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Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. Thomas J Griego


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA29162
Thomas J Griego is a little lethargic and refuses to read reports and evaluate cases based on bias and misjudging people. It is an absolute ignominy to have this man represent the State of California.


Comment #: CA27261
Thanks to this Judge's Ignorance, Negligence and Stupidity, I lost my case! He did not pay attention to all my evidence, did not allow my witness to testify and asked the Defendant questions that had absolutely nothing to do with the case. It seemed that he was also moved by the defendant's financial situation and her sobbing. Her only defense was calling me a liar, she had absolutely no evidence, witnesses or anything to back her up! This was a tremendous loss of time, effort and money. Since I am the Plaintiff, I can not appeal this case but I was advice by the Small Claims Advisor to file an SC-105 in order to try and have this case thrown out and get a new case with a more competent judge. I hope this works and I will also try to file a complaint against this judge.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA26271
A Feedback of 1.7/10 says it all. . it is an under statement, an insult to everything logical, fair and just to have appointed or voted this man as Judge..

It is an absolute betrayal, a travesty of justice, a mockery of to due process. Justice is rolling in her grave! To call this ill tempered obtuse brute a man of the bench is an understatement.. I have been in front of a many Judges , however I have never been in front a ill tempered , bully- desatrious Judge.

It’s an insult to have entrusted this clown of a “judge” as an astute referee he is neither a competent judge nor a referee. To have allowed him to wear a rob; is an absolute betrayal to everything astute in our legal system.

In my opinion “judge Thomas J Griego” is neither an intellectually nor a fair-minded thinker, he should have never been given the privilege to wear the rob. “Thomas J Griego” lacks the intellectual curiosity, the in-depth jurisprudence and fair-mindedness to be judicious. At best “Thomas J Griego” is intellectually lazy, avoids getting into the nitty gritty of a case to render a just, fair and sound decision. A verdict based on the laws, evidence and facts presented.

judge Thomas J Griego interrogation techniques are without doubt perplexing, irrelevant, immaterial and inconsequential. In fact the main reason I am submitting this complaint among others. Most mystifying is his lack of inquiry on the matter, his lackadaisical attitude, ways in which he arbitrarily rendered decision, on various cases that came before him.


Comment #: CA26266
Rating:Not Rated
Terrible, inapt,hot tempered - rude.

Intellectual obtuse - clueless and not alert

NOT FIT to wear a rob. A shame to Bench


Comment #: CA26130
Thomas Griego is as incompetent as he is arrogant, making for a bad combination.

In our case, he did not let us present our case, got stuck on an irrelevant details, let the other side ramble on, then ended it quickly without giving us a chance to respond - probably because he was hungry.

If you are unlucky enough to go before Tom Griego, do not go before him near lunch, when he is hungry and impatient.

Also, present your case as you would to a child - otherwise Judge Tom Griego will not understand it.


Comment #: CA25679
Judge T. Griego dismissed my case without looking at facts. He started up a personal conversation with the defendant and ultimately sited with him. Didn't take the time to go thru any of the documents I provided


Comment #: CA23488
Judge Tom Griego should not be a judge in Los Angeles County or anywhere, as his mood is capricious and temperament unstable. He does not seem to be able to grasp the particulars of a case, and seems insecure in his grasp of the law. Avoid this LA Superior Court judge at all costs.


Comment #: CA22767
Judge Thomas Griego is the worst judge in LA small claims court, and that's saying something.

Believe all the judge reviews - Tom Griego seems to barely sustain coherent thoughts, and will get lost if your presentation is above a Kindergarten level.

Judge Griego will flip through exhibits if you have them, but not give them more than a quick glance. You have to tell him - look at that big picture, judge, and open your eyes - or he will not see the evidence that is in his hands.

If you end up in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles for small claims court, and draw Hon. Thomas J Griego, settle with the mediator, if you know what is good for you.


Comment #: CA22295
Had Tom Griego in small claims court in the Stanley Musk courthouse in downtown Los Angeles.

Judge Griego is old and doesn't think clearly. He gets tired fast. The first few cases of the day he was sprite and having fun, cracking jokes here and there. An hour into the day, he was cutting people off, and ending cases fast.

In our case, he let the defendant rattle on and on, then cut us off when we asked to speak. That doesn't seem fair, but it was our first time, so maybe being extremely biased to old white men (the defendant) is normal?

In the end, though, his questions were irrelevant, and he just didn't seem to care out our case, or anyone else's.
Anyone in the courtroom that day could have been a better judge that day than Hon. Thomas J Griego.

It's not just that Judge Griego is dumb, it's that he has the worst temperament for a judge: moody and impatient. Avoid this judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court at all costs.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA22261
Judge Thomas (Tom) Griego must be one of the most incompetent judges in Los Angeles Superior Court. Watched him interrupt plaintiffs and defendants in small claims court, and ask questions unrelated to the cases over and over again.

After a few hours, he got more and more impatient. If a fact confused him about the case, he would blame whoever submitted the evidence, and end the case quickly.

Avoid Tom Griego in Los Angeles small claims court at all costs. If he is your judge, for god sakes, settle your case with the mediator. You don't know if Honorable Tom is not going to like the color of your hair or the tone of your voice and rule against you.

The day I was "privileged" to witness the Hon. Thomas J. Griego reside over small claims court her in LA was the day I decided to do anything I can to keep this nincompoop from being reelected. He is the worst.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA22196
No wonder this judge is in small claims. Only in small claims can you be this stupid. Plaintiff sent an international wire. the bank sent it where they were told to. the judge ruled the Bank had to pay him back even though they sent it where they were told to. the ruling violated the law AND common sense.


Comment #: CA22170
This judge is impatient and does not have the right temperament to listen to a small claims case.

He was prosecutorial in tone and cut me off during my opening statement after less than 2 minutes. For a small claims plaintiff with no experience of the courtroom setting, this was extremely disheartening after all the preparation I did to put together an organized and coherent presentation.

Instead of allowing me to speak, he became fixated on a few issues and seemed uninterested in learning the whole picture.

Very disappointed for our society to have this judge on the bench in small claims court in Los Angeles, since small claims is the only venue for regular people who cannot afford to hire a lawyer and file a civil case.

Hopefully he will return to his career as a prosecutor and leave the judging to those who care enough to listen to cases and dispense fair and reasoned resolutions.


Comment #: CA19318
Rating:Not Rated
This judge is poor in my opinion. He seems to blatantly ignore the law. He seems overly concerned with his own self importance and I would describe him as a disgrace. I reported him to the judicial review.

Court Staff

Comment #: CA18701
Unable to focus on Small Claims cases. He gets lost during the presentation of the cases. He then gets mad because he gets mixed up and blames it on the party. He will not allow you to speak or rebut if he doesn't feel like it. Very unfair.