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Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. Joshua D. Wayser



Comment #: CA32832
Rating:Not Rated
I have to laugh when I read comments about this guy "hating" women.

I'm a man who dated a crazy woman for a few months, obviously didn't know she was crazy when I started dating her. I broke up with her after a few months and what ensued afterwards, for a period of close to 2 years, was utter hell.

This woman vandalized my car multiple times, moved 2 miles down the street from me, followed me around my neighborhood, would randomly show up at places I was at in my neighborhood. I had police reports filed on me for things I hadn't done, etc.

So, even though I didn't want to, I filed for a TRO on her which was fully granted by the court. I did this because she wouldn't leave me alone. I figured since I got the restraining order fully approved, the hearing itself would be easy.

Well, this insane woman shows up with her own attorney and "entourage" of family members and a few omega male type guys she strings along to do her bidding.

So, at the hearing, I have a TRO fully approved on her and she has one she tried to file on me a few weeks later that got fully denied. The hearing was full of lies. She fake cried. Her fmaily members called me dangerous. She admitted in court to putting stuff on my car. She admitted to moving down the street from me after we broke up. I had plenty of evidence that this woman was off her rocker, insane.

However, Wayser rulled against me. He slapped with a 4 year order. He called me a stalker in court. I had been dealing with this idiot woman for close to 2 years at this point and was absoltuely mind blown when this judge ruled in her favor.

This idiot, Wayser, has no business sitting on the bench. This guy got royally worked over by a sociopathic woman and she got away with this. Even when I had the TRO on her, she was still doing drive bys of my place. Wayser said he didn't believe me because of how insnae her alleged behavior was.

Wayer probably went home that night and slept well figuering he had done the right thing. Little does he know he enabled a very dangerous person to perpetute more abuse. I hope hell is hot enough for Wayser when he eventually ends up there.


Comment #: CA31427
This Judge is biased and does not like women. Does not care about the children involved. He flip flops. He does not run the court professionally. I don’t know if he is on something. But he barely pays attention and keeps repeating himself. He kept rubbing his hair and looking down at his desk like he hated his job and did not want to be there. He asked weird irrelevant questions to my case. Flip flopped on his verdict. And based his restraining order verdict on one single day of phone calls made in attempt to get my son from his father. I showed up with actual phone logs from my phone company at&t. The petitioner showed up with a screen shot of his phone and deleted numbers in between to make it look like I was harassing him. I didn’t know trying to get your own son back by a manipulative sociopath that uses your child as a pawn and actually does nothing to care for the child would constitute a restraining order that is now on my record. Great. Thanks so that helps me find jobs. I have no criminal history but petitioner has 3 criminal records. This judge also based his decision because he thought (from his perspective as a man) that my declaration had too much emotion in it. So those were his reasons to give me a restraining order and to rip my son apart from me. My son is 3 years old and I have paid and done everything for him. He gave sole custody to petitioner who lied under oath. I told the truth. So I guess I suggest if you get stuck with this judge you just lie and I hope your a man. Because he doesn’t care that a 3 year old needs his mother. [Redacted by Ed.] I feel that hurt me to have a judge who allowed lies, who did not look at the evidence and the fact the petitioner has with-held my child against a court order twice, did not care about the discrepancies in the petitioners claim. The fact that they didn’t submit phone records from the phone company is disturbing. I can make it look like anyone called me back to back with a screen shot of my Apple phone. He also sides with high power and attorneys with money. No matter how honest and all the evidence I had that made the petitioners claim null and void. Judge Wasyer has completely destroyed my life now and my 3 year old son by giving him sole custody to a sex addict that has sex with random couples on Craigslist. So if my son ever gets molested at his father’s house I will solely blame you and hold you accountable. It’s too bad because at first you seemed like a nice and fair person. But he’s not. He doesn’t give a crap about the children. Gave my son to a sexual predator.


