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Superior Court
Riverside County
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What others have said about Hon. Elaine M Kiefer



Comment #: CA37800
Not to bad

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA37791
I have nearly 3 decades of litigation experience in San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego County. I have never ever appeared before a judicial officer who is less comfortable in her power, has less of a demeanor to be a judicial officer or has any place being on the bench, at all. Judge Keifer should retire. Her rulings are harmful to the general public.


Comment #: CA37518
Rating:Not Rated
This Judge should be ashamed of herself and she is lucky to not have blood on her hands. Not only did she turn her head to & ignore EVERY SINGLE REDFLAG, MY UNCOUNTABLE STACKS OF TIMELINE DISCREPANCIES, & QUESTIONABLE HOLES & LACK OF TANGIBLE PROOF THEREOF WORSE NOT 1 SINGLE DECLARATION (besides his own )IN THE OP ACCUSATIONS that in end REMOVED MY RIGHTS AS A MOM further; she rolled with whatever a “SIT IN RETIRED JUDGE “JAMES POOLE” (No experience in family law) that laughed at my claim of domestic abuse his decision to remove my rights based on “well written papers” and not a word from me… gave my abuser a VAGUE COURT ORDER TO NAVIGATE THROUGH MY NOW SUPERVISED VISITS AFTER THE FATHER TOOK MY SON FROM DAYCARE KEPT HIM IN HIDING FOR 10 months until I found him and was served my DV/CUSTODY papers he responded with EMERGENCY CUSTODY PAPERS stating I was a threat to kidnap and a threat to my son ZERO EVIDENCE CLAIMS OF HERESY was laughed at and told I could say what I needed to at my hearing and “GOOD LUCK WITH THAT LOL” as a woman afraid to have filed such papers, and stand up to her abuser, then a man of his stature& intimidating position I ran out of the court . SUPERVISED VISITS AT MY EXPENSE AFTER COMPLETION OF A PROGRAM note….: (I WAS ALREADY IN ONE FOR 7 months!! ) zero contact with my son then 1 1/2 never been apart prior??????? My family therapist by my side NOT 1 QUESTION FOR HER SHE WAS ASTONISHED!! The father had free reign to cancel (try) every visit I drove 106 miles for 10 mos for a 3 hour visit down the street from his house!!!! Relentlessly 1/2 way there I’m subjected to an emotional roller coaster of panic and heartbreak to a cancellation call from the facilitator relaying a message from the other parent. During COVID all the 10 mos trying to modify the order representing myself with pure emotional rage (don’t suggest this course of action….. ) but after kicked back documents over and over the law facility came to my side and got me a court date….. mediation??!!! Haha JOKE 22 min and a review of my case file 15 minutes prior to our conference to decide my sons fate being rushed to get to a “meet in the middle” progress the entire time because “ she had files to turn in by a deadline that was apparently more important than a child caught in a horrific situation. I refused to cooperate without her being educated and filled in on the details… but she drew up a RECOMMENDATION FROM THIN AIR WORSE, Judge ELAINE KEIFER ADOPTED HER RECOMMENDATION BASED ON ZERO KNOWLEDGE OF THE SITUATION AND THE HISTORY OR THE MOTHERS PARTICIPATION DUE TO BIAS PERCEPTION AND DEADLINES THAT TOOK MAJORITY OVER MY SONS BEST INTEREST AND WELL BEING!!! I filed complaints Not a word from anyone moving right along… the father goes outside the court order allowing me to take my son close to every day BUT HE HAS HIS LEVERAGE AND CONTROL CALLS THE POLICE AND CLAIMS KIDNAPPING IF I MAKE HIM ANGRY HE HOLDS MY SON AS A DISCIPLINARY Tool if I don’t do as he requests files child support case then retracts (when I give him what he wants 3x in a year) won’t amend this order he fought to get based on manipulation and coercion wants me to TAKE HIM BACK TO COURT I wonder why??????

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA33032
Rating:Not Rated
This judge needs serious personal help. She has no judicial temperament at all and rules on emotion, not the law. She is lazy and does not read pleadings and is known as the "yelling" judge. Pride and anger issues are very apparent. Make sure she is not on your case. She is evil and only cares about her paycheck, not children.


Comment #: CA32101
She will allow OPP keep children, abduct children, never show up to a hearings, and not make a decision as to whether a parent has a right to see the abducted child, when the OPP does appear. Clear violations of her own orders, just does not care.


Comment #: CA31346
She did not care about perjury committed against the court, even when she had it brought to her attention. She did not make a sound judgment in my case either, she allowed a man with no residence, no job, and a history of mental illness to have 50/50 custody of a minor child. She's unfit for the office she holds. And when she comes up for reelection in 2025 I will help campaign for anyone who wants her job. If I could give her a zero rating I would.


Comment #: CA25711
Watched Judge Keifer stomp all over 24 objections. Let "Battered" woman who had zero evidence talk for 45 minutes and defendant had 5 min. Tried to admit hearsay police reports into evidence- attorney had to call her on it several times.


Comment #: CA7995
Judge Kiefer (aka Johnson) presiding in Southwest Riverside County is biased in favor of police and will rule in their favor despite a lack of evidence in the record (Ref Case #E009187JF overturned on appeal App Case #1300267)