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Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. Steve Cochran



Comment #: CA45297
I had Judge Cochran presiding for a family law RFO that I had filed related primarily to child support, but also a minor adjustment to custody. I am nonbinary, but am female-presenting.

For context, my ex and I had worked out most of the issues outside the courtroom before we were called in but had one unresolved issue that the judge presided over.

The first thing Judge Cochran did was ask to "meet" our child. He asked me if it was okay if dad showed a picture. I thought this was GENIUS because it indirectly reminded everyone in the court (especially dad!) of why we were there - to make sure our child was taken care of.

He asked questions, listened to my ex's concerns with the remaining RFO item (a ridiculous issue that shouldn't have even needed to be brought up, imo), asked me questions in response, and ultimately judged in my favor, with one small concession related to my ex's concern. He was fair and showed no bias that I could see. I almost wish we had brought everything in front of the judge because I think he saw the truth of the situation and I might not have needed to make other concessions.

If I had to go to family court again (god forbid!), I would be very happy to have him preside over the case.

I felt no bias from him regarding my identity (or perceived identity), nor my child's gender identity. The one thing is that I don't think he is very aware of gender diverse identities and protocols, and he referred to our child by their legal name instead of their chosen name which was included in court documents. But my understanding is that this is common in the field of law and it didn't seem to have any impact on his judgment.


Comment #: CA44577
At my court hearing today judge cochran was very biased with his decision making. My daughter’s father and I had the opportunity to bring witness to speak under oath . Not only did this judge be unfair and disrespectful to me , but he gave him over night visits. There is another court order in place for the father not to have visitation due to violent behavior and the judge did not hold him accountable. My daughter’s dad lied to this judge constantly and wasn’t making sense . He was asking my daughter’s father we’re the witnesses all lying on him and of course he said yes! I would like to get together with any other mother who is willing to help get this man out of his chair sooner than 2025. He has no respect or consideration for women . My daughter father also has a criminal court order against and was wearing N ankle monitor during the court hearing and my witness inform him that he also beats his mother and judge cochran said he dosent pose a threat to the child . He even asked my daughter’s mother to
take the stand and she said no .


Comment #: CA42360
The first thing he said to me was “I can understand why you are so bitter about your husband leaving you!”. I was asking for a restraining order for myself and 2 children because of his physical, mental and emotional abuse of years. Almost 2 years later, I’m out $50k in legal fees and had to sit through multiple sessions of him giving me a mean look when I mentioned abuse and also telling ex “be nice dad”. He thinks kids’ lives are a joke. If anyone on this post would like to connect so we can file a legal complaint together, please reach out. We owe our kids better.


Comment #: CA42225
I wish there was a 0 rating…This Judge is awful, rude and bias! He clearly has issues with Women, he will have you submit docs and don’t read them, refuses to do a welfare check of the home and also declines interviewing the child.

He finds things to be hilarious, he is really destroying homes and damaging kids when their of age to speak for themselves. He rules off of his emotional feelings and has no interest in the child’s well-being.


Comment #: CA41340
I'm a low income single mother and had to self-represent at the hearings and trial. This judge is very biased. I stated that my son's father did not pay any child support and had inconsistent visitation such as not seeing our son for a whole month for two years and that the only way he would give any financial support was if I helped him get his green card. I had evidence for my statements. From what I understand in law this is considered child neglect that can be even punishable by jail, however, this judge said that the only reason he could give me sole custody was if he was physically violent or a physical thread. So basically he's saying it's okay to be neglectful towards your children. Is this what child's best interests means? I thought I was the only one thinking he was biased but I see from previous comments he's very unfair. I really think he got elected due to connections and not from family law knowledge and experience. In my opinion a family law judge should have a background in sociology and/or psychology to learn about the importance of a child's mental health and good parenting nurturing skills, love and genuine care. It was so obvious the other parent's only interest is avoiding child support. I'd like to know how we can file a complaint so this judge ends his term sooner. We needs judges who are not biased and are knowledgable in family psychology.


