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Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. Michael R. Powell


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA32846
Again Judge Powell was unprepared during session and did not read the pleadings!
He is absolutely lacking of judical experience and tends to continue cases to avoid (his job) making a ruling - -

ultimately a huge waste of time. If you are unfortunate to get this guy it is better to settle out ASAP since lazy Powell tends to wing it while forgetting his previous rulings. With such an undisciplined application of law there will be no justice for both parties


Comment #: CA32516
Rating:Not Rated

Very legitimate investigative reporters.

There are also many other possible avenues to research, relating to alleged attorney, or judicial misconduct, such as, THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (DOJ); or:

The Justice Department's, Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR)- which reports directly to the AG.

In addition to other responsibilities, OPR considers allegations of professional misconduct by non-Department attorneys and judges, for possible referral, to state and judicial disciplinary authorities. www.justice.gov/opr


Comment #: CA32505
Rating:Not Rated
It appears obvious; that he, the "failed lawyer", seems to be the "lowest hanging fruit", eh?


Comment #: CA32503
Rating:Not Rated
Comment #: CA32491

^" __Hmmmm? All the 'redaction', but RR "editors"-left up very offensive , language on many comments, by others, such as highly offensive comments, on Judge Towery.....along with other detailed information, left up in comments, on other judges.

--Someone in LA county, Family Law Division,( Michael Powell's circle)-seems nervous of the truth, in the comments.

[Redacted by Ed.]

--The LASC family courts cronies, all the way up to leadership, -- in my opinion, needs serious over-site -- among other things, needs a Jane Mayor, Julie K. Brown, Christiane Amanpour etc.---type of investigative reporting.

---It also needs legislative intervention (not just the state reps and Senate )-- it needs, female, influential progressive voices...


^ Term Limits! Accountability!

^Timely and newsworthy: Sen. Dianne Feinstein says she will step down as top Democrat on the Judiciary Cmte. in the new session of Congress, marking this victory for progressives who pressured her to step aside. < Term Limits


Comment #: CA32486
Rating:Not Rated

^ lawyers

--...Michael Powell, and his cohorts (allowed my ex and his lawyers' make and/or file a myriad of false, cray, cray, highly unsupported, false arguments) and falls for it, hook, line and sinker (or, even worse-went along with it ) --or both

-- In my opinion, at least, in Sidney Powell's defense, she does not willfully violate civil rights of the most vulnerable populations...

__Additionally, as a private citizen, whose candidate won the election, I still have great concern and a lot of questions, about all of the significant number of irregularities, in the 2020 election-- because -o.p.t.i.c.s.

[Redacted by Ed.]

--Citizens and legislatures, must intervene -- because the there will be no trust in the integrity of the courts-- (or, even the election process)---The whole process , must be scrutinized -including all public officials, public servants and state actors'.

-- Power must go back to the people- not compromised "officers of the court"- who have willfully violated civil liberties , the constitution and the rule of law.


Comment #: CA31534
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Powell seemed to have come out of nowhwhere, with what many believed , with very little experience , minimal knowlege of family law and was assigned to dept. 22. which has many highly conflicted cases. His main purpose seemed to be to cover forthe highly irregular conduct, of, some of his predessors and buddies.

Some family law division judges, who "retired", began working as "neutrals", at Signature Resolution, while this group of family law judges, are in a division of the company, now named, "Signature Family Law" - "Signature Resolution Family Law." They also have a flagship, private courtroom, in Century City, for Judge Pro Tems.


Comment #: CA31528
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Michael Powell is just another family court, political hack, whose main goal seems to be, to cover, acting as a mouthpiece, for his fellow, political hack, bench warmer, back-scratching judge buddies-all the way to the very top; as well as his favored, fee chasing, ambulance chasing, shyster lawyer buddies, who know where all the bodies are buried, as evidenced, by dirty , bloody, calloused hands, souls and moral compasses.

Judge Powell very inappropriately, also seems to allow his clerk, to run his courtroom,, even during hearings, while openly tellling him what to do -beside the rogue colleagues, who also run his courtroom, in appearences of pre-determined rulings, after strong appearances of ex parte communications. He does not seem smart enough to fake it, or hide this. He can't even fake,having a scintila of knowlege of family law, or ethics.


Comment #: CA31362
Rating:Not Rated
"Civil Litigation - Private #: CA31153....Judge Michael Powell believes he is God's Gift to the Bench. He believes he knows all. He oozes arrogance... forms opinions against litigants in his courtroom and their Constitutional rights are thereafter negated. ..."

.......^In my opinion, Michael Powell ,was brought in, to be a Lawrence Riff and Trent Lewis, sycophant (as well as a sycophant, for judge colleagues and the lawyers, they are i bed with).....to cover for their sins and secrets.

.....Michael Powell, does not know, what he is doing, he speaks and makes facial expressions, as if he is dumfounded and completely confused.'

--- He also had a pre-determined opinion, before he entered the courtroom-and spoke in a way, as if he had already spoken to Trent Lewis, before the hearing.

........Michael Powell, is a clueless, bully, who mocked domestic violence and the material misrepresentation, of my ex. and his his attorneys that I brought to his attention. Powell also ignored that there were numerous Title 18 predicate acts committed, by my ex. and his attorneys' including Mail Fraud 18 USC (SEC 1341) -among other predicate acts.

.........He acted like such ad dumb**, that when I said that I needed a "disinterested judge"-he responded by saying, "Do I look disinterested?" --implying that he had much interest in the case--**wrong answer.

----After the hearing, even other people came up to me and mocked Powell and came to the same conclusion as I had made.

......Michael Powell makes crazy statements, denies due process, makes Highly unconstitutional rulings, in his highly unconstitutional hearings..w/pre-determined rulings [Redacted by Ed.]

-------If Powell wants to continue to improperly legislate from the bench--then he should go into politics.

[Redacted by Ed.]

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA31153
Judge Michael Powell believes he is God's Gift to the Bench. He believes he knows all. He oozes arrogance. [Redacted by Ed.]he forms opinions against litigants in his courtroom and their Constitutional rights are thereafter negated.

After the Evil Glenda Sleazy Veasey in Torrance Courthouse's Dept. J was instructed to recuse herself from my case, we were ultimately transferred to this putz.

During our first hearing, he made it clear that he had pre-judged the matter before it ever came before him, [Redacted] During that first hearing, instead of focusing on a minor contention that my ex-wife had violated federal law, he mockingly demanded I name the federal statute making her act a federal crime before declaring their isn't such a statute - as though the arrogant jerk has memorized the United States Code. The statute is 18 USC ยง 1725.

At our second hearing, before granting a motion to overturn one of Sleazy Veasey's Unconstitutional Orders, acknowledging that Sleazy Veasey had violated Due Process, Mr. Powell decided to rant at me for his biased perceptions of alleged wrongdoing I was never allowed to defend myself against.

We live under a tyranny of Black-Robed Royalty.