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Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. Mildred Escobedo


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA45333
On January 3rd, 2023, a temporarily-disabled Defendant was wrongfully remanded into custody by Judge Mildred Escobedo in retaliation for a complaint lodged against her on December 14th, 2022.

Judge Escobedo continued the matter over defense objection and ordered defendant to re-appear, in-person, on December 15th, 2022, just six (6) days after defendant’s major surgery.

Judge Escobedo was advised of defendant's medical inability to physically attend the proceedings and notified of prior authorization to appear virtually.
A complaint was filed with Com.Jud.Perf.

In apparent retaliation for such whistleblowing, Judge Escobedo responded by issuing a $300,000 bench warrant for defendant’s arrest the next day, on December 15th, 2022.

A request was made to reinstate defendant’s prior $100k bail issued in 2016, which has stood for nearly 200 prior court dates, at which defendant has appeared without fail. Denied.

On Jan. 3rd, 2023, despite expressed knowledge of defendant’s physical limitations, indigent financial status, and faithful appearance at over two hundred (200) prior court dates while on bail, Judge Escobedo forfeited defendant’s standing bail amount and issued a bench warrant for $300,000 (three times the original amount). Counsel asserted that defendant was not a harm to the community having been charged with no illegal conduct whatsoever in over 7 years since this charge which has already gone to trial and hung.

Judge Escobedo acknowledged counsel’s argument but said danger to society and history of appearance weren’t factors the court would consider.

Judge Escobedo then REMANDED this wheel-chair bound Defendant with no criminal history into custody on January 3rd, 2023, where she then spent the next seven (7) days in custody. At a bail hearing on January 10th, 2023, the court was notified of prior findings of indigency regarding this defendant's financial status.

Judge Escobedo remanded defendant back into custody until an anticipated trial date of March 8th, 2023.


Comment #: CA39020
mildred escobedo does not show any evidence that she wants defendants to receive a fair trial. She demonstrates bully mentality. She is openly prejudiced. How disappointing to be a juror and serve on a jury in her courtroom. I hope she is reassigned.


Comment #: CA39006
I continuously entered the courtroom praying for a fair opportunity for justice to be provided. Each time I left the courtroom I felt cheated out of the right to a fair and judicious outcome based on her bias, disregard and respect for my brother’s basic human needs. After sentencing was pronounced she callously told the bailiff to “Get him out of here”. When we were telling him we loved him, she admonished us not to make any outbursts or we would be removed from the courtroom. She continuously cut off his attorney when he was defending his written position. She said my brother showed no remorse for his crime, yet when he was saying he prayed for the victim’s family daily, she cut him off saying that was enough. There were so many damaging statements made against my brother, I can’t even remember them all. What I know is that her attitude from the very beginning was that he was guilty and no other outcome from the jurors would suffice unless they rendered a decision of guilty. Any opportunity to establish the good in my brother’s character was stricken from the record as irrelevant or already stated in the record.
I do not believe Judge Escobedo should be allowed to continue to serve as a representative of what our country promises to any citizen, the right to a fair and just trial .

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA38949
Judge Mildred is a HORRIBLE JUDGE. How can you convict a man because of his past. What human being doesn’t have a past and not change for the better. How do you sit up here and belittle individuals that come in your court room the way you do. This woman needs to be removed from the court room ASAP.


Comment #: CA11527
Rating:Not Rated
Mildred escobedo is not fit to serve as judge,i sat at her courtroom today as she almost sent an innocent man to life in prison.her temperment and mannerisms show just what kind of a woman she is,vindictive prejudice and incompetent.


Comment #: CA5468
Mildred Escobedo uses derisive, derogatory and demeaning language during jury selection. Despite being of Hispanic ethnicity, she displays racism, prejudice and general insolence toward potential jurors. She should clearly be taken off the bench.