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Superior Court
San Bernardino County
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What others have said about Hon. Carlos M. Cabrera



Comment #: CA38479
Judge Carlos Cabrera is a very conflicted Judge. If he has a high profile and public scandal in the future it will not shock me. When I went before him to have access to my Son who had been taken away from me for 6 months by his mentally challenged mother who had falsely accused me of domestic violence he ordered that we perform family mental health counseling. My ex-wife was diagnosed with Obssessive compulsive personality disorder while I was investigate and no evidence of domestic violence was found against me. Family court mediators recommended that I should have primary custody of our Son, I was ready to do 50-50 but my ex-wife only wanted full custody for herself. I never wanted to deny her access to our Son only to keep him safe. This Judge awarded her primary custody and only gave me visitation. Till this day my Son is struggling with the repercussions of this Judges ruling over my family. But I will not give up on being a good father no matter how hard this Judge makes it. I will make sure my Son grows up to be an upstanding citizen no matter the cost. I think this Judge hates fathers, especially black fathers for whatever reason. By the grace of God my Son will not be a bad statistic.


Comment #: CA37659
Rating:Not Rated
Unprofessional. Has clear woman issues. A big " boys will be boys" type of personality when it comes to serious accusations. He justifies serious accusations. Does not follow The laws he was meant to enforce. Has to be constantly reminded of the details in a case only to disregard of they don't fit his narrative. Will risk a child's safety and over look proof if he feels like it. Will disregard mediators reports completely. Which is a big deal if child safety is an issue .
He will punish a domestic violence victim for seeking help.
He will over look evidence even from 3 Rd party sources he ordered if it does not fit the narrative in his mind
There is no neutrality.
If you have this judge change him immediately!!!


Comment #: CA37521
So far, with my many visits in front of Judge Cabrera. I have full respect for this man of law and his Judgements. Not all matters I have brought before him where approved, but this is not because of any other reason but the best interest of the child involved. As I have more dates set before me to go in front of this Judge, I believe his rulings are fare and fit, even if the hearing dose not go the way I hoped. Us parents are in court for the children NOT in court to fight over are children. Us parents need to work together for our kids well being!


Comment #: CA35065
This judge was AWFUL!!!! He follows his own rules. I was going through a custody battle with my kids father. My kids fathers attorney FAILED to notify me of the initial hearing where her client was granted 70% custody of my children. I brought proof of how she failed to notify me and her admitting she failed to notify me and he did NOTHING about it and even allowed her to use it against me during the custody battle and how I failed to show up to that hearing. Because of being failed to be notified my kids father and I were involved in a domestic violence case where i was badly injury and taken to the hospital all while being 23 weeks pregnant. This occurred in LA county were I reside. I have child services, the police department, and other domestic violence hotlines that contact me twice a month to check me on (that’s how serious LA county takes these matters as they should)! I was advised by LA county to file my restraining order against my kids father in SB county due to the fact that they felt he should NOT have my children and because that case was already out there (custody case) to also have my restraining order case out there as well. My fathers kids had ZERO marks left on him, but swore under oath that I ATTACKED HIM. The judge allowed him to use photos of his girlfriend who was present who was also saying I “attacked her” even though the restraining order AND custody case was between me and the father !!!!! There “proof” that my kids fathers girlfriend brought in were TINY red lines “left on her” and he did not make her prove when those photos were taken and also did not make her prove she submitted them to police. This judge allowed the both of them to not only lie under oath but GET AWAY WITH IT!!! I suffered awful injuries on both my right and left leg due to being attacked by them that turned into scars , suffered extremely painful contractions due to stress and my baby stopped moving. This judge failed to protect me. We also had mediation and he failed to change ANYTHING when it came to the custody agreement. I’ve showed up to every single hearing except the one I was FAILED to be notified of and the judge also used that against me. This judge clearly is one sided and I’ve seen him over and over again favor the fathers side in tons of cases while waiting for mine. I can’t believe how SB county runs things. I will now try to move everything down to LA county because HE FAILED his own job!!!! This judge is awful!!!!! No wonder why women are scared to come out about domestic violence!!!


Comment #: CA24714
I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with Judge Carlos M. Cabrera. He follows his own law and has a hidden agenda. His behavior on the bench makes me sick. I have heard him be rude to and berate most of the woman that stand before him in custody hearings. He is a woman hater that constantly sides with the father, even if the father is unfit to parent. He holds a very important position of power and instead of using the law, common sense and evidence to come to the correct child custody ruling, he lets his ego make decisions. Why will he not hear any evidence for cases? Why does he allow a father to disobey court orders, live in his car while he has his daughter(who's under 3), lie to the mother, do drugs and still have custody every other month. Make the mother pay for everything, including the plane tickets for the child to fly every other month. What kind of judge thinks that a child under 3, flying every other month, sometimes twice in one month, thousands of miles just 1 way, IS A GOOD IDEA?????? He needs to be removed from the bench, have all the cases he ruled over looked at closely, including all court transcripts. The California legal system is a joke, just like this judge and the politicians that run it!!!!

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA20927
Has gone off the rails since becoming a judge. Does not follow the law. Paper him.


Comment #: CA20106
Previous comments have been deleted. I guess he doesn't want people to know how he really is. He's unfair, he will not go the extra mile. His law office, closed now, has bad reviews as well. We need better judges.