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Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. Dean H. Hansell



Comment #: CA41123
Rating:Not Rated
Pro-Female, pro-minority, anti-father, does not like traditional men or fathers in families, sea parades men from their children. Routinely rules in favor of women despite females having been caught fabricating evidence and clearly perjuring themselves. Something is wrong here. His ruling seems extremely political and appear to be in tailored to his own security. Extremely insecure judge. Do not be fooled by the positive reviewed. This is an awful judge.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA35254
Impressive judge. I have extensive experience across LA courts for over 15 years. One of the best. Considerate, thorough, respectful, takes control over his court room, fair rulings.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA34917
A fine judge and fair, but struggles to holds women accountable for defiance of orders.


Comment #: CA29617
Rating:Not Rated
Man where do I start? I was pretty surprised to say the least. Judge Hansell was fair when he saw my evidence finally see what type of parent I mated with. Parental Alienation and teaching them to hate their mother. I would never do this to anyone. Don't wish this on anyone. He treats me like a bitter Baby's Mother. Co-parenting can be so easy if the other parent got out of their past feelings for the sake of the children. Never use them as scapegoats it's called Narcissism and Gas-lighting.


Comment #: CA27775
Hon. Hansell could be one of the most emotionally intelligent judges we have in the Family court system.

I was a witness in a case where the father of child had been able to dodge 3 restraining orders for domestic violence due to his aggressive and amoral attorney. The mother of a child had tried to protect herself and the Minor Child by requesting police station exchanges, protecting the child from conflict at doctors visits and in every other way she could. Other judges had found her testimony "not credible" because of the way that the father's attorney had used false evidence to smear her.

When I testified, I listened to that day in trial. Hon. Hansell allowed all evidence but then created a judgment that barred the father from engaging in any more Domestic Violence even though there was no DVRO in place.

My only issue was that the mother's attorney did not present the evidence that showed mother has tried to give the father make-up days and therefore Hon. Hansell found her stepping on his father's rights. This was not true as I have watched her attempt to give him time but he does not take it.

Hon. Hansell also shared uplifting, deep guidance to the parents on the future of the child if things don't change.

The problem is that the father of child immediately went out and continued his harassment and will eventually end up with a restraining order.

What is scary is that other judges in the system would have allowed the DV to continue because there have not been visible bruises.

Hon. Hansell saw through the mountains of distractions that father of child's attorney had thrown to the court and without any disrespect, ruled fairly and wisely.

My more family court judges have his awareness. More children would be protected.


Comment #: CA26159
Rating:Not Rated
Judge D. Hansell is a liar !
I presented evidence re his lies today in open court. All he did was turning his face left and right, trying to hide his shameless eyes, and blushing. There was no argument presented on judge's side. He refuse to recuse himself promised to provide a written statement.
I'm looking forward to see his written statement.


Comment #: CA24800
So many people in the US are falsely accused of domestic violence because of women use protection orders to cut a better deal in the court. There are judges like D.Hansell always ready for bias in a favor for women. My wife accused me in domestic violence on false testimony. Without even checking the facts, D.Hansell believed the false accusations and separated me from my family for 3 years. He disregarded basic father’s rights on the visitation custody. He doesn’t look after the Best interest of the child, or after the Human rights of the parents. That is to the question of honesty of D.Hansell.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA19772
When he smiles, be careful, he is about to rule against you. Plays favorites.
Get a good looking young male attorney to represent you. Or a woman. Terrible to say, but it's true.
Sometimes very smooth. Sometimes stutters like crazy. If he likes you, or your client, he will give you advantages. He's been an advocate all his life. Came to being a judge only recently so he still plays games. Not transparent. Thinks he cute when he is tricky., He's going to get himself in trouble sooner or later. He's not as clever as he thinks.


Comment #: CA13667
He was bias in favor of my ex wife. He disregarded basic fathers rights on the visitation custody area, giving me an unnecessary hard time just to get some visitation with my kids.
On the money issues, he was also not fair, and gave her attorney fees when she is the one that started the divorce. I gave him strong evidence that she has hidden money and assets.
He is typical of many Stanly Mosk 'judges' who have become agents for the interests of LA County. They don't look after the Best interest of the child, or after the Human rights of the paretns. they work for the best interest of Title 4 money flowing to LA County. He may not know it, but he is part of the big family court Raquette.


Comment #: CA11802
I have to say..I was shocked. Judge Hansell came prepared and read the both parties moving paper. The reason I say this is my prior Judge B. Scott Silverman, was horrific and biased against women. Judge Hansell was patient, listened and thought about the case. I didn't get the everything I wanted but he was fair and this is why I am shocked. There are very few Judges out there that is good and he is one of them.