Comment #: CA41106
If I could give a million 0's on Steve Cochran I would.He is the epitome of a spineless incompetent judge. He is extremely biased against women and it shows , how he is still even a judge is besides me ! Says his term ends 2025 but how many other families does he get to tear apart before that ?! We need to get together us mother's who have been so wronged by this judge we need to stand in the gap for each other and come together on a civil suit , put him in the spot light so that no other child has to be out in harms way and torn away from their mothers. Steve Cochran for one instance gave temporary sole custody to my daughter's dad pending a cps report against my daughter's dad , with sexual allegations against my childs dad Steve Cochran stillgrantedbmy daughter s das temporary custody pending cps investigation!!! Because he didn't feel like my daughter's dad was a threat to her. Since when do judges act on a feeling? And not in the child's best interest. I can go on and on about how he treated me so unfairly. It is sickening to know that this is being allowed, something needs to be done . I can't stay silent no more enough is enough.plz if there is any one out there who can help us plz do? I want my daughter back home.where she belongs.


Comment #: CA40269
Rating:Not Rated
This judge chooses his own cases and makes up his own (unlawful ) rules.
Judge Cochran is a huge problem for us in LA, many atroney’s did tell me: and sadly for you ; very biased towards women. For many years this judge did reward and grant all to my ex who has over 4 million in assets, while this judge did help my ex to let me suffer years of homelessness and poverty; hunger ; in a long term marriage


Comment #: CA40261
What other people say is true. He ignores Court Orders of other judges, puts children in danger, plays favourites and biases, does not read supporting materials, is overly emotionally invested in the cases before him, loses control in emotional outbursts, will not allow attorneys or litigants to speak, is not familiar with the cases but claims he is, rushes through cases without hearing relevant arguments. In truth, he seems completely unqualified, incompetent and may be emotionally and psychologically unstable. Certainly unprepared for his job.


Comment #: CA40117
Judge Stephen (Steve) Cochran discriminates against single mothers.
He ignores existing court orders including restraining orders made by other judges.
A few of his “Gems”:
1) There is a restraining order against the father not to be in any contact with his son. Cochran, “Mother, let your son see his Dad, you know, dad, son, go see the country together.”
2) I claim that my spouse is hidden assets and my husband was in contempt of court for not paying support , Judge Cochran, “Where do you think he is hiding stuff in Cayman?” Husband did not disclose any of his true finances. Judge Cochran found him not guilty. Nepotism anyone? My attorney best friend with my husband’s public defender and judge Cochran himself was a public defender in the past. Judge Cochran on one issue raised, “Maybe we can discuss it is a social setting one day.”
3) Advanced dates that were due 2 months later in Department 2, to himself in Department 63 without anyone asking him and closed discovery. Clearly, he has something with my husband’s female attorney.
4) Talking about this attorney here is another Gem, “ Ms….(female attorney) is jumping up and down and she wants to say something.” UGGGH???
5) Minute orders don’t reflect what was said in court. Court reporter in Dept 63 overcharges for court report and they are ALL altered in favor of my spouse.
6) Attorney for my spouse claimed in front of Judge Cochran that all her issues are, “some reimbursement and about 3 hours.” Judge Cochran didn’t ask me how long, just how many witnesses. I file a valid witness list before and I said that its about 20. Judge Cochran, “20 huh?”
7) Judge Cochran didn’t tell me that he is setting the trial for only 2 days. He set and judge Riff affirmed. Two judges that don’t care about justice.
8) I was thrown into a 2 days trial. My husband’s attorney manipulated the whole time. My husband didn’t testify yet. Next court date in October, but she is filing left and right ex partes for all the issues that she said will be “only about 3 hours.”
9) I believe that there is a serious pattern of injustice and I hope one civil right attorney looks into what is happening here.
10) I happened to hear another case before mine. The wife claimed that the husband whom there is a restraining order against him, stalks her and the house, the tires were slashed. Judge Cochran to the husband, “Did you go near the house and slashed the tires? “ Husband, “No.” Cochran, “He says he didn’t”… This is Stanley Mosk for you people, and these are your Judges…
Good luck,
The abused wife,


Comment #: CA39441
This judge is biased. Ont he second hearing, without reading any of the supporting documents he was already in favor of the other party before who had no evidence or supporting documents of his false claims. I don't understand how he was assigned to family court without a background on family law training.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA39268
Not sure why there are no comments for this Judge. He is very awkward and seems to be mentally incapable of running a court room. I have experienced this judge more than a dozen times and every instance he seems more off his rocker. He is very emotionally invested in his court proceedings and plays favorites. What baffled me the most is how he told a litigant to come back with the ruling of another matter before he would make his decision. he is spineless, heartless and in need of bias training.