Hon. Frank L. Birchak See Rating Details
Superior Court
San Diego County
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What others have said about Hon. Frank L. Birchak


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA25426
If you're a man, you'll love this dude-bro judge. Clearly favors high earning men. No discernment; no empathy; excellent judge to have on your side if you're a liar or cheater. Doesn't care about anyone's children. Likely kicks puppies in his spare time.


Comment #: CA24955
This judge has no discernment in regard to which party is telling the truth despite much testimony and written documents to review. Amazingly he almost always takes the husbands side regardless of the facts. If you are a woman and trying for custody or getting paid child support, flee from this judge. We should have asked for a new judge after the first hearing. He is awful and so biased in his decisions. I don't believe he is married or has any of his own children so has no real life experience on which to base his decisions. In my mind, he is virtually inept and unable to render decision based on facts instead of his personal bias.


Comment #: CA22350
He is very prejudiced. He will threaten to throw a person in jail for objecting in his court room.

He doesn’t review case files, and as a previous defense attorney he sure DOES NOT AND CANNOT tell when someone is lying.

When orders are prepared they are often wrong which leaves people with risk of being locked up.

Exparte hearing he doesn’t care about them and won’t see them.

He will take children away because of angry words between parents and in no way does he discipline the offending party. Instead, he sides with the offending party.

Guess that’s why a defense attorney should never be a family court judge


Comment #: CA18964
Rating:Not Rated
that's not completely true he also hates men who expose his short comings and those who expose the underhanded dealings of the court appointed attorney's that he appointed. He plays possum and ignores the the complaints in which i point out the facts in how the attorney's misconduct needs to be addressed and the judge just ignores all of the misconduct by all the attorneys. my personal favorite misconduct by this judge was the refusal to give me an explaination as to the dismissal of my DV-TRO that supposedly took place in january 2019, however, he castigated the respondent for not informing the other parties of the exparte hearing telling him to come back in 5 days for that exparte. well 5 days later evryone shows to the exparte. an evidentary hearing is held to 15 days later on the DV-TRO thati was under the impressioon was still active. i mean who holds exparte hearing on a TRO that had been dismissed in janaury 2019 but no one bothered to inform of it. again 2 weeks later an evidentary hearing is held on the same DVTRO that everyone knew that had been dismissed (supposedly). so when the respondent tried to file violation of the DV-TRO but was refused by the sherrif that said no proof of service had been done in a hearing where everyone one was present. the respondent goes back to see the same judge who had castifgated him for not telling everyone about the exparte hearing. all of the sudden the judge decides to tell the respondent that his DV-TRO had been dismissed in january 2019, mind you 3 heaings were held for this DV-TRO that had been dismissed. yeah right, it was dismissed only when the respondent tried to file a violation against the petitioner. and when the respondent asked when did the dismissal take place the only thing the judge would tell him is "you know you were also present and thats that. i have nothing else to say on that" so in reality everyone with the exception of myself was knew that there was no DVTRO since the ammendment. it would later be discovered that the opposing counsel for the petitioner was at fault the DV-TRO being dismissed as well as the DV-TRO being held as being not served since its ammendment. does this sound like a kangaroo court where the court is lawless and one sided .


Comment #: CA18678
Rating:Not Rated
This judge is a disgrace, the father of my child beat me up plenty of times and he gave him custody! he is horrible judge and a evil one too, get him out of the court please
I agree with all the comments he is a women hater, working on behalf of the devil

Can't wait for judgement day for him!


Comment #: CA18676
So how did HE get to rule on FAMILY COURT??
Judge B. Has ZERO experience & total bias towards the man in family court. Its quite evident. His bias is for the man, he does not ask the woman/WIFE anything much, speaks to the woman in court as though she is an idiot. I find it outrageous!

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA15311
I was told by a local attorney that this judge dislikes women and I have to agree. He was completely sympathetic to the petitioner, my ex husband, who is a convicted felon and for domestic violence AGAINST ME. The judge couldnt care less and left my son's welfare hanging in the balance.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA14803
Witnessed a very disgraceful encounter with this particular judge and a respondent, for a family case in which he was completely punitive for the petitioner. Acting in an unprofessional manner, his tone and speaking to her was awful. Every opportunity for her lawyer to speak or her side to be heard was quickly silenced and punishing her was more the priority than the infant the case was surrounding. It was clear she lost before even walking into the court room that day.