Hon. Enrique E Camarena See Rating Details
Superior Court
San Diego County
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What others have said about Hon. Enrique E Camarena



Comment #: CA42048
Rating:Not Rated
As a Family Law Judge he had an excellent temperament and courtroom control. Follows the law and maintains a calm demeanor which often has a calming effect on emotionally charged litigants.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA34618
Rating:Not Rated
B- intellect with a C- work ethic and an A+ back story gives you a ... C+ judge.

Not the worst I've seen in San Diego (that's Pamela Parker and it's not close) but below average.

What's peculiar about Judge Camerana, whom I've seen probably over 20 times, is his tendency to be, occasionally, obsequious to a strongly tempered attorney. It's as though he's seeking that attorney's approval.

Perhaps he will improve, but what I've seen to date is a bottom half judge that has not demonstrated he deserves the appointment he received.


Comment #: CA26440
Rating:Not Rated
Everybody has their opinion on this judge and all opinions are different.

But I have facts. I wish I could share them with you on this board by somehow connecting with you.

let me tell you how lazy and incompetent this judge is. His performance is so bad that it's a tragic comedy. This is what he did:

he has presided over a 3 day trial on my divorce case. The rulings came out recently. None of the things in the rulings matched anything he said or that happened in the trial. Do you know why?

This lazy judge took a final ruling from another case and just exchanged the names of the petitioner, respondent on that ruling, BUT NOT THE CHILDREN . Do you want the proof? My lawyer and I found the other cases rulings and we compared the two documents documents. They are exactly the same. But do you know what's even worse? HE FORGOT TO CHANGE THE NAME OF THE CHILDREN AND THEIR BIRTHDAY. HA HA HA....so apparently I am the father of the children of the other case he has copied. This is just criminal. At first I thought the mother of my children had changed the name of the kids and didn't tell me.....but nope, this handlebar mustache baffoon didn't even bother to change the name of the children nor their birthdays from the ruling he had copied.

At first I was so pissed off about this. But then I started laughing and realized that this will work out to my benefit significantly. I can easily have the rulings reversed by showing that he just copied and pasted another cases rulings without even bothering changing the names of the children. He even sited evidence that was in the other case into my rulings...HILARIOUS. I can probably get this guy removed from the bench. I doubt if the California judicial review board will turn a blind eye to this problem, I dont think this judges father being a social Martyr against the Mexican cartel will help him save hide from this particular mistake. This is too egregious. I am gonna get this clown removed from the bench and overturn his rulings.

Family circus in san Diego is a circus...dont become emotionally vested. Dont get married in California.


Comment #: CA22317
Judge Camarena is very calm, polite, and has a cool mustache, but he did not appear to have read my family law pleadings and declarations (aka lazy). He did not follow CA rules of court which requires income and expense statements from the opposition (mom w/ an attorney), does not follow rules (FC 4251c) that requires the judge shall "schedule a hearing de novo within 10 court days." He did not appear interested in actually reviewing the evidence. He was actually admonished me for interrupting opposing counsel when I politely objected that he was flagrantly lying and proved what he was saying was not true.
If he actually read the paperwork for the hearing, I would have respected him more. His questions and lack of understanding of the basic issues indicated zero reading.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA16290
Careless , unprofessional , unruling , terrible , horrible , unbelievably awful decision making.


Comment #: CA15403
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Camarena was thoughtful, respectful and listened to both sides of the story. He took the time to get the facts and he understood the law. He had a lot of compassion.


Comment #: CA14792
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Camarena is humble and he treats every one respectfully. He is at least open to correct mistakes and not like some other judges who are stubborn and not willing to change even court of appeal remand and reverse.
God bless your humble heart Judge Camarena.


Comment #: CA14315
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Camarena treat people in the courtroom respectfully. His rulings are not fair and one sided.
Some times he does the ruling with out completely reading.


Comment #: CA13986
Judge Camarena is brilliant, fair, thoughtful, and willing to make tough decisions.

He reads every document, and always has an in-depth understanding of the facts of each case, and the applicable law.

He has the perfect temperament for a judge, and the only criticism is minor; he could control the courtroom a little better - he sometimes lets the lawyers and pro per litigants act up too much in his courtroom.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA13159
Rating:Not Rated
As far as family law is concerned he should not have any business there he believes the fake outlandish horror stories and smear campaigns. your child will end up being given to the other party even if you are the parent due process will not be given either by Camarena and if you are a parent with even a misdemeanor on your record he will look at you like he looks at all criminals