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Superior Court
San Diego County
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What others have said about Hon. Kelly C. Mok



Comment #: CA26060
MONSTER. Someone needs to really look back at all of her cases and expose her incompetence, inconsistency, and call her out on her biases. My son has lived with me almost 8 years, his whole life. Dishonorable Mok allowed my abuser full custody of our son. This monster allowed two men who have domestic violence convictions to team up on me without much evidence. She factored in hear say. She factored in made-up evidence that was proven made-up. She is a DISTASTER!
My son is almost 8 years old. He's been at the same school, same friends, straight As, GATE classes, exceeded all tested benchmarks EVERY SINGLE TIME.
She's allowing him to move with a man who has a history of violence. A man who is almost 40 years old and lives with two Male roommates over the age of 50 in a 1400 square foot house they smoke in. No family around, support system, or community. Going to attend a 2/10 school where he was attending an 8/10 school with me.
This monster is moving my son from 5+ cousins, 2 aunts, an uncle, 2 grandparents, his 9+ friends for the last 3 years, his karate studio since 2016, his church since 2016, literally everything and everyone he knows.
This POS punished MY SON trying to punish me.
TAKE THIS POS OFF THE BENCH, she is DEVASTATING children's lives!!!


Comment #: CA25565
Rating:Not Rated
This judge doesn’t have a rule book. She presses certain situations on people’s cases and then will leave that same situation ignored in another persons case.(such as time away from the child. The father did not call for two years this was an extreme problem for Mrs. Kelly, In my case the father of my child did not call or come around for six years in a row this was not a problem for Mrs. Kelly in my case she gave him full custody .) So I’m confused on her guidelines .there is no guidelines by what she judges on. The Petitioner in my case has nothing in his report but lies and things that cannot be proven Kelly Mark continues to ignore the facts and took my son for me of the fact that I completely untrue and can be proven otherwise. I honestly do not know how she still has a job she needs to be audited

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA21536
she does what she wants when she wants and is horrible when she is shown she made an error in something a simple as a custody credit calculation of only 5 days. Totally an inept judge. How she's on the bench i'll never know. hurry up and remove this one. Her laziness almost cost me additional time to serve. She's really incompetent and has already cost people their jobs, lives, and families. I thought San Diego was better than this!

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA19211
4 and a half years of family court. Half the time she doesn't even know what she ruled on before, constantly changing her own orders. She has put off my RFO for child support and medical bills for 18 months. She actually stood up at the end of our last appearance and started grabbing her own hair and telling us to not come back in anymore.
She is a complete "joke"!
I had 3 attorneys walk out with me, dumbfounded at her ineptness.


Comment #: CA18963
Mok..."The Joke"
Only she isn't...she's actually a judge with the power to ruin peoples lives. Terrible, disinterested, out of touch dingbat and possible man hater who ignores the law and gives women preferential treatment... unless they're trying to save child. Who did she sleep with to get her job...besides Jerry Brown


Comment #: CA17245
I asked for more time with my daughter when I'm only granted 4 days a month and she wouldn't give me anything. I'm a great father to my children with lots of love and support and for no reason at all she wouldn't even listen when I asked for more time in my daughter's life. She puts my child in the hands of an alcoholic mother who drives drunk constantly with my child in the car and doesn't care. I feel she has something against men and won't give them a chance to be in their child's life. I can't afford a lawyer because she didn't deduct my other child support I pay or union dues and with lack of time with my child my child support is absurd and my paycheck is spent before I get it but the only way to possibly get anywhere with mok is through a lawyer. She's a terrible judge and she should think about the children instead of the parents finances


Comment #: CA17178
By far the worst judge I’ve ever had the misfortune of having. Completely biased in that she sides with the petitiononer just because they filed first. Has a total lack of disinterest in any documentation supported facts or the overwhelming evidence stacked against the petitioner. There needs to be some sort of compassion when residing over family court, in which she has none. She would rather tune out any attorneys factual arguments to listen to an individual that a monkey could see is lying through their teeth to make them look like the shining example of parenting. Oh and anything dealing with an ex parte? Nope, not here, you’re just going to waste time and thousands of dollars in legal fees being denied any concern you file for YOUR CHILDS benefit. I knew the California legal system was beyond broken, in part to mayor moonbeam (brown) but Mok just perpetuates that fact. To anyone who reads this, if you ever have to go to court because of a family divorce with children and Mok is your judge, I BEG you to do everything you can to be appointed a new judge. Even look up “recuse” a judge and find out what you can do to remove her from your case. Protect yourself and your children from the suffering I have and still am going through.


Comment #: CA17050
Rating:Not Rated
A blight on whatever sanctity is associated with the robe. Lazy ,ineffectual, disinterested and dangerous.
Not shocked to learn Jerry Brown appointed her.
They disbar attorneys don't they?


Comment #: CA17017
This judge's unwillingness or inability to do her job cost me almost everything. She can't make a decision to save her life, and doesn't care too. I'd been warned about her. If you can, by all means, get another judge.Her laissez-faire attitude and apathy are debilitating and breed contempt for the system. She perpetuates the negative stereotypes associated with family court.


Comment #: CA14212
Judge Mok is incompetent, weak, and a danger to families suffering through Domestic Violence. Judge Mok lacks the ability to make a decision and would rather drown families in legal fees and harassment than protect the victims of abuse.


Comment #: CA12250
Poor judgment, inability to indicate the untruths. A danger to families with small children. Will likely put your children in the hands of a child molester. Ethics are questionable. Beware!