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Superior Court
Orange County
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What others have said about Hon. Frank Ospino


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA30242
Very Biased towards fathers and unfair towards mothers, does not look into best interest and safety of children in question.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA28299
I have had nothing but good experiences in Judge Ospino's courtroom (even when some of his rulings were not in my client's favor). He is one of my favorite bench officers in family court. Every time I've appeared in his department, it's clear he's read everything, knows the facts of the case, and gives litigants their time in court.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA26341
Biased and unfair

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA24344
Uhhhh... this is a judge one might want to avoid. He does not handle conflict between the parties very well and is very inflexible and impatient with the many nuances required of a judge to get the facts straight before making tough decisions. He just seems burned out with family court and hasn't really been an OC Family court judge for very long to have such an attitude. Most disgusting moment: Judge O stated on the record that it was obvious that Father had alienated the child against mother and frustrated her visitation; then... he did nothing and kept visitation discretionary. As one would expect, Father continues to alienate and frustrate; and this judge continues to let it continue. He then justifies it because the child has become so alienated now... that Ospino says "my hands are tied. The damage is already done." WOW!!!

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA19666
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Ospino is a biased Judge. He discriminates against women and violates constitutional rights of women by not letting women to present their case equally with men and be equally treated in the court of law. He allows male clients to presents their cases fully and accepts any piece of evidence from men. He cuts female clients, talks over women, interrupts women, presents with hostile body language when women speak. He doesnt allow women have equal amount of time to presents the case, he makes judgement that places infants and small children in jeopardy as he gives custody to men regardless if a man is aggressive, has violence issues, or using drugs, or doing illegal activities. It is frighting to see how he handles cases, he makes contradictory statements and comes to conclusions in favor of men without looking at female evidence. His body language and comments are hostile towards women. His poor and biased judgement hurts children and families. He has no concerns about how traumatic it is for infants to be separated from their mothers, and be sent to unsafe homes with fathers who are drinking or doing illegal activities. Someone needs to investigate misconduct of this Judge,his biased judgement hurts families, women and children. He was a Public Defender officer till 2015, he has questionable experience working with Family law, even worse his reckless Judgement places infants and children through traumatic experiences of being separated from their mothers.
If you are a woman please stay away from this Judge.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA17527
His bias in favor of any Male he sees as a victim or underdog and contemptuous treatment of Females in his courtroom is jaw dropping. His decisions and final pronouncements are decided before hearing the testimony. It's bizarre, frightening, unlike anything you'd expect. A judge should be a matter of fact professional.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA16904
Judge Ospino is completely unfair in Family Court! He only listens to my ex-husbands lying attorney & never wants to hear anything I have to say. I am respectful, patient and have been telling him about the same problems with my ex for 5 years & Ospino has only made the situation worse by giving my ex more power. If Ospino would actually READ my declarations & actually LOOK at all the evidence I have then maybe he would grasp the unnecessary drama me & my kids have had to deal with the last 7 years but he REFUSES to hear any of it!!! I must look like someone Ospino hates because he talks to me with such contempt & I have no idea why. I represented myself several times because I couldn't afford an attorney, while my ex who owes over $100k in back child support has a sleeze ball attorney who objects to everything I say. I finally found an attorney willing to take payments within my budget, hoping Ospino would listen to her but STILL he believes all my ex's lies & refuses to listen to me or my attorney. He is completely biased agaisnt me & I wish I knew why. He clearly has NO INTERST in what is best for my kids since he is giving my alcoholic, drug addict, lying ex custody of our kid after his dad refused to have him come home to me (me, the one with sole physical custody) & kept our son out of school for a month & now is allowing our son to start a new school, in a new county in the middle of high school. Not to mention this is going to completely screw up my sons chances for a basketball scholarship now. Clearly Ospino has no concept of "what is in the best interest of the child" means!!!

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA13310
Frank Ospino is a great Judge who is very professional and fair God bless him


Comment #: CA11838
Judge Ospino was dismissive of my case and did not look at the evidence. This could be because he had many cas a on his plate due to the court losing a judge, but regardless th case was just tossed out and evidence provided by a physician on medical legal note was disregarded as I. His words "so called letter". If you get this Judge best to appeal for a new one.