Hon. Peter J. Mirich See Rating Details
Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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Attorney Average Rating:   7.3 - 7 rating(s)
Non-Attorney Average Rating:   5.0 - 3 rating(s)
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What others have said about Hon. Peter J. Mirich


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA34195
First and foremost, Judge Mirich is courteous to attorneys and parties on both sides of the table - and sees to it everyone is thoroughly heard. He spends time researching the issues, explains his decisions and he seems to have an earnest desire to make the right decisions.

Another notable quality about Judge Mirich - he really enjoys working the parties to settle. He helped me (and opposing counsel) reach agreements when we were at a seemingly immovable impasse.

I have appeared before Judge Mirich many times over the past six years - my experience in his courtroom has been consistent throughout.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA31941
Judge Mirich is the worst trial judge I've ever had in 20 years of civil litigation. He doesn't understand simple issues of tort or contract law and it doesn't help that he knows ZERO about the cases before he gets them. And I won my case! But he completely blew the post judgment motions - allowing defendant to "set aside a judgment" despite having appeared at trial, allowing them to strike/tax costs 66 days after the Memorandum was filed, and AWARDING ZERO DOLLARS in attorney's fees despite a clear showing by my client that she was damaged. Outrageous. This was a clear case of repeated favoritism for my opposing counsel. This decision will be appealed.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA31360
I practice both civil and criminal law. I have been before Judge Mirich on both types of cases. I have done both criminal and civil trials before him, as well as numerous pretrial matters, both criminal and civil. I have found him to be extremely thorough and thoughtful in his rulings. He definitely puts in the time to make the very best decisions weighing all of the evidence and researching the issues in the case. His Judicial temperament is such that win or lose you feel like you have had a fair shot. He is never demeaning to attorneys like so many judges are, and never belittles an attorney in front of their clients. At the same time, he is in total control of his courtroom. I can only conclude that the Judges who lash out at the litigants and attorneys or act like they know it all, are very insecure. They can all take a lesson in Judical conduct from Judge Mirich. Finally, he is an excellent settlement Judge. He understands what cases are worth, both criminal and civil. In criminal cases, he is not afraid to undercut the DA's offer in the appropriate case.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA5156
I made Comment #: CA5090. I regert to say I was misinformed by Plaintiff counsels inaccurate Notice of Ruling. Mirich mooted the Motion to Quash. Plaintiff's Notice of Ruling was faulty.


Comment #: CA5155
Judges these days including Mirich are constrained by the case overload thrust upon them by the court system. Mirich made effort to preserve litigant's rights.


Comment #: CA5090
Judge Mirich seems a good man overall, however, he is biased against Pro Pers. I appeared as plaintiff/Landlord on a UD Demurrer. Tenant had Counsel. The Demurrer was not relevant to the type of tenancy and demurred to a late fee never charged. I opposed it. Mirich was about to rule for Tenant, when I requested dismissal (tenant vacated). I used the exact wording, arguments and case law in a Demurrer I filed where I was the Tenant/Defendant in pro per and Landlord had counsel. Mirich denied it. It WAS the appropriate argument for type of tenancy. That day he "advanced" my Motion to Quash on calendar and DENIED it, BUT, it had already been ruled on and GRANTED by another Judge two weeks before.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA4986
Judge Mirich is supposed to be a fair judge, but he is not fair when it comes to unlawful detainer. We brought live roaches from our apartment to show the Court, and guess what -- the Court still took the landlord's side!

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA2903
A gentleman and a professional. A friendly courtroom where you are allowed to try your case without judicial meddling.

Court Staff

Comment #: CA2448
This judge is the last to leave the court building in the evening. He is the "go-to" judge for any problems that arise in the courthouse, whether they are questions about the law, clerical procedure, human relations. And he's just a downright great human being. He cares about, and knows the names of, every single employee in the courthouse, and that includes not only the clerks but also court reporters, interpreters, janitors, entrance guards,bailiffs and maintenance workers. He even asks questions about, and remembers, family members of the staff.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA2152
One of my favorite judges. He allows you enough time to try your case, sometimes, it feels like too much. But the bottom line is his rulings are always fair. very comfortable court room.