Comment #: CA28639
Rating:Not Rated
This judge should be an automatic 170.6. He does not follow the law and instead likes to remind everyone on record how much discretion and power he has. He makes decisions based on his immediate assessment of litigants, often as you know in family court, from perjured documents and allegation instead of evidence. He rules from a point of view and not statutory or case authority - and then flip flops on his decisions. He appears biased against women generally and is so focused on his personal belief that he is some kind of savior of children that the courtroom becomes kangaroo court at its highest level. The end result is fractured families worse off than when they came in and litigants in debt with their attorneys rolling in the dough. Wayser talks a big game about moving things forward but does the opposite as his decisions result in motions to reconsider, appeals (google him and check the record) and a tremendous miscarriage of justice - especially for the kids he repeatedly spouts off on the record as being their to protect. His legal knowledge in family law is woeful and his ego is too big for the courtroom. He needs to stop acting like a poorly trained social worker relating everything to his own adopted kids with special needs and behave like a judge. Last, I sat in on multiple cases of his with special needs kids - don’t expect understanding there because if your kid isn’t severe expect his own personal comparison to dwarf your own situation in his mind.


Comment #: CA26253
I was going through a terrible custody battle with my ex. He saw through the lies that she said on the stand and even questioned her about it! Unfortunately, he moved out of Family Court after he completed most of my case and made the necessary court orders. I think he moved on because of the caseload and job level stress was too high for him. I wanted to thank the judge for being such a wonderful kind hearted person and I hope that many more judges will follow in kind!


Comment #: CA25919
This judge is partial and biased towards the Culver City Police Department, based on his own admission that they have a good reputation in his eyes and he enjoys going to the City. He signed a restraining order upon their request which clearly lacked legal standing to be issued, and bans the defendants access to the entire city of Culver City. He is a judge that ignored legislation and what he is actually supposed to do, and instead does what he feels like. He is also on the internet as a public figure for his homosexuality and jewish status within his religous institution. this is not the type of person that should be a Judge

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA24014
Terrible judge. Behaves as if every case in front of him is an inconvenience by constantly sighing, rubbing his eyes and face, and turning away during evidence. Speaks so softly that there are multiple times that no one in the room has any idea what he is saying. Changes his mind constantly, and improperly gives legal advise to pro per litigants. Automatic 170.6


Comment #: CA18813
Rating:Not Rated
One thing is very clear. This judge hates women. Doesn't matter the race. He has pent up anger towards all women. If you can avoid this man, do it.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA16059
Judge Wayser comes to the bench prepared. He reads everything and really knows the law. He also has a wonderful way of seeing through games and misrepresentations. Wonderful Judge.


Comment #: CA14416
He flip flops on a decision several times. When a video of someone striking another is staring at him in the face, he sides with the striker. Not a fair judge

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA14100
Rating:Not Rated
This Judge Does not know or apply the law. 170.6 him immediately. Get him off the bench! Mom's beware.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA13789
Excellent Judge Wayser, does not buy into manipulations, delays, or nonsense. He knows the law, and how to bring misbehaving litigants into alignment. He looks to the law and the facts makes equitable and reasonable decisions based on law and facts rather than muckraking, and hyperbole. Courteous, not easily deceived, and efficient. In family law litigants need to move forward rather than being enabled to waste court time and money on needless hearings over legal non-issues or on issues of diminutive value. Judge Wayser manages to rise above the contention, andcut through the non-value added drama. He delivers clear judgments that in the heat of the moment may not make sense to unrealistic litigants that are with or without representation. However, his no nonsense approach tends to bring an end to bad or manipulative behavior, and unrealistic expectations which aids litigants to resolving their divorce or custody issues. Divorce and /or custody should not be a means to continue to punish each other, prove yourself "right." Bravo Judge for helping litigants away from the use of your court as a means to continue playing out the issues that plagued their relationships.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA13209
Does not know the law. Not open to being educated on the law. His mind is made up when he takes the bench. For child support, ignored father's large monthly deposits in bank account and instead believed testimony that father is unemployed. If all you have is a sob story, this is your judge. If you need someone to look at the facts and evidence and apply the law, then 170.6 this judge.