
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Ashworth is a TERRIBLE judge. I had custody ripedfrom me twice based on totally false and bogus allegations with no proof whatsoever. I have no arrest record, I’ve never been an alcoholic yet she made me jump through all the hoops as though I had. She made me go through six months of therapy and pay 100% of the cost. I was required to do a drug and alcohol assessment which rated me at is zero risk for drug and alcohol abuse. Yet she still put me on random alcohol and drug testing which all came back negative. I didn’t see my children for over six months because of Judge Ashworth. My ex made so many false allegations so that he could be granted sole legal and physical custody so that he didn’t have to pay child support to me; and because he was a cop she took every FALSE allegation as facts and punished me and my children for it. This judge is an embarrassment to the judicial system. She makes judgment off hearsay which has destroyed families and children’s upbringing. Children need therapy after being involved in a court case with this judge.


Comment #: CA23557
Judge Ashworth is biased against fathers and completely useless. She believes women’s false accusations of abuse of all kinds. I watched her tell a father that even though he completed a 52 week batters intervention course (when there was never any abuse to begin with) was not effective and she awarded sole and legal custody to mom and put in place a permanent restraining order when no abuse had ever been founded. The orders she makes are criminal and this county is happy to have her out of the family court department. Judge Pesce is a much better choice.


Comment #: CA16161
I have sat in Judge Ashworth's court for four and a half years now and Judge Ashworth is very fair in her family court rulings. She has to wade through all the lies and b.s. that people tell and then try to figure out the truth. I have seen her give people multiple chances to do the right thing and they just keep choosing to go against her "court orders" over and over making thier situation worse. They quit thier jobs and go on welfare to lower or get out of child support and then say they can't afford counseling or supervised visits and that they have a "hardship". People need to own thier behavior and quit thinking that it's everyone else's fault or that the judge is against them for no reason. Start "co-parenting" instead of making "false accusations", it's only the children that suffer in the long run. Family court is not fun for any of us and the judges decision's sometimes are tough but if you take the high road and follow the "court orders" things can eventually go your way. We are all "Deeply Blessed" to have had Judge Ashworth in dept. 5

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA16005
This woman is so against men it isn’t even funny. She has no business as a representive of the judicial system and is the face of the evil that is ruining this country! The people of El Dorado County need to WAKE UP and get rid of this horrible piece of human waste!


Comment #: CA15205
I have no arrest record, no history or even accusations of abuse towards my ex, my children or anyone else, I don’t do drugs, I’m not an alcoholic, and I have absolutely NO custody of my children because of this biased Judge. All because my ex has made several false and unsubstantiated CPS claims about me. This judge has not only let her get away with these false allegations and complete waste of the county’s resources, she has actually encouraged her to keep going by awarding her sole physical and legal custody. All I want is time with my kids and she has done everything in her power to keep my kids away from me. This judge should be thrown in jail for crimes against children because that’s who she is hurting, children. She should be absolutely ashamed of herself and the people of El Dorado County need to know about this woman and what she dies to people and children.


Comment #: CA13100
Judge Ashworth in all honesty is THE BEST that I've seen, delt with, etc. She is fair, isn't wishy washy and very concise in her decision making. Judge Ashworth is the first Judge that I feel was completely honest in her ruling as well as explanatory. She is great. We need many more like her.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA11970
Hon. Vicki Ashworth is a knowledgeable and fair arbitrator of the facts. She has the right demeanor to handle emotional, complex family law cases; which most judicial officers find to be challenging.


Comment #: CA10149
Family Law Judge Vicki Ashworth is a tremendous asset to the Superior Court of California, County of El Dorado. Her demeanor is one of fairness, commpassion, and knowledge of the law. She melts the tension immediately and makes everyone feel comfortable. You'll be lucky person, if you get her on your case for family disputes.