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Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. Ana Maria Luna


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA11366
I am not a lawyer but this site did not allow me to note that I was simply in front of her as a domestic violence matter and divorce. It was an awful experience and justice was not served at all.
I would like to help improve the court system especially for mothers and children being dragged through years of court proceedings while simply attempting to leave an abusive husband- father.
She knows nothing about the limitations of the Child Support Services Division. The system is broken and the employees just sit there with hands tied and collect their paychecks.


Comment #: CA10979
Judge Luna does not hear cases based on facts. She sides only with men and does little to hide her bias. She did not allow a trial, giving each side 20 minutes to present their case. But she actually allowed the (male) petitioner's attorney as much time as he pleased. I was told by my attorney that I need to stop pursuing my case because Judge Luna told her she would give me monitored visitation if I didn't stop. I had a minor's counsel, an evaluator, DCFS report and LAPD report on my side but she would not allow evidence. Also, mid case, the petitioner was tried for assault by the states attorney and she still granted him primary custody. She does not judge based on facts, she judges based on bias and her mood that day. A terrible judge. If you are a loving, competent mother, make sure to get ANY other judge. She is utterly incompetent and unable to make unbiased judgments.


Comment #: CA10949
Rating:Not Rated
She was the worst judge it's like she give the man everything they ask for did anybody get another judge if so can u help me please


Comment #: CA10687
Rating:Not Rated
Total Disregard for PRIMARY EVIDENCE IN CASE. DOES NOT CARE For the Best Interest of CHILDREN And will side with a Man 100% And Is acknowledgeable to Perjury under oath!! Isn't that against the Law??? Take advice from the Comment above and Get a Different Judicial officer immediately with a Child Custody Case.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA10650
If you are a woman with a custody issue and Judge Luna is assigned to you, you need "AFFIDAVIT OF PREJUDICE PREEMPTORY CHALLENGE TO JUDICIAL OFFICER" (Code Civ. Proc., §170.6), to get your case switched to another judge. The form can be found online and no reason is needed just sign the form and serve on other party and file proof of service. Judge Luna favors men 100% and will give them 100% legal and physical custody or 50/50 custody even with very young babies even when the man is a sex addict and a liar. This judge will ignore impeachment evidence against men. The judge will accept hearsay and obvious perjury against a woman. If you are a woman with kids, 170.6 this judge before it is too late.


Comment #: CA10583
Rating:Not Rated
No respect for responding party.
Didn't allow witnesses.
No professionalism


Comment #: CA9550
Comments made below about this Judge are spot on! She showed absolutely no interest in my case. She looked up maybe once and disregarded all my evidence and gave the petitioner everything they asked for knowing full well the incompetence. She made snarky remarks belittling me for her own amusement and drugs being a factor in this case (coming from a narcotics background as she stated) made no difference to her knowing a small child was involved. She seems irritable with every comment, let a false witness testify with a biased opinion. She obviously has no respect for family law and the clearly lacks the ability to gauge the best interest of the child. She just seems to sway to the side on which she woke up feeling her best. She absolutely should not be presiding over family law. Lack of interest, lack of empathy. She should be removed.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA9028
Being in her courtroom had a Kafkaesque feel. She openly stated that she did not have time or the inclination to review any of the evidence in the case, but rather proceeded to contrive the reality of the situation in a disgracefully capricious manner. She treated the law as though it was according to her “whimsy of the moment.” This was a case that involved accounting, and she refused to look at any of it. She looked slovenly, and acted annoyed that she had a job to do. She seemed impressed enough with herself to sit on the bench and bark out her fantasy about the case. She should be removed.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA8050
She should not be re-elected.


Comment #: CA8049
Luna is assumptive about respondents as well as petitioners knowledge and actually used that unproven assumption to make judgements on very important events in the case, she would not allow respondent or petitioner to give testimony or evidence, did not do her own research on my particular case, was clear that she did not know how to proceed in the case for the next hearing and allowed OPC to decide for her, showed disrespect for the case by rushing through the last 10 minutes of the case to get to anther case 15 minutes before lunch, did not sign off on the case for over 3 months and I was told she had 3 piles on her desk of 1.5-2' high which shows she is uncaring (it also shows the courthouse does not monitor their judges), and more.