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Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. Colin P Leis



Comment #: CA33199
Judge Leis is very fair. He is able to remain calm and professional even if one of the parties begins to become argumentative. In my case he got the major issue at hand right! Based on the decision from our trial, he seems to genuinely care about the well being of the child while allowing both parents to maintain as much custody as possible. He is able to see through the nonsense one party may bring to the table. It took bringing my issue to trial to final get the orders we’ve been trying to settle with the opposing party for for years..

Overall I am pleased with the outcome of our trial and the way judge Leis conducted himself and handled our complex case.


Comment #: CA19621
Judge Colin Leis is a wonderful 5 Stars Judge and man overall. Unbiased and well balanced upstairs in the head. He does see through the crap of the conniving women throw inside the beautiful walls of the courtroom regarding bologna restraining orders and false dcfs allegations. If your hands are clean, then you don't have much to worry about with this wonderful Judge. An example and hero to all newcomer and current Judge's to follow. True judge's look and Judge according to whats on paper "and not with Emotions or Personal Attachment based exaggerated puffed up stories created to deceive and manipulate! It is better to [sit crooked, yet talk straight], just like this Judge. An Honor Sir. Judge Colin Leis, many many thanks Your Honor!
Yervand Saryan


Comment #: CA14981
I could not feel any more blessed Hon. Colin P Leis was appointed to hear my case. The circumstances, details, and protection of my family were all taken into consideration. The time I spent in court listening to his judgments all seems extremely fair. I feel he has patients especially for those who are representing themselves. This judge made me feel comfortable going before him without an attorney. He was fair and offered us the Fast Pass option and the judgment was done the same day. Thank you, Your Honor. You made a difference in, not only my life but my kids as well.


Comment #: CA11515
He was fair and incredibly thorough, taking time to read and question every element of the case. His BS meter is very high, and I feel he was really there to represent truth and justice.


Comment #: CA11503
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Colin Leis performance was bias and he seems partial to the attorneys he likes the most. He is lazy and seems like he really does not care. He asks a few questions to make it look like he cares. He is not a fair judge and shows favoritism. This judge was a domestic violence case that first of all should not have been in children's court in the beginning. The opposing attorney Annette Goudy who is unethical did some tricky and the case ended up in children court. Colin Leis is not a domestic violence judge or attorney and has absolutely no respect that the defendant has a three year Restraining Order on him because he is violent and dangerous.
Not only that Judge Leis who is supposed to be able to a sound decision regarding the child safety and concerns. Judge Colin make an awful ruling after giving an extensive report from a Licensed Social Worker with years of experience working with Department of Children Family Service and evaluating this sitution. She shared her observations and made her recommendations 1.) The abuser should do 52 weeks of Domestic Violence Classes, Register on Talking Parent. Then she did a background check and Corey's license is expired! What you doing picking up a child with an expired driver's license. Anyway, the domestic violence judge gave him Wednesday's, and Saturday's for 4 hours. If that what the judge ordered he must have seen that Corey was not responsible! Well, Judge Leis come along and without even knowing the case it appears he never even read the documents he made a ruling that Corey could have his child Friday's from 8:00 pm - Sunday 8:00 p-m. Pick up at the Inglewood Police Department which is closed at 8:00 pm at night. He could not have read the declarations because he would know how dangerous this man is. But, it is obvious he does not care. We do not need judges like him in the system. This is why we have so many problems with the judicial system. When you have judges that appear to have personal issues it is impossible for him to be fair. The previous judge put a Restraining Order on him because there was proof showing his violence. How can you disregard your colleague decision? Then you are saying he is lying! How can have a mother bring her child to her dad who is sick in his head, cussing at me, getting in my face, etc. when you know this man has a 3-year restraining order on him! Judge Colin does not have any wisdom, he is insensitive, appears lazy and does not care. To discredit that evaluation that was extensive lets me know he the judge has a problem! It is scary we have someone like that making decisions in Family Court. The worker met with both parents for hours. The father being longer than the mother. To not take anything she said in consideration is unacceptable and a slap in her face and those of that profession. I will never refer Colin Leis to anyone he has a problem himself. Should not be in court at all. Dangerous. Not Trustworthy!


Comment #: CA11201
Only because he shows up appearing prepared. He has allowed my divorce to go on for 4yrs. He totally allowed my exes attorney to dictate changes in his wording in his final ruling. He seems to take sides against attorneys that provide proof of their argument and sided with a criminal attorney who couldn't even provide proof of what she was saying. I have lost all hope & respect for the court system. FAIR??? He awarded spousal support to a proven abuser of 13 years. I almost felt he had something against me personally. This is what we pay for???


Comment #: CA10833
Very fair and thorough. Has an exceptional knowledge of the law and is able to hear testimony without apparent bias. Judge Leis follows the law and doesn't try to write his own laws.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA10625
Appears to be lazy and brush off holding evidence hearings in lieu of reliance on filings, which may be flawed. Will ask a few questions to appear as if he is engaged in the case while his decision was most likely made before entering the court room.