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Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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Attorney Average Rating:   4.4 - 13 rating(s)
Non-Attorney Average Rating:   7.0 - 4 rating(s)
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* Ability to Handle Complex Litigation (1=Awful,10=Excellent)
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General Inclination in Criminal Cases Trial Stage (1=Pro-prosecution,10=Pro-defense)
General Inclination in Criminal Cases Sentencing Stage (1=Pro-prosecution,10=Pro-defense)

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* Evenhandedness in Civil Litigation (1=Not at all Evenhanded,10=Entirely Evenhanded)
Involvement in Settlement Discussions (1=Not at all Involved,10=Very Involved)
General Inclination (1=Pro-defendant, 10=Pro-plaintiff)

What others have said about Hon. Roy L. Paul


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA4101
Judge Paul is just about as unpleasant a judge as you can get. Prolongs hearings, berates, admonishes and micromanages cases to the severe prejudice of the parties. I tried very hard to stay out of Long Beach for probate cases because of him but now I am stuck with him in Central. Have your 170.5 dec ready for him.


Comment #: CA3701
Judge Paul was very civil to every party and made everyone in the courthouse feel at ease. A real stand-up judge with a disposition to match.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA3559
He's an excellent judge. Some here think he leans one way or the other but in my experience in front of him (which has been substantial), I found him as fair and even-handed as they come. I've also had numerous law and motion hearings in front of him, some of which I won, some I lost, but none were of the "WTF" variety. All his decisions were well-reasoned and. I also tried a rather lengthy trial in his courtroom and I cannot say I disagreed with any of his rulings throughout. Unfortunately, the budget cuts banished him to a probate calendar leaving the civil bench without a very good jurist.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA2904
Well, when you have been the very best trial lawyer that ever existed it must be a burden to become a judge and, suddenly, all these moronic, imbecilic, "how the hell did they ever pass the bar" types appear in front of you daily. Yup, must be a real burden! 170.6 every time!

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA2484
Very negative impression. While pretending to have the appearance of being well prepared is his "big deal," Judge Paul demonstrates extreme bias in favor of large firms and big corporate litigants; Judge Paul shows suspicious and discomforting bias to attractive female litigants and female counsel, praising them from the bench for their appearance and "charms." Almost disgusting. This is a very difficult judge to deal with over the course of litigation due to his tendancy to pre-judge and to hold a grudge against counsel and litigants. He pontificates from the bench and engages in blatant and repetitive self-aggrandizement and self-praise at the expense of counsel. Counsel and litigants shall beware of this vindictive and posturing egotist concealed behind a dark robe.


Comment #: CA2407
Judge Paul works hard, reads the briefs of counsel, listens to arguments and requires civility in his courtroom.He has a diverse career background and takes a common sense approach to cases that come before him. He does not rely on staff to do his research and will allow attorneys and parties an opportunity to be heard. He may not be an ivory tower legal scholar, but his diverse background in private and public service gives him a solid perspective and balanced temperment.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA2259
Both the good and the bad comments hit the mark with Judge Paul. He is always very well prepared and knows both the case at hand and the underlying law. However, he is as biased as it gets and once he gets an early impression of a case from the initial pleadings(without evidence)it is nearly impossible to change his opinion. He takes great pride in lecturing counsel and parties about the "discretion" he is empowered with and how he can rule on a whim. Judge Paul schedules 5 times more hearings than any other judge and painstaking takes up lots of time reiterating his own prowess during lenghty hearings. Be prepared to max out your parking meter when you appear before Judge Paul and advise your client the case will cost at least twice as much as it should if you are assigned to him. Disqualify Judge Paul if at all possible. If not, advise your client to settle ASAP.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA2112
Does a great deal of homework before ruling. Remembers just about everything.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA1740
Those who can't practice law, judge.


Comment #: CA1734
I find this judge to be uncaring and unconcerned with what potential jurors have to say. When I told him under oath that it was be a severe financial hardship for me to be on a case for more than 2 weeks because I would fail to be able to pay my mortgage if I lost those wages. He said that he was paying his staff overtime now and that everyone can come back tomorrow. Is this what our legal system has come to you must go into foreclosure so you will be able to sit on a jury for a civil case?

Civil Litigation - Govt.

Comment #: CA1698
Judge Roy L Paul is Bias with family member of other Judges in the Los Angels county.

Court Staff

Comment #: CA1583
Rating:Not Rated

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA1320
Comment #CA1317's reference to this judge spending considerable time praising himself is right on the mark. I suffered the same behavior too. I've never run across a good judge that makes a habit of continually reminding counsel about themselves and their 'superior' knowledge and ability. He's in San Pedro and San Pedro is a small town. This judge is as small town as it gets.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA1317
As a long time litigator, I am deeply offended by the absolute biases displayed by this judge. He is usually ill prepared and spends a considerable amount of time praising himself instead of doing his job. I find that he tends to get a view of the case at the very beginning of a matter and no amount of facts or law will clearly evidencing his false opinion will ever result in a legitimate decision, ruling, judgement or order from his courtroom. This judge is to be avoided at all possible costs. There is some good reason why he has been sent to the no-man's land of San Pedro in a courthouse and courtroom located away from everyone else. He is simply insufferable.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA1079
As good a judge as you will find in sitting on the bench in California Superior Courts. WELL prepared, will have read everyones briefs, will have researched the issues, will issue well reasoned and well researched opininos. Do not, attempt to blow smoke in this Courtroom unless you like going down in flames. Very fair but also follows the rules of civil procedure and rules of Court. You will not get away with Stanley Mosk Courthouse shenanigans here. Be Prepared to argue your motion, as he will change his tenative or at least have an open mind to your arguement but only if you have done your work and can articulate clear, legal arguements. All Judges should come to his courtroom to learn how to operate one.


Comment #: CA1062
This judge is extremely well-prepared and very sharp-minded on the bench. I had submitted three motions on complex discovery issues, including U.S. Supreme Court cases on constitutional issues, and he had read every word and relished the opportunity to joust with me over many of the issues. His notes for the hearing were detailed and well-organized. This is one of those judges who will know more about you and your case than you will. As part of his comments he let me know that he knew exactly where I went to law school even though I never mentioned this information to anyone -- especially not the court. Don't come into this judge's courtroom half-assing or thinking that you're going to have a walk through the park -- even if the black letter law is on your side. This is one of those judges that you'll want to spend an hour preparing and rehearsing for. Although I strongly disagreed with his ruling, and I didn't like his raising issues on his own that had been waived or not asserted or not briefed by the other side, I respect his work ethic and his attempt to come up with a result that he thought was fair. His ruling left it open for me to come back in and get the discovery that I'm after. But he set the tone for the litigation, letting me know that he'll be reading every word I write. So don't get caught flat-footed with this judge. Be well-prepared.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA528
This is the most biased and evil judge I have ever appeared before. He should be removed from the bench.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA339
Judge Paul is extremely hardworking, fair-minded, and conscientious. He takes his job seriously and any attorney who enters his courtroom should be well-prepared.